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Relatives of Edwards donor at Raleigh courthouse

Posted December 3, 2010

— Four relatives of a wealthy donor to John Edwards were at the federal courthouse in Raleigh on Friday, where a grand jury has been investigating the two-time Democratic presidential candidate.

Sources told WRAL News that Stacy Lloyd III, the son of heiress Rachel "Bunny" Mellon; his two sons, Stacy Lloyd IV and Thomas Lloyd; and Thomas Lloyd's wife, Ricki Lloyd, were called to testify before the grand jury.

Grand jury proceedings are secret, but the panel is believed to be looking into Edwards' campaign finances to determine whether any funds were used improperly, including whether money was used to hide an affair Edwards had with staffer Rielle Hunter.

Hunter gave birth to a girl in February 2008 who Edwards has admitted is his daughter.

Mellon, the 100-year-old heiress to the fortunes of both 19th century industrialist Andrew Mellon and the Warner-Lambert pharmaceutical company, now part of Pfizer, was a major political contributor to Edwards in his 2008 presidential campaign. She gave $3.4 million in late 2007 to The Alliance for a New America, a nonprofit supporting his candidacy.

She also gave $700,000 to Andrew Young, a former top aide to Edwards who posed as the father of Hunter's child during the 2008 campaign. The money is said to have been used to pay for expenses incurred by Hunter.

According to a book written by Young, the money was given to Bryan Huffman, Mellon's decorator in Monroe, and the checks were then signed over to the campaign.

FBI agents have twice visited Mellon's estate in Upperville, Va., to speak with her, sources said.

Bunny Mellon's family at Raleigh courthouse Relatives of Edwards donor at Raleigh courthouse

A year ago, Edwards flew a private jet owned by the corporate entity that holds Mellon's fortune to a private airstrip on her estate. He declined to discuss the visit upon his return to Raleigh.

Sources said the Lloyds – Stacy Lloyd III is a son from Mellon's first marriage – don't have any information about the money Mellon gave to Edwards. They were expected to testify about how she might have been pulled into an alleged cover-up of Edwards' affair, sources said.

On Thursday, two former Edwards aides were at the federal courthouse.

Jonathan Prince, who was the deputy campaign manager for Edwards' 2004 campaign, spent four hours inside the courthouse on Thursday morning. Jennifer Palmieri, the spokeswoman for the 2004 campaign, was inside for most of the afternoon.

Neither commented upon leaving the courthouse.

Hunter and her daughter appeared at the federal courthouse in August 2009. Other former campaign aides also have apparently testified before the grand jury.

Edwards, a former U.S. senator from North Carolina, has denied wrongdoing. His attorney, Wade Smith, declined to comment Friday.


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  • itsmyownopinion Dec 3, 2010

    Seriously, when it's a murderer or a pedophile/sexual predator posters complain about tax dollars paying for their room and board, but when it's a politician accused of wrong-doing posters want them in jail for life -- why is that?

  • Sherlock Dec 3, 2010

    That is a lot of heavy money there.

  • ifcdirector Dec 3, 2010

    Shouldn't that be "a grand jury has been investigating the TWO-TIMING Democratic presidential candidate."?

  • driverkid3 Dec 3, 2010

    I do hope this little weasel ladns in prison for this. Seems like politicians just LOVE bringing shame to this state. That's one of the reasons I lived out of state for so many years.

  • Raditude Dec 3, 2010

    rand321 - HAHAHAHHAHH! You should have written the headline! Love it!

  • thinkb4uspeakplz Dec 3, 2010

    The only difference between Edwards and other politicians from this state (Namely Easley) is that he got caught with enough physical evidence (the child) that there was no where for him to hide. Easley is still hiding behind skewed facts and fat wallets...John Edwards should have picked someone of higher social and financial standing to hanky panky! I cannot imagine my legacy being the "unmarried love child" to a crooked politician who betrayed his wife in the middle of a cancer battle. Talk about collateral damage....geez!!!

  • Mugu Dec 3, 2010

    Jail Jail Jail I think someone is gonna go to.

  • rand321 Dec 3, 2010

    the bunny money trail!

  • cwood3 Dec 3, 2010

    John Edwards is like a big octopus. Their tentacles are everywhere-and nothing good comes from those tentacles!!

    Either the Fed needs to get on with this, or stop the investigation. Edwards is very smart-so he's probably hiding everything he can find to hide. Oh-wonder how much he's paying Reale!! Hope Elizabeth is cleaning his clock!!