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Group seeks federal ban on pinning prone students

Posted February 15, 2010
Updated February 16, 2010

A disability rights group is asking the state superintendent of schools for a ban on a specific means of student restraint, saying the practice is dangerous and could lead to death.

Disability Rights North Carolina will release a report Tuesday outlining findings of a study into how schools physically restrain students who are acting out. In the report, DRNC suggests a federal ban on the use of "prone restraint," in which students are pinned face-down.

Prone restraint is one of five legal means school employees have for getting students under control, but, the report from DRNC concludes, classroom staff often lack the appropriate training in those techniques.

The report cites specific cases in Wayne, Durham, Cumberland and Wake county schools where students were injured by restraints. In Wayne, Durham and Cumberland counties, school officials worked with DRNC to change their practices and staff training.

DRNC and the Wake County Public School System have been unable to reach an agreement to ban prone restraint, the report says.

The group is pressing for federal regulation to standardize how school districts can restrain students.  "With no state or federal laws specifically banning dangerous restraint and seclusion practices, the reforms must be carried out one school system at a time," DRNC wrote in the report.


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  • 1trhl Feb 16, 2010

    This is a sad situation. Obviously all parties involved have their own rights to personal safety...the kids with disablilties, the kids in class with the disabled ones and the underpaid employees. I highly doubt anyone would ever find a reasonable solution that would be agreed upon by all parties. My mom has worked in public schools with special ed kids. It's always a tricky situation when a child loses control. Good luck solving this problem....it won't happen.

  • info23 Feb 15, 2010

    Parents with children with disabilities want to main steam their children into the school systems but they also want special treatment of a disruptive child. These children can be both dangerous to themselves and others. Restraining them in the pron position and is a very effective way of ensuring the disruptive child doesn't hurt anyone else. If you don't like the current law mainstream your child somewhere where they don't practice this technique. If I'm teaching I want that child quickly restrained and neutralized.

  • qrbyrd Feb 15, 2010

    As a parent of an autistic child I would not want this done to my child. As far as the comment of "don't act up and this will not be a problem", this must have come from someone who does not know anything about autism. Hope this practice is done away with.

  • dwf1205 Feb 15, 2010

    I definitely want to see this practice end, but the Federal government has no Constitutional authority to pass/enforce such a law. Perhaps we could do it in our state?

  • colliedave Feb 15, 2010

    We're talking about students with disabilies, such as autism. Still no sympathy? dh1964

    No, it means getting an out-of-control child under control.

  • dh1964 Feb 15, 2010

    "Don't act up and this will not be a problem. No sympathy here."

    We're talking about students with disabilies, such as autism. Still no sympathy?

  • BigUNCFan Feb 15, 2010

    Don't act up and this will not be a problem. No sympathy here.

  • MileageWarrior Feb 15, 2010

    What are the other 4 legal methods of controlling out of control students?