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Burr challengers battle obscurity

Posted March 22, 2010

— The slew of candidates lined up to challenge U.S. Sen. Richard Burr in the May primary and November general election appear to have a bigger battle on their hands – obscurity.

An Elon University Poll released Monday show nearly three-quarters of North Carolina residents don't recognize the names of the 11 people running for one of North Carolina's two Senate seats.

Burr had the highest name recognition, leaving a favorable impression with 34 percent of respondents and a negative impression with 17 percent. Secretary of State Elaine Marshall had the next highest name recognition, with an 18 percent favorable rating and an 8 percent unfavorable impression.

At least 70 percent of those surveyed responded "don't know" when asked about each of the other Democratic, Republican and Libertarian candidates running in the Senate race.

“With the national political tempest surrounding health care and the economy, North Carolinians have yet to focus on the upcoming election,” Hunter Bacot, director of the Elon University Poll, said in a statement. “As the primaries are only six weeks away, candidates have a lot of work to do in a limited amount of time.”

The poll surveyed 579 North Carolina residents last week and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percentage points.

Respondents also expressed more optimism about the economy, with 35 percent saying they expect North Carolina's economy to improve by the end of the year and 29 percent saying things will likely get worse. Last fall, 36 percent expected the state economy to continue to decline, compared with 19 percent who predicted improvement.

Thirty-four percent of those surveyed said they expect their individual finances to improve in 2010, compared with 13 percent who expect to be worse off by the end of the year.

Still, 62 percent of respondents believe the country is on the wrong track, and 58 percent believe the state is headed in the wrong direction.


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  • davidbh61255 Mar 23, 2010

    His old-lady is cute!! at least

  • nanasix Mar 22, 2010

    All I can do is pray NO ONE VOTES FOR ELAINE MARSHALL, N.C. Secretary of State. The job this woman has done could put our state in the position of being sued in many issues. Her employees working under her are not properly trained, with hundreds of corporations failing to file annual reports for many years. When they finally send out a Notice allowing 60 days to bring current, they often go many years and don't Adm. Dissolve the corporation. I wish each of you could see what I've seen and collected, you'd shake your head just as I do. Any 5th grader could do a better job than Elaine Marshall has done since heading the SOS's office in 1997. Please, learn about those running for office, check them out closely, know what you're doing before you vote. If you need help, ask questions, go online, ck out what I've told you. Do not stop on the SOS website where it tells you they are Current & Active, they could be 8-10 yrs without a report, the information on the 1st page is often false. Cl

  • pbjbeach Mar 22, 2010

    in my personal estimation he has done surley no more than doel for this state an in most issues a heck of a lot lees in my opinion he is just another useless u.s senator that is supposely to be respresenting the people of this state but niot in mr burr case he has been a total failure . thank you

  • pbjbeach Mar 22, 2010

    In my own personal opinion none of the state politicians realy care anymore about what the citizens that elected them think of them or about them or about the jobs that they are supossely doing for the taxpayers of this state not when you can even get an apointment tio be able to speak with one of them by either telephone or in person even if you are willing to travel to their offices for an appointment to meet with them as your respresentive. i thought that this was supposely a respresentive governement but i am guessing not these days or it apperas not ever never again anywhere in this country thank you

  • pbjbeach Mar 22, 2010

    I personaly feel that if the voters of this state get rid opf mr burr in this upcomming election in november that that would go along ways in correcting the way in which this state needs to head in the future an then in 2012 get rid of bev ( governor dumpling) an elect a real an true democratic governor an u.s senator that this is th way to put north carolina back on a real track to the future of north carolina thank you

  • corey3rd Mar 22, 2010

    Remember when people knew the senators from NC? In the midst of the political season, Burr and Hagen have been milk carton children on the national landscape. Where is our clout?

  • ThinkChick Mar 22, 2010

    Burr haa, on the whole, supported limited government and stuck with conservative principles. (Not perfectly but on the whole.)

    The thought of Elaine Marshall and Kay Hagan as our Senators gives me the willies. Along with Bev, you are talking about the lowest IQ unholy trinity of representation we could have.

  • mustangyts Mar 22, 2010

    Vote conservative and take America back. Put it back into the hands and mindsets of the people who really built america. Get the freeloaders off the system, give criminals real consequences, and truly educate our children. The chinese are laughing all the way to the bank, hoping that libs will run America. Things will be so much easier for them. America will destroy itself from within. Diversity destroyed Rome!

  • RedStatesManWatts Mar 22, 2010

    USNRET-"Who is this guy Burr, and did he ever do anything noteworthy?"

    As opposed to Johnny Edwards or Hagan or Bev? WAKE UP! STOP DRINKING THAT KOOL-AID!

  • RedStatesManWatts Mar 22, 2010

    No one needs to know any other name than Burr. Why put another liberal in office...geez you would think people would get a brain at some point. Marshall is a joke, nothing but yet another liberal just like the rest. WAKE UP PEOPLE!