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Dole keeps busy year after Senate loss

Posted November 3, 2009

— A year after she lost her bid for a second six-year term in the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Dole continues to serve North Carolina residents.

Dole runs a charitable foundation that works statewide on issues of hunger, homelessness and domestic violence. She also recently accompanied dozens of veterans on a trip from Charlotte to the World War II memorial on the National Mall in Washington.

Elizabeth Dole with David Crabtree in Washington, D.C. Web only: Dole reflects on life after Senate

"What could be a better legacy than to save America and the world for freedom and democracy," she told WRAL News during the visit to the monument. "I want them to realize what a special group they are."

Dole said she doesn't miss the day-in, day-out work of the Senate, but she does miss her former colleagues and remains confident in their abilities.

"They've got a lot of challenges before them. It's a tough time, and so I pray they'll be able to come up with the right answers," she said.

The 2008 campaign was brutal, with attack ads fired from both her camp and that of Democratic challenger Kay Hagan.

A Dole ad questioning a political contribution to Hagan from noted atheist proved to be the most controversial, and most political observers agreed the ad backfired.

"That ad was quickly clarified with another as that unfolded," Dole said recently, reiterating her stance that the ad was never meant as a personal attack on Hagan.

"Truly, that was in no way intended to be hurtful. I certainly would not in any way want to bring any harm or hurt," she said.

Hagan cruised to victory amid strong Democratic Party wins nationwide.

A year later, Dole says she has moved on in her life beyond the Senate.

"As I look back at various positions that I've been in, each time I would get so involved in the next phase that there wasn't time to really look back and miss it," she said.


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  • rhoda_penmark Nov 4, 2009

    Hey Red,

    The "legislature" is in Raleigh and is the state legislative (lawmaking) body of North Carolina. Mrs. Dole was a United States Senator. United States Senators are elected to served 6 year terms in a big thing in Washington, DC that we call "Congress". There are two houses of this "Congress"; and we call them the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

    These are facts that folks learn in the sixth grade if they pay attention. I'm guessing you weren't one of those.

  • peyamb Nov 3, 2009

    I lobbied with an LGBT rights group (HRC) 2 years ago, and she never met with us. Every year she would just send out her reps. If you didn't vote for her or giver her money, you didn't exist. So much for representing ALL the people in her State. Oh wait, it never really was her state, now was it?

  • Red Nov 3, 2009

    Continues to server? Didn't she have the worst rate of voting in the entire legislature? If I 'succeeded' at the rate she did at doing her job, I'd be fired at the end of the week. And she wonders why she lost the election.