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State: Refunds sent to N.C. taxpayers who filed on time

Posted July 1, 2010

— A state Department of Revenue spokesman said Thursday that income tax refunds – along with interest – have been sent to all North Carolinians who filed their 2009 returns on time.

Spokesman Thomas Beam said the state paid nearly $1.3 million in interest on refunds that weren't sent by a May 31 deadline. State law stipulates that after that date, North Carolina must pay 5 percent interest on unissued refunds.

The DOR struggled to issue refunds amid limited cash flow in a slowed economy, officials said.

"We apologize for any hardship the delay may have caused taxpayers," Secretary of Revenue Kenneth Lay said in a statement. "The agency had to manage the distribution of refunds and worked very diligently to release as many refunds as possible every week throughout tax season."

Since January, DOR has issued more than 2.8 million refunds totaling more than $2.1 billion.

Beam said that people who filed their taxes after the April 15 deadline might still be waiting on their refunds.


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  • liskm Jul 1, 2010

    Nada here so far! Adjustments made, they can wait for me to pay them next year!

  • Fisherwoman Jul 1, 2010

    That's funny! When my son checks his refund status online, it says: has not been processed". Wonder what's up with that. I filed his taxes for him more than just "on time"!

  • Nope Jul 1, 2010

    Good, maybe I'll get mine soon!

  • Hevans1012 Jul 1, 2010

    Thanks to those who clarified the interest payment. I searched NC DOR website to find out the explanation on the interest and could not find it.

  • archmaker Jul 1, 2010

    did they lick the last stamp before they held their press conference? i filed on time and if i don't get mine this week, i'm calling their bull.

  • Dirty_Water Jul 1, 2010

    TruthBKnown Returns: This won't be a problem for me any more. From now on, I will OWE them instead of the other way around.

    Go to whatever department does your payroll, and adjust your withholding. Then, write them a check on April 15th. They will cash it by April 18th and it's a done deal. If you want to make interest free loans, we can meet in the bathroom of a Waffle House. Call me. And I prefer cash in a paper grocery bag.

  • FE Jul 1, 2010

    Not that it applies to everyone, but you should be aware that NCDOR will hold otherwise eligible refunds for any number of reasons. Things such as unpaid child support, unpaid (NC) college fees, overdue books (!), delinquent property taxes, and the like are the most common reasons.

    Efling with direct bank deposit of any refund also makes things go much quicker. And checks sent in the mail generally will NOT be forwarded if you have changed your address.

    As for those fussing about the 5% interest, as another posted, that is an annual percentage rate. That means you would receive 5% interest only if the refund was delayed for ONE YEAR, otherwise you get proportionally less (think something like 1/12th for each month.)

    Of course, the real question is WHY are you loaning your money to the state, interest free, in the first place??


  • Qwerty27807 Jul 1, 2010

    This is a lie. I e-filed in February, and still have not received my refund.

  • jse830fcnawa030klgmvnnaw+ Jul 1, 2010

    cmwest, I always had to have a tax accountant double-check my work to ensure it does not get fouled-up with government processing. I've never had a problem since I started having another set of brains look at the paperwork :-)

  • jesscress Jul 1, 2010

    This is a flat out lie. I did my taxes WAY before the deadline and I still have not gotten them. I even e-filed and they have been saying for even longer those have been done.
    I contacted them today and basically they said they had no clue but they would look into it. I will believe it when I see my money!