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Raleigh safety center stalemate continues

Posted June 15, 2010

— After years of planning and months of debate, the Raleigh City Council again delayed a decision Tuesday to move forward with a public safety center.

The Clarence E. Lightner Public Safety Center, to be built at the corner of McDowell and Hargett streets, would house the city's fire and police departments and other emergency services. The Raleigh Police Department vacated its building on the site in March.

The City Council deadlocked in March on a plan to finance the center but agreed to revisit the plan with design changes that would cut the building's $205 million price tag.

The council heard several new options for the building, including some that would raise the cost by as much as $50 million.

Mayor Charles Meeker and City Manager Russell Allen have pushed to begin construction on the safety center, saying Raleigh could save millions by locking in lower labor and material prices before the economy picks up steam.

City council members opposed to the construction are hesitant to raise taxes to pay for it.

The council planned to discuss the center again Monday at the city budget session.


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  • jeffingarner Jun 16, 2010

    WRAL has no more regard for the First Amendment that Pravda! Who's the WRAL censor?

  • dahman Jun 16, 2010

    hey kpanil.....

    if someone breaks into your house and you get through immediately to 911 opns, it ll be a few minutes before the cops arrive.

    lesson in home invasion....you better be armed with a louisville slugger or a handgun..........the police will show up to take an after the fact incident report.....hopefully with the perp beat up, shot up or whatever.......

    i concur that law enforcement needs adequate resources to do their job. however a $200 million chunk at once is sort of hard to cope with. and the argument that construction is cheap smacks of the sale at a local retailer.......eveything is on sale, so lets spend money like it grows on trees. and maybe it does, since raleigh it the city of oaks.

    my parting slightly off key comment on this subject....i wonder how many people are in support of the $200 million project just becasue it has mr lightner's name on it???

  • the genius Jun 16, 2010

    RALEIGH AHAHAHAHAHA WHAT A JOKE OF A CITY! they dont even care about their police force enough to give them the facilities they need... ahahaha how about you put the headquarters in durham since thats where all the crime is lol. maybe you dont even need a police headquarters at all lol i mean who cares about the police they arent that important right? 911 services dont need to be upgraded so ... i tell yall what, when someone breaks in your house ad you call for help but cant get through, just beat em up or something but if they have a gun and you get shot and they get away then dont get mad just take it like it was served to you, CASE CLOSED RIGHT? you gotta be kidding me! this thing needs to be built anyone with sense should see this!

  • mswayze Jun 16, 2010

    I for one would like to see a slightly altered design, one with a solar updraft tower built in for cogeneration- but with the turbine at the top of the building. I also wonder if you could gut and retrofit the old one for a thermal chimney. I also wonder , with the height and wind downtown why there aren't any roof mounted windmills. Is that shortsighted? Yes Raleigh is growing- urban sprawl and all...

  • archmaker Jun 16, 2010

    Nancy McFarlane wrote a great piece on the existing building and why it no longer serves the needs of Raleigh and why it can't be renovated effectively. Its a good read to understand the building.

  • hardwork919 Jun 16, 2010

    "We have to plan ahead for the facilities we will desperately need in the near future and, in this case, we need NOW! Build now and NOT play catch-up later! ooohh idea.."maybe we should use mobile home additions just as we had to use for the schools??" Think People!!

    It's called short-sightedness. LOL Raleigh will not be getting smaller any time soon. We need the building now in fact. But we will REALLY need it within the next 5-10 years. I understand that the money is an issue but if we already know it's going to be built anyway, why not build it now and save as much money as possible?

  • leosd72 Jun 16, 2010

    Why does it always feel that a large potion of the citizens of this wonderful city seem to refuse to accept the fact that the population of Raleigh is booming.. Really Booming. We have to plan ahead for the facilities we will desperately need in the near future and, in this case, we need NOW! Build now and NOT play catch-up later! ooohh idea.."maybe we should use mobile home additions just as we had to use for the schools??" Think People!!

  • morgannyy Jun 16, 2010

    Loved the story in the N&O about the need for a city-owned golf course and Russell Allen is quoted as saying that he doesn't know if it could make money or even break even.

    Since when does he care if anything he is responsible for breaks even or makes money? (Convention Center, Bud Light Boondoggle)

  • NC Born Jun 16, 2010

    Nope, we dont need it. They can't pay officers cost of living year after year and force them to drive at high rates of speed to emergency calls in vehicles with over 100,000 hard miles....but they want this new monument. The officers on the street will see NO BENEFIT from this thing...dont kid yourself thinking it will help make the city safer. Clean up the old building...come back home and get to work.

  • morgannyy Jun 16, 2010

    Interesting to see how many people that failed Business 101 hang out here. Russell and the Meek one are counting on you!