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Family, friends relieved Edwards admits paternity

Posted January 21, 2010
Updated January 22, 2010

— Two-time Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards released a statement Thursday morning admitting that he fathered a child with former campaign staffer Rielle Hunter, a relationship that he had previously denied.

"I am Quinn's father," the former U.S. senator declared in his statement, as the second birthday of Frances Quinn Hunter approaches.

"I will do everything in my power to provide her with the love and support she deserves," he continued. "I have been able to spend time with her during the past year and trust that future efforts to show her the love and affection she deserves can be done privately and in peace."

Rielle Hunter leaves federal courthouse Edwards: 'I am Quinn's father'

Edwards' spokeswoman said he would not grant any interviews at this time. He arrived in Haiti Thursday with a group of physicians and others to deliver needed medical supplies to assist with earthquake recovery efforts.

Hunter's New Jersey-based lawyer, Michael Critchley, said Edwards' admission was "good for everyone."

Hunter didn't have an immediate comment on the matter, Critchley said.

Elizabeth Edwards said her "whole family feels relieved" that her husband acknowledged paternity of Hunter's child. She said she hopes the declaration will help end publicity about the family.

She declined to talk about her marital status, saying, "My marriage shouldn't be on anybody's radar screen except mine."

John Edwards' attorney, Wade Smith, said his client wanted to admit paternity "months ago," but "he was waiting for the right time."

"It's a very complicated process. He has a family. It's not simple," Smith said. "A lot of things had to fall into place that I don't want to comment on."

A custody and child support agreement between Edwards and Hunter likely played into that delay, he said.

"He wants to know this child well and care for this child and wants this child to be part of his life," he said.

Smith said there can never be a logical explanation for why Edwards initially denied being the father, but he added that Edwards was "very pleased" to finally set the record straight.

"We have wanted John to be real," he said. "It isn't a matter of making people happy so much as it is doing the right thing about this child. This is a gift. This child is a gift."

Edwards' life "has totally fallen apart" in the last year, Smith said, adding that Edwards "recognizes that he has been at fault."

"One of the problems is that John has been thinking about his own life and not others. It's time for him to make that change," he said.

David Kirby, a longtime friend of the Edwardses and John Edwards' former law partner, said people were more upset about Edwards' repeated denials – first of the affair and later his paternity of the child – than of his indiscretions.

"There's a lot of anger from the public toward John, and there's a lot of anger among friends toward John," Kirby said.

Andrew Young, a former Edwards aide who initially claimed paternity of the child, is scheduled to release a book on Feb. 2 that is expected to provide insight into Edwards' affair, including details that he was given the task of obtaining money to help hide the affair.

Federal investigators want to know if funds from Edwards' presidential campaign were illegally used to cover up the affair.

His political action committee paid Hunter's video production firm $100,000 in early 2006. One $14,000 payment to her was made the same day the campaign gave the PAC $14,000 for a "furniture purchase."

Fred Baron, who was Edwards' national finance chairman and a wealthy Dallas-based trial attorney, said in 2008 that he quietly sent money to Hunter and to resettle Young's family. Baron died later that year.

Both Young and Hunter – she had her child in tow – appeared at the federal courthouse in Raleigh in recent months on days when the grand jury investigating Edwards' campaign finances was meeting.

Grand jury proceedings are secret, so it's unclear whether they testified.

Edwards adamantly denied during a 2008 interview with ABC News that he had fathered a child with Hunter and said he welcomed a paternity test. He said then that the affair had ended in 2006.

The child was born Feb. 27, 2008, indicating that she was conceived in the middle of 2007, several months after Hunter stopped working for Edwards and after Edwards learned his wife's cancer had returned.

Elizabeth Edwards' breast cancer had been in remission, but the couple held a March 2007 news conference to say that it had returned in an incurable form but that John Edwards would continue his presidential bid.

Elizabeth Edwards has stood by her husband despite the affair. She has said that it does not matter to her whether her husband fathered a child with Hunter, saying only "that would be a part of John's life, but not a part of mine."

Kirby called Elizabeth Edwards a great mother and said he wouldn't be surprised if she welcomes Hunter's child into her life.

"This has been incredibly hard on Elizabeth," he said. "I'm the eternal optimist, and I think one day they will get past this."

Since admitting the affair in August 2008, John Edwards has largely gone into seclusion.

Kirby said Edwards has been doing a lot of soul-searching in recent months. He said his friend will continue to work on addressing poverty and likely isn't thinking about politics at all.


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  • SEOpro Jan 22, 2010

    I echo all people who don't want to hear of this man any more. Why is he in Haiti? His political career does not exist. Any BOOK he comes out with should fail. He should try to get a job (yeah good luck with that) and pay child support and stop taking tax payer money. His face should never appear in public media again.

  • Southern Girl Jan 22, 2010

    Myra, WRAL doesn't like mine, either. Yesterday, I posted that they should stop giving him media attention, and my post didn't make it at all.

    I believe people are sick and tired of both of the Edwards. The more they are given attention, the more they will stick around.

    Just let this go away - just like he did. Hope he stays in Haiti.

  • Gnathostomata Jan 22, 2010

    The only difference between Edwards and other low-life, cheating, married, adulterers, is he has more money. He wanted to be a leader of the people, NOT,and still maintain a behind your back affair. It's not the affair, the innocent child, or betrayal of his wife and children which makes me say, "Yeeww", but his lying, denial, all-about-me attitude that is rank. He wanted a trusted friend to take responsibility for his actions. What about that man's reputation?

    He needs help in the most urgent manner. No, honestly, he thought We The People should buy his cover-up and elect him into office, trusting him to act responsibly with our interests when he couldn't even keep the best interests of his friends and family at the forefront of his actions.

    We do not need to hear more of the "Lifestyles of the Rich and Sleezy", but it does a heart good to find most of the comments here support honor and vigilence and disdains betrayal of children. I Love N.C. Golo People!

  • walkindogs Jan 22, 2010

    I was reading in the N&O today that Doctors and other qualified individuals are not getting in to Haiti or are being turned away, yet John Edwards is THERE?! He's only there for a photo op and to come back to the US and jump on a political "bandwagon". He disgusts me!

  • Myra Jan 22, 2010

    WRAL doesn't like my comments but permits others to bash and be rude and immature. Wonderful. Not surprising though.

  • AtALost Jan 22, 2010

    Married men who cheat are pathetic. But it's a shame so many are commenting on this. It's their personal business. Stories about tainted imports, human rights violations, etc. barely get 20 comments. Glad to see we have our priorities straight!!!

  • Journey985 Jan 22, 2010

    Funny how it took the pending book release from his former aide for Edwards to FINALLY tell the truth!!! Seriously, he would have lied about it as long as he could about it. What does this say to his charecter as a lawyer?? He took an oath when he passed the bar, and isn't there some sort of ethics standard in that? I think he should be dis-bared!!!!

  • rebelbelle83 Jan 22, 2010

    Wow!!! Did I miss something????

  • Southern Girl Jan 21, 2010

    WHY is Edwards in Haiti? If he is still with Elizabeth, WHY isn't he home with she and those children during this crisis?

    Talk about a chicken. He left the country when the going got rough. What a guy.

  • Eduardo1 Jan 21, 2010

    Don't you think that we have had enough of both John & Elizabeth.
    The confession is tied in to the book release again.
    We can except to see Elizabeth & Oprah weeping together, SOON and then again on the VIEW, CBS< ABC< NBC morning shows and maybe some late night trearjerkers. She is exploiting the same medical disease that my wife has. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$