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Easley campaign insolvent

Posted March 17, 2010
Updated March 18, 2010

— Former Gov. Mike Easley's campaign committee is officially broke, increasing the likelihood that state elections officials won't collect the majority of a $100,000 penalty levied last fall for campaign finance violations.

The Mike Easley Committee on Tuesday gave a check for $5,335 to the State Board of Elections, and Treasurer Joseph Newsome said in a letter to the board that both of the campaign's bank accounts have been emptied and closed.

The elections board in October determined the campaign had violated state law by not reporting dozens of flights major donors provided to Easley during the 2000 and 2004 campaigns. The board turned over its findings to prosecutors to determine whether Easley should face criminal charges.

Board Chairman Larry Leake said at the time that state law needs to hold politicians accountable for paying campaign finance penalties since the campaigns themselves usually don't have the money to pay.

The unreported flights also are part of an ongoing federal grand jury investigations into Easley's dealings with friends and contributors while in office.

The grand jury indicted former Easley aide Ruffin Poole in January on 51 corruption charges, including extortion, bribery and money laundering.


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  • pbjbeach Mar 19, 2010

    The golden rule in north carolina political circles is he that has the gold rules . period . an this rule has been the cause an effect of the current corruption within these past several adminstrations in my own personal opinion thank you

  • pbjbeach Mar 19, 2010


    Your suggestion to tax man sounds like a good one to me also but after the public hummulation then take everything that they have work for their entire lives an then let them countuine to live out their lives in poverty to the point that they have to beg with a cup on the streets an i know that they would surely get enough monies comming from the fine folks here in north carolina begging on the streets to still maintain their current lifestyles ( not )good punishment idea though what do you think about this idea sounds good to me better than send them to prison for us to have to feed an care for in my way of thinking thank you

  • pbjbeach Mar 19, 2010

    As it relates to the supreme courts decesion about the coporate fundinng of campaigns this has been going on for years as that they have in years past had the upper excelion employee to make donations to the campaigns in their own names an most likely with the actual money coming from the coporations in the first place by the coporations getting this new law pushed through by the supremes now they are just doing what they have been doing an just trying to make it actually legal although coporate america has never realy cared about legal in the first place because they know that they have got the supremes backs an backing an that theythe supremes have got theiir back with enough money in this country you can get anything done wheater it is right or wrong fair or unfair moeny an power is the name of the game thank you

  • affirmativediversity Mar 18, 2010

    the Supreme Court did,t help matters by letting corporations and big business give as much money to campaigns as they want. per cowman


    SO I can assume you would agree that Bev the Wonder Gov should have to give that $800,000.00 she got for the SEIU back?

    How about the Millions SEIU gave to Obama? Oh, how about the UAW should their money be returned too?

  • affirmativediversity Mar 18, 2010

    Maybe he could sell some of those $300.00 flights on those really nice private jets?

  • 5-113 FA Retired Mar 18, 2010

    The funds have probably been diverted to the Republican campaign committee.

  • trainloadr Mar 18, 2010

    Let State auditor Wood audit his account. I am so sure she would find something - yeah right. Why is it that they are all alike.

  • Caveman93 Mar 18, 2010

    Easley campaign insolvent...just like AMERIKA.

  • ncguy Mar 18, 2010

    The state should seize his house and all his holdings until the fine is paid.

  • cowman Mar 18, 2010

    Until we the people start holding these so-called politians accountable at the ballot box from North Carolina to Washington, DC, we are going to continually spiral downward. Money is what puts these crooks in office, not common sense, and the Supreme Court did,t help matters by letting corporations and big business give as much money to campaigns as they want. We need to wake up and take back control of our country !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!