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Wake County seeks budget flexibility

Posted January 4, 2010

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— Departments in Wake County government have been asked to find another 7 percent in their budget that could be cut in the coming months as the county continues to deal with lagging revenue, officials said Monday.

Tax collections and fee revenue for the county are $8 million to $11 million below projections, officials said.

To help balance the budget, a hiring freeze in county government will continue through the end of the 2009-10 fiscal year in June, officials said. Also, more positions will be cut in inspections and other development-related departments, officials said, noting that the slow economy has reduced their workload.

Last year, the county eliminated more than 100 jobs, many of which weren't filled, to balance the budget without raising taxes.

As County Manager David Cooke prepares the fiscal 2010-11 budget in the next few months, he wants options for possible cuts. Some departments might not face a 7 percent cut if the impact of service to the public would be too severe, he said.

Last year, for example, all departments were asked to come up with 10 percent cuts, but some departments, such as the Wake County Sheriff's Office, saw smaller reductions.


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  • John Sawtooth Jan 5, 2010

    The County Manager didn't get a raise, no county employee did.

  • rlwieland Jan 4, 2010

    Being a small business owner, I applaud the Board for not just saying lets raise taxes as most govt. does. If they bring in less then theres less work to do, just the way it is. We have to cut and looks like the board understands that.

  • miketroll3572 Jan 4, 2010

    What do you expect with the liberals being in controll for the last 30 yrs. Its gonna get alot worse when the health care bill kicks in, nobody will have any money to spend. The more the democrats raise taxes the less they will take in.

  • time4real Jan 4, 2010

    hope everyone had a great holiday, cause it's over! welcome to your new year. your taxes are once again, about to get hiked! Bev says, "we'll have no choice"!

  • DJ of Clayton Jan 4, 2010

    What a lot of people don't seem to understand is that a lot of positions are mandated by the state and federal governments. Those are not going away no matter how wasteful you may think they are. And of course people wil fuss when their local library closes, or the parks are not kept up. And then there are jobs like firefighters, paramedics, and sheriff deputies. THOSE jobs are not mandated and in a lot of places across the country, those are the first to go. Lay off thousands? Sure, go ahead. Be careful about what you ask for, though.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Jan 4, 2010

    I see the county starting the process to justify a tax increase instead of cutting spending.

  • Geez Louise Jan 4, 2010

    jesmyopinion, you left out federal politicians George Bush, Dick Cheney, and the Republican Congress from the last eight years. Spend, spend, spend they did.

  • Just the facts mam Jan 4, 2010

    Do like the federal government does - they don't care if they spend a lot more money than they have coming in. They will just print more of it (which decreases its value), or spend now and have our children and grandchildren pay for it... Gotta love our federal politicians (Rep. Price and Sen. Hagan).

  • whatelseisnew Jan 4, 2010

    Does not matter if the impact is great or small, the money is not there so do the necessary cuts. Maybe the voters need to learn some lessons and not approve bonds and get us deeper in debt. Servicing the debt would have been money that could have been used to keep some people employed, or many even give them a bit of a raise.

  • wcnc Jan 4, 2010

    I wondered if County Manager David Cooke gave himself a pay raise too. City employees got a COLA this past year, but I'm guessing Russell Allen gave himself more than the 2% or so the other employes got....