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Biden in Chapel Hill: Republicans 'wildly out of step'

Posted July 22, 2010

Editor's note: The White House provided this report from The News & Observer, which was the pool reporter at the vice president's event in Chapel Hill.

Vice President Joe Biden continued to deliver a vigorous defense of the administration's record at a Democratic fund raising reception Thursday night in Chapel Hill North Carolina.

Biden said now that administration had passed a major part of its legislative agenda, it was time to step up efforts to sell it to the public and explain why Republican proposals would made things worse.

“Now that the heavy lifting is over, we can go out and make our case,” Biden said.

The vice president said that the Republicans “are wildly out of step” with popular opinion on a broad range of issues from holding oil companies responsible for cleaning up the spill in the gulf to supporting basic regulations to prevent another meltdown on Wall Street.

“They say they want to put on the brakes,” Biden said. “But they really want to do is throw us in reverse. As the president said, they drove the car in the ditch.

About 200 people gathered at the Carolina Inn on the campus of the University of North Carolina campus where they paid a minimum of $500 a person to raise money for the Democratic National Committee. They grazed on Hors d'oeuvres such as beef tenderloin on crispy wonton, crab crostini, and spinach and local goat cheese profiteroles.

Biden later held a separate fund raising event for Democratic Senate candidate Elaine Marshall, who is challenging Republican Sen. Richard Burr. Marshall said the event was quickly put together and was limited to 15 people.

“There is a clear choice in this North Carolina election between a women who knows what drive (forward) means and somebody who clearly is continuing to be backwards,” Biden said.

Biden was introduced by North Carolina Gov Bev Perdue. She drew broad laughter when she said “I want you to know that it is a big bleeckin deal” to have the vice president him in the state, referring to the vice president's now famous overheard comments at the health care bill signing.

Biden said he “thanked God” that his mother was not around to have heard him whisper the off color comment when he didn't know the microphone was working.

Other leading Democratic figures present were state House Speaker Joe Hackney, state Senate Majority Leader Martin Nesbitt, and Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin. 

Biden says that sometimes people forget how bad things were in the country when Obama was sworn into office.

“We stabilized the financial system,” Biden said. We were on the brink of a depression...We avoided a total economic meltdown.”

He said the Obama administration's economic plans were having a positive impact.

“There are three million (more) Americans working today than there were before we took office,” Biden said.

Biden said that during last six months of the Bush administration, the country lost three million jobs. During the first six months of the Obama admistration, the country lost 3.7 million jobs But during the past six months country had gained 600,000 jobs

“That is more jobs than were created in the entire eight years of the Bush administration,” Biden said.

Biden said there are limits to what government can do.

“Barack and I are realists. Government is not the answer. But we also know we can plant seeds. These seeds that have been planted have generated whole new industries.”


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  • 6079 SMITH W Jul 23, 2010

    Let he who is without stone cast the FIRST sin. ;)

  • 6079 SMITH W Jul 23, 2010

    Sorry it took so long to get back......We ran to the back and checked on that, it turns out Bush missed the great spirit bus, and ended up on the great doofi list, where he belongs. ;)

  • Jim Pomeranz Jul 23, 2010

    Read my take. I was there. Had a photo taken with Joe. Neat. http://jimpomeranz.blogspot.com

  • woodybeez Jul 23, 2010

    from now on i vote for the best looking person. since there are so many with no brains in dc i go for best looking. and elaine marshall aint it. richard gets my vote. im tired of grey bald heads. and wrinkles

  • woodybeez Jul 23, 2010

    whoever the spellinng expert is? buffon baffon beffon doesnt matter. say it how you want to. and i dout you are any position to call anyone a moron. there are plenty of them in dc right now and joe blumbler bidon is one of them. bush may be the third worst but the first worst is in the wh at this moment.

  • Nancy Jul 23, 2010

    This administration simply cannot let go of the prior administration, it's their crutch and they think it puts them in better light?

    Not by measures of this economy or unemployment numbers it surely does not!

    We're sinking more each passing month as a country and Bush has been gone a while. Who pulled the plug in the boat???

  • mdefrank Jul 23, 2010

    Actually, Bush is considered the third worst Pres ever. Everyone needs to chill in this current economic heat and be a little more charitable to people that may have less or not look exactly like you. Want to cast stones? Go to the lake.

  • Kingfish Jul 23, 2010

    Has this guy forgotten who he works for. Talk about being "wildly out of step with popular opinion"!!! Good lort what a maroon! (Yes I meant to spell it that way. The sensors wouldn't let me call him what he really is!)

  • anti-Hans Jul 23, 2010

    They grazed on Hors d'oeuvres such as beef tenderloin on crispy wonton, crab crostini, and spinach and local goat cheese profiteroles. They also served KoolAid. Everyone drank the KoolAid.

  • sillywabbitthepatriot Jul 23, 2010

    Republicans might be out of step, but BO and Biden are OUT OF TOUCH!