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DOT board member linked to Easley case resigns

Posted January 21, 2010

— Lanny Wilson, a Wilmington businessman linked to allegations of campaign finance violations by former Gov. Mike Easley's campaign, resigned Thursday from the state Board of Transportation.

"After much consideration and thought, I am stepping down to avoid any further unnecessary distractions that would only serve to impede the progress of your reform efforts with the board and Department of Transportation," Wilson wrote in a letter to Gov. Beverly Perdue.

Wilson was initially appointed to the DOT board by Easley in 2001.

During an October hearing by the State Board of Elections hearing into allegations of campaign finance violations, Wilson testified that he gave money to the North Carolina Democratic Party in 2004 after he had reached the $4,000 limit for personal contributions to the Easley campaign. He said he intended the money to the party to be funneled back to the Easley campaign, noting campaign staffers told him that was the best way to get money to them.

Wilson also testified that he gave money to the campaign in the name of his wife, who was then his fiancee. Making political contributions under someone else's name is illegal under state law.

The elections board didn't cite Wilson for any infractions, but it did order Easley's campaign to pay $100,000 for unreported flights provided to the governor aboard donors' private planes. Prosecutors are reviewing the board's findings to determine whether any criminal charges are warranted.

Wilson also is linked to Cannonsgate, a Carteret County development where Easley purchased a waterfront lot at a below-market price. A federal grand jury is looking at that land deal as part of an investigation into Easley's dealings with friends and contributors while in office.

Meanwhile, the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources has suspended the regulator who approved the .permits for Cannonsgate.

DENR spokeswoman Diana Kees said Jason Dail was placed on a one-week suspension without pay last Saturday. He will return to work next Monday, she said.

The suspension resulted from an investigation into Dail's request for a lot in the development for his stepfather shortly after approving the permits in 2005, Kees said. Although no one in Dail's family ever bought a lot in Cannonsgate, she said the timing of the request created an appearance of impropriety.


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  • wisdomb4beauty Jan 22, 2010

    This "Mr. Dail" working with DENR agency needs firing too not just suspension without pay for a week. No doubt he was trying to get in on the action if he inquired about his stepdad purchasing some of the "fine" beach property at Cannonsgate seeing that he helped the "crooks" get some paperwork funneled on thru. See it's this kind of stuff that makes me really ANGRY. Why wouldn't this state worker be fired for under-handed dealings??? As a fellow state employee, I say FIRE HIM!!! No doubt, he's dirty too.

  • wisdomb4beauty Jan 22, 2010

    Surprise, surprise, surprise, not really. It was brewing for a while probably. He probably deserves jail time too. Get in bed with dogs and you wake up with fleas. Mr. Basnight not long ago wanted Bev Purdue to name Lannie Wilson as Secretary of DOT. Now Lannie has resigned his position from the DOT board. Yep, go on and get out of Dodge Lannie!

  • Here kitty kitty Jan 21, 2010

    Oh how the mighty do fall!

  • working for deadbeats Jan 21, 2010

    NC poltics are great. I'm glad to see NC kept it going with 'Bev.

  • whatusay Jan 21, 2010

    If giving money to Easley's campaign in some else's name is against state law why is Wilson not being prosecuted for doing so?

  • donnied1952 Jan 21, 2010

    But why didn't the Elections Board do anything about all the stuff he confessed to. At the very least he should have been fired, not allowed to resign. They should have blackballed him from ever holding another state/county job in NC.

    The whole hearing was a bunch of people wasting more tax payers dollars and getting paid extra in their pockets to do it.

  • mrr03 Jan 21, 2010

    Toxic Easley. Another one bites the dust

  • mochabrown Jan 21, 2010

    Strange how when they know they are caught, the quickly RESIGN.

  • UNCfuturealumi Jan 21, 2010

    Who is HWP?

  • davidbh61255 Jan 21, 2010

    DOT,ABC,HWP,DMV, These agencies need their boards or chiefs gutted and start fresh with some new or yet to be criminals!!