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Durham County approves tax increase with $343.5 million budget

Posted June 28, 2010
Updated June 29, 2010

Money in hands

— The Durham Board of County Commissioners on Monday approved its $343.5 million budget for the 2010-11 fiscal year, which includes a 3.78 cent property tax rate increase.

Raising the property tax rate to 74.59 cents per $100 valuation means that a resident will pay $37.80 more per year in property taxes on a $100,000 home. Therefore, a $100,000 home will yield a $745.90 property tax bill.

The extra tax revenue will save 185 teaching positions, 12 of which were reduced to half-time, with Durham Public Schools.

The budget also increases fees for the sheriff’s office, city-county planning, fire marshal, public health, engineering and general services.

The budget eliminates 41 full-time positions and 14 other grant-supported positions. It also suspends merit raises for the year.

Meanwhile, the Fayetteville City Council on Monday approved a $173.9 million budget for the upcoming year. The spending plan doesn't include a property tax increase, but some fees for planning and zoning applications go up.

The Fayetteville budget provides a small pay raise for police officers and includes money for a new city planner, but it cuts grant funding to local nonprofits by 25 percent and reduces spending on grass trimming and street cleaning along state roads.


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  • rixida Jun 29, 2010

    To thewayitis- you are absolutely right but you forgot one reason that we have to keep increasing the taxes is to pay for all the people who our goverment says dont have to pay taxes ie: illegals. Is'nt that nice for our goverment to watch out for us (the tax paying citizens) that way?

  • lrfarms27572 Jun 29, 2010

    Because everyone deserves some of what you have worked so hard to get.

    Durham's new motto.

  • Mustange Jun 29, 2010

    We are teaching more and more students but there are those who just dont pay any taxes but take and take from the kitty, good ole USA. We pay fot those who will not pay.

  • u stand corrected Jun 29, 2010

    What's new? 2 sure things in Durham... TAXES AND DEATH!!!

  • davidbh61255 Jun 29, 2010

    What services does Durham have that other counties don't??

  • Goalieman Jun 29, 2010

    I get tired of people pointing at each other through political parties. Cut the BULL!!! We really don't have parties anymore; we have lawyers and individuals running everything.

    I understand some taxes because we have to run a country but it's ridiculous now! We are taxed more and more daily and it's because the LAWYERS want to live a "Rich and Famous" life style. We, the people, need to step up and stand up to these money hungry jerks. They hide money, use write-offs, and don't pay the same taxes we have to pay. Because they are politicians, they do not have to live by the laws they create. (For Instance, The Health Bill: They decide how it works and how it is paid for BUT they do not have to live by it because they work for the government. Health Care is free for them...FOR LIFE!!!)

    Wake up people!! Stop talking political parties and start talking "WE, THE PEOPLE..."

  • thewayitis Jun 29, 2010

    Taxes, taxes and more taxes. Why can't the government (city, county, state, federal) try to live within their budget, like the rest of us? There is no need for taxes to ever go up since the amount already changes with the population -- more people, more tax dollars; less people, less tax dollars. If the population sees salary increases, the gov't will get more taxes, when folks are unemployed and salaries are frozen, the gov't will get less, and so should it be. The government shouldn't be entitled to more, more and more, just because they have the power. The government needs to learn to live within its budget just like the rest of us. LET'S STOP THE TAXING INSANITY!

  • larieke Jun 29, 2010

    balog, spoken like a true Democrat and government worker. Buying a $5 cup of coffee is called "freedom", having to pay more in taxes is called "oppression". VOTE THE BUMS OUT!

  • justbekind Jun 29, 2010

    Yesterday we were told the education budget money was replaced by the lottery proceeds. That the money was transferred to the general fund. Today they say the property tax is being raised to help retain teachers. Take it out of the general fund before we all lose our homes. Some of us seniors are already struggling to pay for our homes, food, gas, meds etc..
    Retirement.......yeah right

  • GoBlue Jun 29, 2010

    Wow, if I could not manage my budget I would be fired. These guys just raise taxes. Why not try to run a more efficiently and cut cost. If you have every use any of those "nice things and quick and fast services" you would realize there is nothing quick or fast about it and any private company could do the same thing at 10% of the cost. Durham needs to stop waisting money. Do you really think teacher, police, and firefighters are where the cuts have to be made. It is a scare tatic used by politicians to justify tax increases and to make your think things are bad. The only thing bad is there ability to manage a budget or anything. We really need to hold our politicians more accountable. Lets have an independent audit and find out where all the money is going and put up for public display. Lets find out who is stealing all the money.