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GOP again tries to link Perdue to allegations against Easley

Posted February 17, 2010

— State Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer on Wednesday tried to tie Gov. Beverly Perdue to allegations of wrongdoing by her predecessor.

Fetzer asked the State Board of Elections to expand its investigation into Perdue's campaign finances, questioning some of the campaign flights she received in recent years and whether donors tried to buy favors from her.

In October, the elections board ordered former Gov. Mike Easley's campaign to pay $100,000 for not reporting dozens of campaign flights provided aboard donor's private aircraft.

Fetzer said several of the 31 flights Perdue's campaign has reported in recent months were aboard corporate planes – state laws prohibit companies from donating to political campaigns – and he questioned the timing of the reporting and the valuation her campaign placed on the flights.

Oscar Harris, Perdue's campaign treasurer, has said the previously unreported flights were picked up during an internal audit of campaign finances after switching to a new software program.

Fetzer also noted that 12 people subpoenaed in the elections board's investigation of Easley contributed to Perdue's campaign and the state Democratic Party.

During the hearing into Easley's campaign finances, some donors testified that, after they had reached the $4,000 limit for contributions to his campaign, they gave money to the Democratic Party with the understanding that it could be routed back to the Easley campaign.

Some of Easley's donors also worked to get environmental permits approved for coastal developments, and Fetzer noted that one of Perdue's donors head the North Carolina subsidiary of Titan America, which last fall was able to obtain a draft air quality permit from state regulators for a proposed cement plant near Wilmington.

"We think all this is indicative of a continuation and long pattern of callousness and disregard for the election laws of North Carolina. We think it needs to be investigated thoroughly," Fetzer said.

Perdue defended her fundraising, saying all of her donations are legal and that her campaign has tried to ensure everything is reported properly.

"While we're about doing the people's work and help put people back to work, you have others throwing rocks and creating issues that aren't there," she said.


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  • cksmith Feb 18, 2010

    My offer to the Governor is: Bring Ronald Reagan's cost cutting David Stockman (assuming he is still breathing and not at the bottom of the Potomac wearing concrete overshoes) to Raleigh and all is forgiven.

  • Chatham Adam Feb 17, 2010

    Hey, WRAL. When are you going to pull out your video of Tom Fetzer's keynote speech to International Heritage, Inc.'s convention just before the SEC accused it of being one of the biggest pyramid schemes ever (pre-Bernie Madoff, of course)? How many of Fetzer's IHI buddies have been sent off to jail?

  • VT1994Hokie Feb 17, 2010

    Bev is as guilty as most of the others. She and Easley were co-horts in all things. I hope that they will dig, dig, dig, and if she is guilty gets the same. We are one of the most corrupt states in America. Easley will spend time in prison.

  • Southern Girl Feb 17, 2010

    Of course Perdue knew and was a part of the cover-up. Let them keep digging - it will come out.

    They worked very closely together - oh yes, she knew.

    She should be impeached.

  • Inter Alios Feb 17, 2010

    luckn4u2: how easily you forget/act like it didn't happen/etc. how close to the brink of disaster Bush & co. brought this country. This partisan bickering/oneupmanship betwen the Republicans and Democrats is ruining this country. Neither party can be trusted to do what is right for America. All either one cares about is getting re-elected and fattening the wallets of their cronies. Both partys ramrodded NAFTA.CAFTA, and other foreign trade agreements which directly resulted in the mass exodus of jobs from this country. Its time to kick em all out.

  • workingforthosethatwont Feb 17, 2010

    but they want to tell us how to live our lives.

  • fedora Feb 17, 2010

    you gotta wonder what in the world where they thinking.

  • working for deadbeats Feb 17, 2010

    I'll caption the picture. "Uh oh!"

  • jamzwilkins Feb 17, 2010

    I think it's a valid concern and legitimate comparison to the Easley situation...especially after learning they even used the exact same corporate jet.

  • archmaker Feb 17, 2010

    and tune in next time when special prosecutor tom fetzer starr says...there are no corrupt republicans in nc.

    (you have to have power to be corrupt)