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Ex-aide: Suit over Edwards sex tape should be dismissed

Posted April 22, 2010

— A former aide to two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards has asked a judge to dismiss a lawsuit against him because the politician's mistress refuses to be questioned by attorneys.

Rielle Hunter, a former campaign worker who had an affair with Edwards and later gave birth to his daughter, sued Andrew Young and his wife in January, claiming that they took a videotape that purportedly shows Edwards engaged in extramarital sex and photographs of him with his daughter.

Hunter says that the items were removed from a house Young rented for her in Chatham County, and she alleges that Young wanted the video and photos to generate publicity for "The Politician," his tell-all book about Edwards' affair.

Last month, Young surrendered copies of the sex tape and CDs filled with photos to a Superior Court judge who had threatened to jail him on a contempt of court charge. The items will be kept under seal until the lawsuit is resolved.

On Tuesday, Hunter amended her lawsuit, alleging that the Youngs took other property belonging to her, still possess copies of the sex tape and are trying to sell the video. Her lawyers also filed a motion to seal all documents in the case to block Young from using them to boost his chances at selling the movie rights to "The Politician."

Young responded Wednesday by asking that the suit be dismissed, saying Hunter has repeatedly canceled depositions in the case.

His motion also asks that all proceedings remain open to the public, noting that he and his wife had to testify in court hearings before surrendering the sex tape. The motion also contends that, since Hunter has given several interviews about her affair and posed for photos "partially undressed," she cannot claim that anything in the case would violate her right to privacy.


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  • c2sides Apr 22, 2010

    the crazier Hunter looks.

    until she goes on Oprah next week that is......

  • lorivalentine1 Apr 22, 2010

    good god .. who even cares about this any more.. Some whore slept with a married man... Things got hairy and she fled and left stuff behind.. She should have thought about what she was leaving and not left in such a hurry..She adn John are at fault,.. Although the Youngs are are definitely not all that trust worthly it seems with secrets, can you blame them at this point? They were not the ones sleeping around.

  • dlentz2 Apr 22, 2010

    Hunter is doing J. Edwards dirty work. He is trying to get back at the Youngs for going public with his affair. The longer this goes on the crazier Hunter looks.

  • seankelly15 Apr 22, 2010

    The issue has nothing to do with John Edwards. The lawsuit was filed by Hunter against Young (husband and wife). The issue is the ownership of the tapes and photos. If Hunter was residing in the house and had paid rent during the time that the Youngs removed her belongings then Hunter will get all of the material that is being held by the court. If she had not paid rent then the issue is, who paid the rent during the time that the material was removed and can they claim ownership of private property?

  • UNCfuturealumi Apr 22, 2010

    I have no use for John Edwards..He does not deserve to be in animal control..however this ex-aide knew a long time ago that he could get $$$$ from J.Edwards...in a tell all book. Don't trust him either...