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Apex, Cary residents unify against fuel tank plan

Posted November 18, 2010
Updated November 19, 2010

— For Wake County residents along Ten-Ten Road, the memory of a chemical fire and explosion an Apex hazardous waste plant in 2006 is fresh enough to create worries about a planned expansion at Motiva Enterprises.

Tankers that supply gas stations with fuel get their load from Motiva. About 75 trucks a day fill up from the gasoline stored in six large, white tanks at the property.

A plan to build an additional, even larger tank as met with opposition from neighbors.

Karin Evanoff, a resident of the Southchase subdivision across Ten-Ten Road from Motiva, said, "To have such a site close to Ten-Ten Road is a very frightening thought.

"Knowing they're wanting to do this, right across the street from a huge neighborhood, half mile from two schools, is just simply incompatible," said Evanoff. "I don't know how many of us would be left if that thing blew." Neighbors petition against planned storage tank Neighbors petition against planned storage tank

Eddie Wilson, manager of Fast Lube Plus next door to Motiva, said the expansion and added traffic could put the brakes on his business.

"I don't think as many customers would want to be coming in here with tanker trucks being out front," he said.

The group, called "No T(h)anks on 1010," is made up of residents of both Apex, where Motiva is located, and nearby Cary. They have collected 200 signatures on a petition, and they hope that Apex town leaders, who will make the determination on the site, will hear all of their concerns. A public hearing on the plan could be held as soon as January.

Following the October 2006 fire at the Environmental Quality Industrial Services plant, which forced half of the town to evacuate their homes, Apex officials blocked the company from reopening in town.

Marti Fowler, a Motiva spokeswoman, pointed out that the plant had been at the Wake County location for more than 50 years and has a great safety record. She added that Motiva will continue to be open to listening to neighbors' concerns.


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  • gonzoatlarge Nov 19, 2010

    The real question is. How would YOU react if someone told you they were going to store an additional 80 000 barrels of gas less than
    a few hundred yrd from your home. less than a mile form where you send your kids to school.

    Based on some of the rather outspoken posts, I'd wager most of you would not just sit quite and say nothing.

  • gonzoatlarge Nov 19, 2010

    Justin T.
    "Riding a bike to work". You make it sound like a bad thing. Obviously not practical for most but it would be a step in the right direction towards solving more than one of our problems.

    However the point here is not right or wrong. I was mealy pointing out how virtually all the posts are one sided and attempting to balance the scale somewhat in favor of those directly effected. I think it a noteworthy testimony to who we, as a society, have become.
    I wonder how this same topic would be debated on the golf coast or even here after the EQ mess.

  • Justin T. Nov 19, 2010

    "Interesting how most of these blogs support the large corporation and dish the group of individuals exercising thier right to stand up for what they believe."

    I don't support large corporations but think that fighting a company when they essentially want to add another tank full of gasoline isn't necessarily standing up for what you believe in. Unless you only believe in riding a bicycle to work.

  • areadriver Nov 19, 2010

    To No ThANKS 1010 re" their issues... I checked out their website and this is what I found.
    Compatibilty- I guess filling up the gas tank on your car is no longer compatible with Apex. Ever think that the houses aren't compatible with the existing tank farm and the industrial side of Apex?
    Traffic-there are by far, many more cars on 1010 than trucks.
    Tank capacity grows because the pipeline can't.More tankage means no new pipelines running through your yard.
    Safety and security- nice youtube video, great fire footage. Now let's compare apples to apples. Your video was of a propane bulk plant, like Amerigas or Sububan propane.They don't have the fire suppression systems like Motiva does.

  • gonzoatlarge Nov 19, 2010

    Interesting how most of these blogs support the large corporation and dish the group of individuals exercising thier right to stand up for what they believe. Isn't that one of the concepts on which our country was founded.

    I always love the "if you don't like it leave" reasoning.
    This seems to be the default solution for anyone whose view differs from your own. I wonder who would be left if we all adopted that logic.

    Fainally for the "they were here first" thinkers. Yes they were here first. No one is trying force them out. Just be responsible and consider the 30'000 neighbors(and consumers)around you.

  • Mugu Nov 19, 2010

    boo hoo, when we have another gas shortage, I don't want to hear these whiners crying.

  • Nana143 Nov 19, 2010

    Plant was there when the houses were built. If you thought it was dangerous, should not have purchased your house. Like buying a house near the airport and then complaining of the noise when the planes fly over.

  • Pseudonym Nov 19, 2010

    As one who lives off 55 very close to Motiva on 10-10 and Dixie Pipeline on 55, I say build it. You knew it was there when you bought the house, and Motiva allows you to live in a modern, industrialized society. It is what allows you to take your kiddies to soccer practice in air-condidioned comfort instead of on a conestoga wagon. It allows you to live in a 2000 s.f. house surrounded by a lawn instead of in a row house in the middle of the city. It keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It keeps your husbands employed with paychecks so they can buy you nice things. BUILD THE NEW TANK.

  • yellow_hat Nov 19, 2010

    BigUNC - did you even read the story? They are not asking them to dismantle the current tanks. I quote for the story - "A plan to build an additional, even larger tank as met with opposition from neighbors."

    Before you go spouting assumptions and generalizations, it might be prudent to know what you are talking about.

  • YouDontSay Nov 19, 2010

    nothing wrong with a little growth.