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Poll: Voters in sour mood days before election

Posted October 29, 2010

— With the midterm election days away, voters continue to express antipathy toward incumbent politicians, according to a poll released Friday.

The Elon University Poll found that politicians from President Barack Obama to U.S. Sen. Richard Burr to Gov. Beverly Perdue have low approval ratings. The poll surveyed 515 people statewide Sunday through Wednesday, and it has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.4 percentage points.

Although most polls have Burr far ahead of Democratic challenger Elaine Marshall in his bid for a second six-year Senate term, 45 percent of the respondents to the Elon poll said it was time to vote him out of office. A third of those polled said Burr deserves to be re-elected.

Forty percent of those surveyed said they approve of Burr's performance in the Senate, compared with 32 percent who disapprove.

Sixty-three percent of respondents said they believe the country is on the wrong track, compared with 33 percent who say the country is headed in the right direction.

Respondents were evenly split on Obama's job performance, with 46 percent approving and 46 percent disapproving. Perdue's approval rating in the poll was 39 percent, compared with 48 percent who disapprove of her performance.

The ratings for Obama and Perdue prompted large numbers of respondents to say they would be more likely to vote Republican and less likely to vote Democrat in next Tuesday's election.

Almost three-fourths of those polled disapproved of Congress' job performance, compared with 22 percent who approve. When asked who would do the best job handling critical issues facing the U.S., about a third picked Obama, another third picked congressional Republicans, 14 percent picked congressional Democrats and 14 percent said none of them would.


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  • independentvoter3 Oct 29, 2010

    Yep... looking forward to drawing blood come Tuesday!

  • Worland Oct 29, 2010

    Obama's such a great speaker. He's popular in all 57 states. In case he gets hurt, he's got Navy "Corpse-men" to help him. (after calling the Corpsman a Corpse, twice, Obama doesn't even get the Corpsman's name right). Maybe someone should buy Obama a GPS... on a dozen occasions, he didn't know what city or state he was in. Honestly, this guy makes GW look like a skilled speaker.

  • citygirl76 Oct 29, 2010

    I am like most everyone else......I am ready for Tuesday too....I am so sick of getting 25 phone calls a day asking me to vote for the democratic party. It is completely ridiculous! With all the flyers I have gotten in the mail everyday for the last month, I know they don't know how to spend money because if they did, they would know that sending me a flyer isn't going to make me vote for them. If they really wanted my vote, they should learn how to save money not spend it on stupid things like flyers that are just a waste of money and trees.

  • working for deadbeats Oct 29, 2010

    I can't wait for Tuesday after work. It won't take any time at all to vote a straight Republican ticket.

  • bekindinnc Oct 29, 2010

    I want to vote for term limits - you get A term. That's it. Then what would they do w/all that free time (not campaigning & fundraising for the next election)? They could actually do what they are supposed to, maybe even cut into some of the problems they all bicker about.

    I also want to vote for a cap on campaign funds. Everyone gets $10,000. That's it. Then we at least save a TON of money from ads, mailings, etc. Anything raised over $10K could go to children, the developmentally disabled, and the elderly - just to try to help with basics esp. w/the elderly- food, fans, heat, just enough to make them somewhat comfortable, since many have nothing else.

    Oh, I also wish for Bev to leave office, and a pony.

  • Lindasue Oct 29, 2010

    I am anxiously awaiting Tues. Nov 2. Hope those liberal get voted out of office.

  • harmstrong4 Oct 29, 2010

    2thec- articulate.... lol.. have you heard him without his telepromters?

  • harmstrong4 Oct 29, 2010

    The most happy people I have seen lately were in the early voting line I stood in. Laughing and cutting up waiting for that ballot. GO VOTE! Be happy. What ever you believe in.

  • batcave Oct 29, 2010

    I think NC would be a lot better off if we got rid of the democrat's rule that has strangled this state for the past years.

    I think the N C DEPT of Corrections has that job now.

  • signothefish Oct 29, 2010

    I don't trust ANY poll from Elon. If they are ever accurate, you can compare the statistics to a broken clock.