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Etheridge not running for Senate

Posted November 13, 2009

— Second District Congressman Bob Etheridge said Friday that he has no plans to challenge Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr next fall.

"I believe that I can best help the people of North Carolina during this economic downturn by remaining in the House of Representatives and continuing to serve as North Carolina’s only member of the House Ways and Means Committee," Etheridge said in a statement.

The Lillington Democrat called Burr "the wrong senator for North Carolina" and "a roadblock to progress" in the statement and said he plans to work with the Democratic candidate for Senate in next year's election.

The announcement comes as the Federal Election Commission chided Etheridge for collecting campaign donations without filing as a candidate.

The Bob Etheridge for Congress Committee raised $153,639 between July 1 and Sept. 30, according to his latest campaign finance report.

Anyone raising more than $5,000 is considered a candidate under federal law, but Etheridge hadn't filed as a candidate for any office. The FEC sent a letter to him last month, setting a Nov. 27 deadline for him to enter a race in the 2010 election or "disavow these activities" and give up the money to avoid breaking campaign finance laws.

Etheridge officially declared his candidacy this week for re-election to his House seat.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and Kenneth Lewis of Durham have said they plan to run for Burr's Senate seat. Marshall has raised $164,000, and Lewis has more than $180,000.

The Democratic primary will be held in May.


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  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Nov 13, 2009

    I'll be doing my best to ensure he's not running for the House much longer either. He's a traitor to his constituency and does nothing more than pander to his masters Pelosi and Obama

  • safelythus Nov 13, 2009

    Etheridge voted "YES" on PELOSI/OBAMA-CARE, the biggest LIBERAL bill to perhaps EVER be promulgated on the American people. Please, Bobby, run against BURR. Pretty please!! I'm a former democrat who will never vote that way again.

  • NCSULandscaper Nov 13, 2009

    one thing positive i can say, he has always been on the farmers side and helped out NC Agriculture

  • jet2rdu Nov 13, 2009

    Bob will continue to support his Democrat NC partners, Miller and Price by helping keep the Congressional Job appproval ratings, measured this week at an approximately 66% disapproval and 25% approval, until the 2010 elections.

  • woodrowboyd2 Nov 13, 2009


  • simracer68 Nov 13, 2009

    "Wow, have you got it backwards. Are you paying any attention at all to what is going on in Washington?"

    Um, obviously not. He's just all wee wee'd up because his Messiah has turned out to be a weak dud in all but teleprompter-driven speaking engagements.

    The tide is turning on the "Centrist" fraud that was perpetrated on the American people during Campaign '08 by Obama and his uber-leftist Chicago thugocratic handlers. Goggle "HillBuzz". Liberals indeed (but otherwise nice folks) and read their take on Dr. Utopia (their label for our President) and why they wish we had Bush back. Independants fleeing the sinking ship is one thing, but Democrats now too? There's trouble brewing inside the beltway...and none too soon if you ask me.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 13, 2009

    "the American people repudiated their politics of division and hate."

    Wow, have you got it backwards. Are you paying any attention at all to what is going on in Washington?

  • whatelseisnew Nov 13, 2009

    He can best help North Carolina by not running for anything.

  • Fiddlemom Nov 13, 2009

    I am a lifetime Harnett county native and MR. Etheridge has always been an acquaintance of our family. I voted for him regularly. However, since he voted for the healthcare reform in Congress he will never get my vote again!

  • djcalaska Nov 13, 2009

    He may be fighting for his own job soon enough!! People had enough of the double standards, line my pockets trash the politicians are putting out. This guy voted for the so cared health care bill and next time his name comes up voters will remember.