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Perdue talks to DMV chief about overseeing Highway Patrol

Posted July 9, 2010

— The head of the state Division of Motor Vehicles is under consideration to take charge of the beleaguered state Highway Patrol.

Gov. Beverly Perdue has spoken with DMV Commissioner Mike Robertson about possibly overseeing the patrol, Perdue spokeswoman Chrissy Pearson said Friday.

Robertson, who retired as a State Bureau of Investigation agent, previously led the state Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement and served as a state trooper.

The patrol has been battered by a string of misconduct cases involving state troopers and ranking officers. A number have been have been disciplined or fired in recent years for offenses that included profiling young women for traffic stops, drunken driving, animal abuse and having sex on duty.

Perdue has given Secretary of Crime Control and Public Safety Reuben Young and patrol commander Col. Randy Glover 60 days to develop restructuring plan for the agency.

Some lawmakers and political observers have questioned why Perdue didn't replace Glover, whom she picked last year to lead the patrol. The two have known each other for years.

State law says leadership of the Highway Patrol can come only from the governor, the secretary of crime control and public safety or within the patrol's ranks. The law apparently was passed to ensure the patrol's leadership had familiarity and experience with the agency.

It's unclear whether Robertson could be reinstated as a member of the patrol or whether he could assume some other leadership role within the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety to comply with the law.

In addition to restructuring the patrol, Perdue has made ethics training and a signed code of conduct mandatory for all troopers. Patrol managers also would receive more leadership training.


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  • ssi Jul 16, 2010

    you are here X,

    Mike is a very good leader (I know from personal experience). As the article states, he was first with the Highway Patrol for years and then switched over to the SBI where he retired as an Assisant Director. He then headed up ALE and, of course, is now heading up DMV. So yes, he does have years of law enforcement leadership experience, and would do well in a command position with the SHP. He'd be a fine choice.

  • bitemedoughboy Jul 16, 2010

    DMV?? With all due respect to the Motor Carrier folks, what the heck does he know about commanding an agency like the NCSHP? Oh wait, I forgot...duh! Another Bev idea.

  • LEO 101 Jul 9, 2010


    Here we go with another statement about Motor Carrier making these problems again. Just for your information all the problems that have happen have been the traditional troopers and none of the Motor Carrier people, get your facts straight before you open your mouth.

  • mshood7 Jul 9, 2010

    Ok let it go. Gov Perdue has a handle on this and from what I've read and seen from arm chair coaches, the media put a real spin on all this. Most of these guys are family men and out there to save lives. So there are rogues in every profession. They can't hide forever and time and the law catches up with them sooner or later. I would like to thank the NCHwypatrol for the fine job that most of them are doing out there they are the MAJORITY and that is what counts. Keep your eyes on the road and dont be distracted by sleeze even if it lands on you. Man up and move forward. God bless. Be safe out there and thanks for the fine job you do and it's not easy. It's a jungle out there. Keep 'um straight. Thank you and my best to your families.

  • beckerunc Jul 9, 2010

    Hire the guy that just fired in the Ferry Division, if you want to fix anything, that is.

  • rand321 Jul 9, 2010

    he could make a good interim chief, while they look at a better long term process and the best way to choose a new leader and restructure.

    Ideally, an outsider could be mroe effective to manager if they have the authority to make change and NO poltiical baggage.

  • true american Jul 9, 2010

    So exactly who is SHE to be calling the pot black with fifty some thousand dollars in unreported campain travel. She got to pay her unreported expecses and nothing done. Lets dont forget about the GOOD law officers that do a great job every day and have to be considered guitly by assocation and . Yes some changes need to be made to the management there but get your own house in order before pointing a finger.

  • disgusted2010 Jul 9, 2010

    Mike Robertson is a no nonsense leader who has a reputation as a fixer. If anyone can fix the train wreck that is the Highway Patrol it would be him.

  • mdbrown1021 Jul 9, 2010

    SHP needs to look at their hiring process and the type of people they are hiring and implement additional training for all supervisors before the state spends a ton of money on personal and other things that are not needed at the moment. The Gov. is dealing with issues that are not new and may have gotten even worse under the last administration. How many of these issues were actually dealt with by past administrations?

  • plumbersfriend55 Jul 9, 2010

    Mike Robertson would be a great choice. He has a track record of truly sterling character and would restore honor and dignity to the Patrol.