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Franklin County couples meet Obama at burger joint

Posted June 28, 2010
Updated June 29, 2010

— Two Franklin County couples shared a meal next to two international leaders at a northern Virginia burger joint last week.

The experience happened during a visit to Washington, D.C., by Helen and Ricky Wadford and Dawn and Jake Phillips. The couples often take vacations together.

The first day of the trip included a Washington Nationals baseball game. The second day began with a tour of the White House.

“It was awesome, and then things started to happen,” Dawn Phillips said.

They headed to Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, Va., for lunch, but they soon found they wouldn’t be eating alone when the U.S. Secret Service showed up.

“The Secret Service flips the badge out and says, ‘If you want to stay, you can stay. If you want to leave, you can leave, but the president of the United States is coming here for lunch,” Ricky Wadford said.

obama burger Franklin County couples meet Obama

Soon, President Barack Obama arrived for lunch with Dmitry Medvedev, the president of Russia.

“It happened so fast,” Helen Wadford said.

“We got to shake his hand when he came in,” Jake Phillips said. “He introduced us to the Russian president.”

The two international leaders sat at the table behind the Youngsville residents.

When Obama got up to leave, Ricky Wadford and Jake Phillips made their move for the ultimate souvenir.

“I said, ‘Mr. President, Can you sign our caps?’” Wadford said.

Obama signed both of their baseball caps. One of the hats the president signed was a University of North Carolina cap, and the couples said they joked with Obama about Duke and UNC basketball as he made his way out.

“We got outside and called everyone we could think of,” Jake Phillips said.

“Not many people in their lifetime meet a president or the president, and we met two at one time over a burger,” Helen Wadford said.


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  • bronzegoddess40 Jun 29, 2010

    I love it!!!!

  • lizard78 Jun 29, 2010

    I would have left!

  • angieb Jun 29, 2010

    Thanks to all the GOLO posters, you never let me down. I can always count of you for a daily dose of laughter

  • IAMAmerican Jun 29, 2010

    Obviously I have ruffled feather, sorry, I didn't mean to but what I'm trying to get across is that people didn't unite when Bush was in office, why now? Why if we do disagree and I point it out, that I have comprehension problem, obviously you're missing my point and I am out of here, I can't deal with narrowminded people. Good luck to you rescuefan and itsmyownopinion..........your opinions are certainly not mine, thank Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rescuefan Jun 29, 2010

    "itsmyopinion.........what does 9/11 have to do with seeing Barry in a burger joint? 9/11 did not occur because we didn't like the president............HELLO!!!!!!!!!

    You seriously got that from what itmyopinion posted? If so, you might want to brush up on your reading comprehension, because that's not even close to what he posted. Sheesh!

  • IAMAmerican Jun 29, 2010

    Your kindergarten comprehension problem is a waste of my time.

    Go eat your cheerios, will it be leather or canvas????? LOL

  • itsmyownopinion Jun 29, 2010

    "Is this statment...............Now that's deep thinking" coming from who is telling us to unite or we'll have another 9/11..........yep, it sure is!!!! LOL"

    Your kindergarten comprehension problem is a waste of my time.

  • oustobama12 Jun 29, 2010

    Obama is a self-serving man who is not looking out for my best interests. I have the right to say that, and more. That is not being disrespectful, it is being honest. Because I live in the greatest country on earth (and no, it did not need changing, as Obama said), I am able to speak freely. I am sorry, but I refuse to sit down and I refuse to shut my traphole. Expect to hear more from me as 2012 approaches.

    Thank you, Desiderata, for making me laugh and also to realize that my efforts to oust Obama are not wasted! YOU can shake his hand all you want. I am Southern, and a gentleman. Were I to meet him, I would be polite and respectful, but that is because of the office he holds, not because I met Barak Hussein Obama.

  • IAMAmerican Jun 29, 2010

    Is this statment...............Now that's deep thinking" coming from who is telling us to unite or we'll have another 9/11..........yep, it sure is!!!! LOL

  • oustobama12 Jun 29, 2010

    I don't think that Obama would think I am a moron, just a threat to his political future. That is all the relationship we will ever have. I seem to have touched a nerve with someone who knows nothing of Obama except what has been fed to her(?) by the media. Please explain why I obviously lack integrity, Desiderata. I can find nothing in my post that would call that to question.