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Perdue plans government consolidation

Posted October 5, 2010
Updated December 9, 2010

— Facing a projected $3 billion budget deficit next year, Gov. Beverly Perdue said Tuesday that plans are in the works to consolidate state agencies and sell government assets to save money.

Perdue has pushed for more government efficiency since taking office last year, appointing a special task force to search for ways to cut spending and improve operations. She said Tuesday that she would unveil some of her plans after the November election.

"It was a deliberate choice on my part. I've been very quiet about it. We've been talking, thinking, working," she said.

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The governor declined to go into specifics, saying she doesn't want to politicize any proposals before the election. Still, she said the overall goal is to transform state government.

"We're moving in the direction of consolidating some of the functions of state government and the elimination of others," she said.

Some of the ideas will need legislative approval, and Perdue said she would hold town meetings across the state to explain her plan and the reasoning behind it.

"I've had a team talking to me every morning. We've had great conversations. We've laughed, and we've cried about some of the things that could be done," she said.

The potential job losses through consolidation of state agencies remains unclear. The focus will be on protecting core services – education, economic development and public safety – but everything will be evaluated, including the future of the state's Alcoholic Beverage Control system.

"I've had an outside evaluator who is almost done with the estimate of the value to sell or consolidate or change the system that exists," Perdue said.

The initiative is separate from Perdue's recent directive that state agencies propose how to cut up to 15 percent of their budgets in the coming year.


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  • jlyn67 Oct 8, 2010

    This is funny to me because they are talking about consolidating government while at the same time creating high paying, do nothing jobs for her political contributers. Using the RIF(reduction if force)policy to eliminate positions while creating other postions that are un-needed and have higher salaries then the positions that were eliminated. She talks about Transparency in Government while hiding these things from the tax payers. She need to be removed before this state goes belly up!

  • gallbury Oct 7, 2010

    As head of the State of North Carolina why not set a quintessential example: abolish the Governor's office?

  • saltyplace Oct 6, 2010

    If you want to "trim the fat" in government start with the Secretary of Correction Office. There you will find people who were contributor's to Ms Perdue's political campaign and because they contributed job positions were created for them. For example: question how Jenny Lancaster got her position at the Secretary of Correction Office when there was not even a job available for "Chief Operations" for the DOC!!! If you find that interesting as to how we can create a job when there is a budget crunch then you will also find it interesting as to how people got RIF in DOP/DOC so that the "Female Command" structure could be returned after if was abolished years ago because it was not effective. So one has to wonder why seasonal employees get RIF on bringing back an old plan to make room for the new employees to run the "Female Command" at higher salaries than the employees that were RIF. Just ask Jenny or you can even ask Annie Harvey.

  • dholmes22 Oct 6, 2010

    I am sure Rand, Hoyle and Harrison are not the only ones she has given great salaries. She hired a new State CIO but the CIO she replaced was just given another title and still maintains almost the same duties and responsibilities. Get rid of middle management, suspend paying for employees to further their education until economic times are better, suspend clothing allowances, suspend shift pay, suspend allowing employees to drive state vehicles home and to lunch, stop allowing management to earn comp time and see how much money you will save. Once times get better, reinstate all the above with much tougher restrictions and hold management responsible when things go wrong. Most public employees have been on a fixed income for 2 years now unless you one of the fortunate managment personnel getting raises and calling it something else. Do the right thing for a change.

  • pwilliamson53 Oct 6, 2010

    Taxed more, jobs cut, homes lost, companies/factories gone over sea or out of the state, services for our elderly cut, services for the disabled cut, home care cut, there is so much more I'm sure. Nothing she suggests surprises me about Perdue.
    Wasn't she the one that said everything is an open policy with our government and yet she's been behind closed doors with hired people to make decisions? WE the People of NC, will be so glad when you are either voted out or charged for all the wrong doings while you ran for office.

  • truth9806 Oct 6, 2010

    She is the one who hired an education CEO for $250,000 per year to do the job of the elected position, and she is consolidating govt.? What a joke!

  • ratherbnnc Oct 6, 2010

    Waiting until after November is the key. She is not going to say anything b/c she will loose votes for her party. Consolidate means job cuts. You don't consolidate jobs and then move employees somewhere else. Look out state workers you are going to be treated just like the school teachers. Pink slips just in time for Christmas.

    Just means you will be taxed more! Get your checkbook ready or move out of state. We will be glad to see you go! Now get off the couch!

  • ratherbnnc Oct 6, 2010

    Well one sure and immediate way to cut the bloat off state government is to make each state employee's condition of employment Performance Based. Forget this tenure krap and union krap and brown-nosing. Compare job performance to job description, if employees are not measuring up give them one chance to get it together then fire them. I also suggest removing access to Internet (except email communications, and exempting those whose duties include required Internet research) since this is a huge time waster.

    Anyone who has worked in state government knows that you have 4 people slacking for every one person actually working and EARNING their paycheck.

    Guarantee THAT would cut the fluff, make a more efficient state workforce and save a bunch of $$$.
    Still Feisty

    Well DUH Einstein! They do have Performance based! Been that way for along time

  • ratherbnnc Oct 6, 2010

    This should be good. Wonder if she got the WRITERS FOR SNL to come up with this plan. North Carolina Goverment the state with the most politicians in jail or out on house arrest or with criminal records.

    Seems your showing your true intelligence or the brains of an apple. Most corrupt politicians? 3 people? If thats your definition of "State with the most corrupt" then you need to go back to school and learn to count.

  • wildcat Oct 6, 2010

    one employee was fired for not doing his job. i hope others will follow because of the same.