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Wake County sees population, economic growth

Posted November 15, 2010

— Wake County is beginning to see “glimpses of improvement” economically, Board of Commissioners Chairman Tony Gurley said Monday during his State of the County address.

He later praised the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, a public-private partnership, for its efforts to help citizens find jobs.

“Despite the many challenges that we’ve faced this year, our county continues to deliver quality services to citizens,” Gurley said. “Moving forward, we will continue to look for long-term positive strategies to ease the financial burdens that our citizens are facing.”

He used some of the speech to highlight the county’s distinction of being named one of the best places to live in the country.

“We continue to receive accolades which speak to this, accolades such as Forbes No. 1 best place for business and careers and the No. 1 housing market for investors, University of Wisconsin’s Population Health Institutes’ No. 1 healthiest county in North Carolina,” Gurley said.

Gurley said advancement has been made in the board’s top goals for this year. He highlighted progress with schools and education, environmental stewardship, economic development, human services, public safety and the county’s partnerships.

Gurley also addressed Wake County’s growing population, which he said it is expected to exceed 900,000 when the next census data is released.


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  • Humungous Nov 16, 2010

    If you consider economic growth as allowing millions of illegal immigrants to infiltrate the NC workforce without checks and balances, you're nuts. NC is missing out on the biggest cash cow in recorded history by not increasing payroll taxes on illegals. If in the US illegally, you pay three times the state tax rate than legal US/NC citizens. OH, but that would be discrimination. Next thing you know, it will be legal for an illegal to run for political positions.

    The only ones that are experiencing economic growth with respect illegals are WalMart, Western Union and Food Lion.

  • BLEWDEVL Nov 15, 2010

    @ Waiting for my Tax Increase - You mean the same way you paid for all of those services? Growth never pays for everything. It's foolish to think it will just like it's foolish to think you haven't taken advantage of the situation.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 15, 2010

    "wonder if there is a possibility of performance increases for those of us who work for the county since it will be 3 years next July since we got one!"

    Only 3 years, let me know when you reach 6.

  • piratepeople2 Nov 15, 2010

    wonder if there is a possibility of performance increases for those of us who work for the county since it will be 3 years next July since we got one!

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Nov 15, 2010

    Great. Now make the growth pay for itself, pay for the schools THEIR kids need, pay for the services they use of ours and you'll be on to something. Until you make that a reality you're accomplishing nothing.

  • seeingthru Nov 15, 2010

    really?? this would not have been a problem 20-30 yrs ago till these people moved here for a "better life" and then the bubble burst, leaving them draing the States' resources--GO HOME

  • Baybee Doll Nov 15, 2010

    Great. Now more unsavory people will come to Raleigh seeking employment.