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Democratic candidates will debate at WRAL

Posted May 14, 2010

— North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and former state Sen. Cal Cunningham will debate at WRAL before the June 22 Democratic primary runoff election determines which of them will challenge Republican Richard Burr for his seat in the U.S. Senate.

The debate will air live on WRAL-TV and WRAL.com Thursday, June 10, at 7 p.m.

Neither candidate drew the 40 percent of votes necessary in the May 4 primary to avoid a runoff. Marshall led the six-candidate field with 36 percent, while Cunningham came in second with 27 percent.


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  • JustAName May 19, 2010

    doctor2 answers hpr641 question. Why do the debate? So that people know that there is someone running against the Republican incumbent. Don't do a debate to make people know that someone is running against the incumbent Democrat.

    Maybe if WRAL was so concerned, they could of hosted a pre-primary debate for both the Democrat and Republican races.

  • iworkandpaytaxes May 17, 2010

    WORLAND....whats this story have to do with the federal government or AZ? You trolls are pathetic.

  • josephlawrence43 May 14, 2010

    Not being disrespectful here--but this oughtta be a real knee slapper..

  • sillywabbitthepatriot May 14, 2010

    I like to be informed about a candidate. This way, I can show more support for Burr when arguing for the November election.

    These two will probably fight like spoiled little children like they did in the last debate. Should be entertaining.

  • Worland May 14, 2010

    I wonder if either of them have read Arizona's immigration law? Holder and Obama never read it, yet they both have made outrageous attacks against it. Fear mongering at its best. Funny that several Dems in DC have claimed to have read the 2000 page AZ law... even though it's actually only 10 pages.

  • doctor2 May 14, 2010

    You know I have to scour the internet to even find out what Republicans have run offs. Is the House of Representative primaries not news worthy?
    OR - does the NC press simply want to give the Dems free ads by constantly "informing" us of this situation.
    How many news stories are out there taking about Bill Randall and Bernie Reeves going up against Brad Miller's seat?

  • hpr641 May 14, 2010

    What's the point of the debate: They'll both say they'll work with Obama, Pelosi, and Reid. They'll both say they'll get our troops out of Iraq and Afganistan ... and in victory. They'll both call for greater governmental oversight. They'll both call for higher taxes on big businesses and "the rich," while saying job creation will be priority #1. They'll both talk about securing our nation's borders, while vilifying Arizona's new illegal alien law. They'll both whine about current campaign finance reqs., while accepting contributions from around the country from businesses and their employees.

    The 1 question I'd like them to be asked is this: What did Greece do wrong that got them in their current mess, and why aren't we on the same path?

  • RedStatesManWatts May 14, 2010

    What a treat! I can hardly wait.