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Perdue calls for 2.5 percent cuts across state government

Posted December 21, 2010
Updated December 22, 2010

— Gov. Beverly Perdue on Tuesday requested that all state agencies trim their spending by 2.5 percent during the remainder of the 2010-11 fiscal year, which ends in June.

Members of Perdue's senior staff met with leaders in the General Assembly to discuss legislative action that would allow the governor to order the cuts for agencies that aren't part of her cabinet. Without legislative approval, Perdue can only request that state agencies scale back their spending.

The move is designed to better position North Carolina for the 2011-12 fiscal year, when budget analysts have projected the state will have a $3.7 billion deficit.

The 2.5 percent cuts are in addition to 1 percent reductions Perdue ordered in August.

The latest cutbacks include not filling vacant positions, except in cases where a teacher is needed for a classroom or public safety is at risk. Also, purchases, travel and training are to be limited, and no salary adjustments will be allowed unless someone has been promoted or reclassified to a new job.

"You can't get the billions some newcomers are talking about unless somebody other than me wants to go into every hospital and every classroom (and say), 'Well, you, you and you are fired today,'" Perdue said Wednesday. "I don't think that's good management."

She said she hopes the cuts will save the state about $200 million.


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  • Jackson1 Dec 28, 2010

    tropicalgirl.....that average salary of $41,723 is that after 50 years - cause I make at least $12,000. less that that and have not had a raise in several years. Plus ..the Gov took our 80/20 insurance and gave us 70/30 but no extra to cover the difference...it feels so great to be appreciated but it is my own fault, I should have been one of Beverly's college friends

  • Jackson1 Dec 28, 2010

    Gov....I'm sure you have someone on your staff to read these and let you know what your servants have to say. Look at your own staff, if you cannot run the office without them, what makes you think that a department that serves thousand's can run with less staff. It is not your middle management that needs cutting, it is the upper management that only passes down what you tell them to do. The salaries around the $28-30,000. are the workers, if you cut those folks, chances are there will be no one that knows how to do the job. Yes, Bev., you are right you could save a bundle and the problem is that you have no idea how much waste their really is. Check with all your committee members, and all of your and your husbands friends and see if they would like to just VOLUNTEER. Personally, I think you should have done your cuts before the holidays and saved some families some money that they would not have spent. Carry on.....and start with all the duplicate positions in your own office

  • Bendal1 Dec 23, 2010


    First, the 12 weeks of "annual family medical leave" is taken only at need, not just because it's a new year. It's for things like births, adoptions or major illnesses, and is a Federal law for major employers. Oh, it's also unpaid.

    Second, sick leave is accrued annually, and adds up. I've got over 5 months of sick leave saved up, for example, and I needed a good chunk of it when I had prostate cancer surgery this year. Yes, it's paid, and I earned every hour of it.

    Holidays are required by Federal and state law. Oddly enough, my wife (in a private firm) gets nearly the same number of holidays.

    Community service time is voluntary, and has to be approved and documented. You can't just say "oh I'm taking off today and I'll use my community service time"; you've got to show what you'll be doing that applies.

    Don't just look at a website; do some research next time, OK?

  • Bendal1 Dec 23, 2010

    Cutting state jobs is just another example of Purdue going after pennies when she ought to be looking for dollars. Claiming she won't touch Education means 60% of the budget is safe and all the cuts have to come out of the remaining 40%.

    Except, that 40% includes crime control and Federal mandated health coverage, so really she's talking about trying to balance that $3.6 billion deficit on the backs of about 25% of the budget. I predict we'll see nothing happen until May, when Purdue orders another cutdown like she did last year, or a general shutdown of state government.

  • tarheelj Dec 22, 2010

    Amen Tropicalgirl..I left my private sector job to the tune of a $15,000 pay cut because the state was supposed to be such a great place to work..and it is don't get me wrong, I love my job but will Never get rich at it..to the poster that said the avg salary is $70,000 get a life..there are 35 in my office and the avg is probably $40,000 with most of us $35,000 and under. We State Employees are not the problem and shouldn't have to be the fix..the state Leaders are the problem and the cuts should start with them.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 22, 2010

    Eliminate the deadwood in our state government. Start with the 5 construction workers standing around watching 1 actually do the the work. Next go the DMV and replace the surly people at the Drivers License office with people who actually want to be their providing a service to the taxpayers.

  • gingerlynn Dec 22, 2010

    ok Bev, nice slow start. 200 million saved only 3.5 BILLION to go. This takes care of about 6%. 94% left to find!

  • rlee1117 Dec 22, 2010

    I would love to know the honest amount that north carolina pays each year for these acounting firms.

  • rlee1117 Dec 22, 2010

    If Gov. Perdue really wants to cut cost then why not cut out all these consulting firms that we keep paying millions of dollars too. We voted on them to make our choices not a consulting firm! So if thet cant make them maybe next election we should vote on a consulting firm for Gov.! we got money to give big companies to get only 100 jobs? Give me a million dollars i'll hire people too.

  • ctya Dec 22, 2010

    hey go work for Novartis they

    will pay an average salary of $106,200 per year plus benefits