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Governor wants more businesses to hire veterans

Posted November 11, 2009

— North Carolina's governor is encouraging businesses to hire veterans and military spouses.

At a Veterans Day ceremony in Jacksonville Wednesday, Gov. Beverly Perdue announced a new "I Hire Military" campaign as part of her JobsNOW initiative to help strengthen the economy.

“The close relationship between the civilians and the military is one of the biggest reasons I’m proud to call North Carolina home,” Perdue said in a statement. “The ‘I Hire Military’ campaign is one more example of how North Carolina is the most military-friendly state in the nation.”

Businesses who want to participate must register with the state and pledge to hire veterans or military spouses whenever practical.

The campaign began as a partnership between the North Carolina Military Business Center and the Eastern Carolina Workforce Development Board. The campaign is running in four counties – Onslow, Carteret, Craven and Wayne– and will soon expand statewide.


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  • TheAdmiral Nov 12, 2009

    Yeah - kick those well qualified folks to the side and hire a less qualified veteran...

    I think that many of the veterans are better qualified when it comes to actually getting the job done than some of those who have sat in their chairs pushing buttons. Me included.

    However, it is when we start killing businesses when we put a square peg into a round hole when it comes to vet's that I get upset with. The Unemployment Security Commission does this and then wonders why Vets don't do well.

    They have to have the skills or at least be in the field that you are putting them, in order for it to work. You can stick a maintenance guy as a lathe operator, but you can't put an artillery guy in for a model maker.

  • cary1969 Nov 12, 2009

    apply to a Fed or State Gov job and Vets get first chance before citizens. i've been pressured to hire a few even when a citizen is more qualified. what else do they need?

  • gtstallings45 Nov 11, 2009

    I love a feel good announcement as much as the next person....but this strikes me as just that - a feel good announcement on a national holiday. I guess there was a recent poll that indicated that if she announces this her approval rating might just reach double digits. I do hope the democrats in power give us a smart candidate to support in 2012. Our children and those of our military deserve better....

  • whatusay Nov 11, 2009

    Hey Gov, I am a veteran and more qualified than Rand for the job you just gave him. Why wasn't the job made public so qualified vets could apply?

  • affirmativediversity Nov 11, 2009

    Perdue wants business to hire veterans...

    She might want to LEAD BY EXAMPLE! How many of her staff are veterans? (my bet is NONE) How about all those cushie "Commissioner" positions SHE APPOINTS...how many of her appointees are veterans? What about the UNC Board of Governors...how many of them are veterans?

    Holy cow...the State's HR Department doesn't even bother to calculate in a veteran's preference (they give it lip service on the State Application but they don't actually calculate or count it).

  • kilnntime Nov 11, 2009

    Perdue needs to understand if she wants anyone in this state to be hired for anything other than gov jobs she needs to reduce the taxes on business's especially small ones so they can afford to hire some. Right now though a business are not going to do much if any hiring till they know how the healthcare and cap and trade is going to effect them.

  • thought Nov 11, 2009

    I love my vets- don't get me wrong- but as it is already, if you are military and apply for a government job- fed or state- you get it.No matter if you can do the job or not. Some are lazy as anything. I used to work for the government- and it drove us crazy that we could not get advances or anything. This is not fair for they are only to have preference. We are all suffering- We need jobs to. One guy I worked with did nothing but walked around with a file in his hand - he was a supervisor - no experience- never did a thing and makes big money- only requirement - a vet. so if they have private sector do this- they might as well get ready to pay for a lost more unemployement with nothing getting done.
    sorry, but this is the dumbest idea. Too many are hurting right now, not just military- we don't get an once of help from our government.

  • gcmann Nov 11, 2009

    How about first a program called "I Hire American"
    Illegals and H1B, L1 etc visa holders from india are getting all the jobs.
    As soon as immigration laws are enforced and corporate America stops being allowed to fire Americans to import lesser skilled and cheaper foreign workers, American citizens may then once more prosper. Last I checked, the Constitution was for the benefit of the American people. The US is not responsible for keeping the rest of the world employed.

  • whatelseisnew Nov 11, 2009

    "I wonder if she has been on the Federal Governments website...I have applied for jobs on base and cannot get the job because I do not have a security clearance. How do you get a security clearance? Bet these vertrans have a security clearance? Highway patrol, police, Perdue's "security"."

    No All veterans do not have security clearances. If your MOS requires a clearance, then the required checks are done to see if you can be given a clearance. I used to have a Top Secret clearance. I do not know how a civilian would obtain a clearance, I imagine if you had to pay for it, it would be very expensive. They look back through most of your life, interview people where you worked, interview neighbors, check all sorts of records. I am not sure what all they go through, but it is extensive.
    As to having specific hiring programs, I just do not support them. Let us see EEO laws; hmmm Hire a vet; hmmm sorry you are not a vet; How about Hire qualified people that are here legally.

  • newsomeovershoots Nov 11, 2009


    You said it perfect! They keep wanting to raise taxes I will not be doing any hiring...maybe some firing