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N.C. makes plans for more budget cuts

Posted September 3, 2010

State budget

— In a memo to the leaders of all departments Thursday, the North Carolina state budget director advised them to plan for spending reductions of up to 15 percent in the next budget cycle.

"I am requesting that each state agency develop 5%, 10% and 15% reduction options," Charles E. Perusse wrote.

Memo: Budget reduction options

The next state budget is due next summer for fiscal 2011-12, but Perusse asked the agency heads to have suggestions available by Oct. 29.

Gov. Beverly Perdue said she wants to focus on eliminating programs and services that are no longer effective, reducing layers of management and administration and consolidating where possible.

"We've been doing this for two years. We've been shedding services. I think the data is about a 12.5 percent reduction in state government and 2,500 positions," she said.

"Every single department has been instructed, and were instructed more than a year ago, to do an analysis of performance objectives and to have some measurements," Perdue continued. "I want to see some metrics on the value of the services we're providing. And those services that our tax dollars are paying for that provides less value to the people of this state are the ones we have to shed."

The final 2010-11state budget totaled about $19 billion, down about $800 million from the year before.

Losers included the Personal Care Services program, which saw $50 million cut from efforts to provide in-home aid to elderly and disabled people; and Perdue's attempt to introduce hand-held devices to help teachers in lower grades assess student performance, which received $10 million instead of the requested $39 million.


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  • Bob12345 Sep 6, 2010

    My question is according to the Governor cut programs that are not effective. Why were they not cut when they did the budget back in June?

  • nobody1 Sep 6, 2010

    jgushle I agree with you, I need to write a letter to the Gov and tell her to get rid of those managers that have only 3-5 people to look after, a waist, I say.

  • lkanzig Sep 6, 2010

    "Gov. Beverly Perdue said she wants to focus on eliminating programs and services that are no longer effective, reducing layers of management and administration and consolidating where possible."

    here is a hint to these incompetant politicians...... this is describing what you do!

  • denzler Sep 6, 2010

    So there have already been reductions of 2500 positions in the State in the past couple of years in response to the ongoing budget crisis? And this next round is supposed to focus on reducing layers of middle management and administration?

    Right. Sure. Haven't we heard this before? Yet how many of the 2500 already eliminated were middle management, and how many were rank-and-file workers? Talk about your metrics on performance...surely there are some metrics on this question, don't you think? So what are they? Dish.

    What we've seen so far is probably a harbinger of what we'll see next. More of the same.

    Let's face it. It rolls downhill. Top management are least likely to get the axe. Middle managers, who report to the top managers and are more likely personally known by them, are next least likely to get the axe. If someone has to go, it is usually the working stiffs on the bottom of the totem pole, who are least culturally "like" the folks in the top echelons and

  • james27613 Sep 3, 2010

    I guess we will not see any COLA until 2015.

  • james27613 Sep 3, 2010

    Take a look at the court costs for traffic tickets, approx. $140.

    The actual fine for speeding 80 in a 70MPH zone is only $15!

    Jack up the fine to $10 per mile over the posted limit.
    This will generate a lot of money and habitual speeders will slow down and this can be a good thing.

    This is 2010, the State needs to examine all fines and court costs and bring them in line with what it really costs to provide the service.

  • Adelinthe Sep 3, 2010

    becker - "2/3's of the population receive there healthcare from the State."

    2/3 of the population of the State of North Carolina do NOT work for the state government.

    Give us a break.

    And the cliff gave way under our feet about 2 years ago, we're still scrabbling for a grip on its sides.

    God bless.


  • Qwerty27807 Sep 3, 2010

    Eliminating ineffective programs, trimming administrative bloat, and removing deadwood from the state's payroll sounds a lot more intelligent than laying off teachers and cops.

    Unfortunately it won't create the sensational new stories that allow for tax increases to keep the wheels of the corrupt cronyism system well-oiled - which is historically what the end goal REALLY is in NC state government.

  • Adelinthe Sep 3, 2010

    ranquick - "they need to trim the pork from Departments that have WAY TOO MANY supervisors, drive around the road and see how many DOT truck are on site with one supervisor in each truck."

    I don't know about DOT supervisors, but you always see one digging and five standing around.

    Get rid of those not digging or rerouting traffic. In fact give the jobs of those rerouting traffic to folks who are partly disabled...especially partly disabled Vets.

    God bless.


  • beckerunc Sep 3, 2010

    We cannot afford the government salaries and benefits currently in place. 2/3's of the population receive there healthcare from the State. How can the remaining 1/3 afford this? It is outrageous that State Employees can retire at 50 or 52 and receive retirement benefits and health care for life. This is unsustainable and breaking us. It's only going to get worse. We are merely at the edge of the cliff.