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Tedesco: Vote one more time

Posted October 29, 2009

— The race is not over.

That's the message from John Tedesco, a candidate running for the District 2 seat on the Wake County Board of Education.

"There's a lot of people who think the election is over," he said Thursday at a news conference in which he was endorsed by Garner Mayor Ronnie Williams and Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison. "You have to vote. You need to vote one more time"

Tedesco got 49 percent of the vote in the Oct. 6 election but needed to receive a majority to avoid a second election.

Contender Cathy Truitt, who received 24 percent of the vote, asked for a runoff election, then later rescinded her request when she dropped out of the race.

The state Board of Elections, however, decided 4-1 on Wednesday, that the runoff should continue. Voters will make the decision Nov. 3.

"We're not taking anything lightly. We've been knocking on doors all week and we will be knocking on doors until Tuesday morning," Tedesco said.

If Tedesco does not win, the seat will remain vacant and the school board will then be able to appoint someone to the position.

At stake in the race is the school system's student assignment policy that promotes socioeconomic diversity, where students are bussed to schools across the county to achieve a balanced makeup of students.

Tedesco and three other school board candidates have indicated they would be willing to change the policy in favor of neighborhood schools. One other sitting member of the board also supports a change.

Tedesco would give that faction a majority position on the nine-member board.

"We have a 4-4 board waiting on a tie-breaker," Tedesco said. "I think we know they would appoint somebody who would try to maintain the current policy against the will of Wake County voters who spoke loudly on Oct. 6."

Tedesco said Truitt agreed with him on the issue and that nearly 75 percent of voters in the district want to move away from the busing policy.

"We don't want that vote suppressed, and we don't want the will of those voters to be thwarted," he said.


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  • redbmw1 Oct 30, 2009

    That is an intelligent way to respond. Something my 10 year old would say. How about responding with facts and an answer to my questions. That was his plan as he stated to a group that he was speaking to at the time. If you have any real information or ideas then state them. Most of what I have heard is your undying loyalty to this candidate and shots at the others. I read his website and I don't see how anything he proposes changes the problems that exist in the schools in Garner. If you are stating for the record that Garner kids will go to Garner schools and kids from other places will not be bussed into Garner then that is what should be stated. Don't just throw shots at someone for having an opinion.

  • injameswetrust2003 Oct 30, 2009

    Let's just go ahead and get this "runoff" over with (Tedesco will win by a large margin) and get common sense back into the school board.

  • time4real Oct 30, 2009

    you're clueless.

  • redbmw1 Oct 30, 2009

    His response was to cut the county up into zones. Cary/Apex, North Raleigh/Wake Forest,and Garner/SE Raleigh and everything south. His agenda with his Cary backing is pretty clear.

  • time4real Oct 30, 2009

    John Tedesco has no agenda and he will be no pawn, but does support diversity without continuing the busing sham, which allows your kids to be bused anywhere the school board says. For many of us we're lucky and our kids don't ride a bus for 2 or 3 hours, but, wake up people, MANY do! John Tedesco is interested especially in helping all children and to listen to both sides of the issue and then to make the best choice for children, families and education. There are plenty of good things about our school system and thanks to 10+ years of personal agendas and wrong choices there are some things that have now been proven not to work or to be of benefit and they are wasting our tax dollars and we need that money for other areas in education!
    A vote for John Tedesco means your children can once again have a brighter future because he will be no pawn, he has no agenda and truly does care. If you don't think so contact him directly and ask!

    John Tedesco is the only choice Tuesday!

  • redbmw1 Oct 30, 2009

    I have to wonder why people are so convinced that a person who has only lived in the Garner area for 2 years, has no kids, and is heavily supported by Cary groups so qualified to serve on the board. Is he serving a purpose for others? He definately has some deep pockets if you see how quickly new signs went up. Where is his financing coming from? What is his real agenda and is our district being used for others gains?

  • NEinGarner Oct 30, 2009

    TaxMan - calling someone a "fool" and an "idiot" is not going to get anyone to back your cause. The only thing that should be homogenized is milk. Our children should go to school with children of other backgrounds so that they can grow up to be open-minded.

  • Tax Man Oct 29, 2009

    Please, everyone vote for TEDESCO!!! The NAACP and all the "Diversity" folks will be out trying to get Dr Truitt elected the "back way"! It is more important than ever to get out the vote for Tedesco so that the fools who oppose Parental Choice are not back in power! We must show them that these idiots can no longer run the schools and that Parents and Students have the power! Vote for Parents Rights/Student Rights and against a system that has failed for more than 40 years!

  • ako470 Oct 29, 2009

    How can you possibly say that "...Wake County voters who spoke loudly on Oct. 6" when only 11% of REGISTERED voters actually voted in that election and not even half of those voted for Tedesco. Are you serious?? That is NOT a mandate! Pay attention people.

  • OSX Oct 29, 2009

    I wonder how much this is costing us????