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Early voting for primaries begins Thursday

Posted April 15, 2010

— North Carolinians can vote early for their picks in primaries for state and federal offices starting this week.

One-stop voting opens Thursday and runs until May 1. The primary will be held May 4.

Find your one-stop voting location.

One-stop voting allows North Carolinians to register to vote and cast a ballot at the same time. Unregistered voters should bring identification with the name and address. They will not be able to register to vote on the day of the primaries.

This year's primaries are unusually crowded.

Eleven candidates are vying for one U.S. Senate seat, including incumbent Richard Burr. Four hundred candidates are running for 120 seats in the North Carolina General Assembly. Less than a quarter of the races for the state Senate and House of Representatives have been left uncontested.

Nearly three-quarters of voters said they "felt strongly enough" to replace their state legislator, regardless of party, according to a March poll by the right-leaning Civitas Institute. Forty percent said they strongly agreed or somewhat agreed with the proposition to replace all state legislators, regardless of party. Forty-one percent disagreed.

See who's running in your primary.

Voters seem evenly split as to which party they would prefer to represent them in the next Congress, according to recent polls.

In a poll released March 24 by left-leaning Public Policy Polling, 43 percent of survey respondents said they would vote for a Republican, 42 percent for a Democrat, and 14 percent were undecided. In the Civitas Institute poll, 38 percent said they would vote for a Republican, 36 percent for a Democrat, 6 percent for neither, and 20 percent were undecided.

In both polls, many voters remained undecided about the Democratic candidates in the U.S. Senate, although Secretary of State of Elaine Marshall was leading.

In an April 13 Public Policy poll, 45 percent of survey respondents remained undecided. Marshall drew support from 23 percent of respondents, and former state Sen. Cal Cunningham drew 17 percent. Durham lawyer Ken Lewis polled 9 percent, Old Fort photographer Susan Harris 4 percent, Gaston County teacher Ann Worthy drew 1 percent, and Lumberton lawyer Marcus Williams 0 percent.

In the earlier Civitas poll, 83 percent of those surveyed were undecided, while Marshall drew 9 percent support. Two percent picked  Cunningham, Lewis or Harris, while Williams and Worthy each drew 1 percent.

The economy and jobs emerged as the voters' top concern in polls by both groups: 57 percent in the March 24 Public Policy poll and 47 percent in the Civitas poll.

Voters affiliated with a political party can vote only in that party's primary. Unaffiliated and unregistered voters can pick which primary to vote in.


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  • workingforthosethatwont Apr 15, 2010

    verify the candidates platforms, their beliefs, and how they intend to vote on major issues but DO NOT re-elect anyone currently in office! Take back our country!

  • RedStatesManWatts Apr 15, 2010

    "cfhdcpt - right on! Richard Burr has been in there WAY too long. Anybody but him!

    WAY too long? he was elected in 2004. This is his first term. Senators have 6 year terms.
    This is the problem. There are many of you out there who have no idea what you are talking about at all yet you can vote. This is why we have the problems that we do now. hagan is part of the problem and she was just elected. Burr has done everything right. Get your facts straight before opening the mouth.
    You keep electing democrats and then you sit around wonering why everything is still the same, DUH! Perfect example of why it ought to be that everyone must take a test before granted the right to vote. Stupid people elect what we have now in the White House. Geez!

  • PlanetX Apr 15, 2010

    Get rid of all of them, and let's start with a clean slate. These clowns have GOT to go....

  • Earth Brooks Apr 15, 2010

    cfhdcpt - right on! Richard Burr has been in there WAY too long. Anybody but him!

  • wildcat Apr 15, 2010

    Saw a great bumper sticker the other week, "Re-elect No One"!!
    Surrey Hills

    the ones in office already is not doing their job is the reason why we have a choice of voting them out and new in.

  • dewnit4fun Apr 15, 2010

    just don't vote for the democrates

  • Surrey Hills Apr 15, 2010

    Saw a great bumper sticker the other week, "Re-elect No One"!!

  • wildcat Apr 15, 2010


  • RedStatesManWatts Apr 15, 2010

    Please people, vote conservatively!

  • chfdcpt Apr 15, 2010

    Ok folks, here is our chance to start voting the career politicians out of office and to have new blood in. If we really want to send a message we should vote every incumbent out of office.