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Elections officials to seek help on Wake school board race

Posted October 23, 2009

— The Wake County Board of Elections is asking the State Board of Elections for guidance about whether it should stop a planned runoff election.

The decision came Friday after the board met to discuss the request from Cathy Truitt, who this week dropped out of the District 2 race for the Wake County Board of Education.

Will Wake school board runoff happen? Will Wake school board runoff happen?

She finished second to John Tedesco in the Oct. 6 election, in which Tedesco garnered just under 50 percent of the vote and Truitt got about 24 percent.

On Monday, she conceded the race to Tedesco, saying she didn't think she could win a runoff.

The Wake elections board, however, is proceeding with the runoff, which will cost taxpayers more than $30,000, because ballots have been printed and absentee and early voting have started.

State law doesn't cover instances where a candidate tries to withdraw a request for a runoff election.

If the runoff proceeds as scheduled and Truitt were to win, the seat would remain vacant, and the school board would appoint someone to fill it.


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  • colliedave Oct 23, 2009

    Look back many years to the Presidential election that Harry S Truman conceded late at night and went to bed, only to learn the next morning that he has WON. skeeter II

    bad comparison...Truman conceeded the night of the election not knowing the voytes were in his favor. the issue here is the trailing candidate conceeded the election **before** it was held. Also, the leading candidate lacked only 37 votes from winning the election outright

  • woodrowboyd2 Oct 23, 2009


  • Eduardo1 Oct 23, 2009

    Skeeter.HST may have conceded to Dewey, BUT, he did not withdraw his name. Which Ms Truitt has done. BIG DIFFERENCE.
    I do not care which way it ends up, but if this costly farce goes through, then you know that it is all political with the hope for Tedesco to lose. I am sure the decision makers are shaking in their boots, ready to be called RACISTS by Barber, NAACP head if they cancel the run-off. I do not think those who vote for Tedesco are racists, but LOCATION-LOCATION-LOCATION

  • atac001 Oct 23, 2009

    Do not waste more of our money over this dispute! Leave the kids in their own neighborhoods. They want to go to school with their friends and not have to sit on a bus for hours being shipped to and back from school. If families want their kids to go to a better school, then let them move to a better school district like the rest of us. If certain schools are falling behind, it is a problem with the school, teachers, and family of the children. Rise up and make those schools better! Rise up and take ownership for your children! Get rid of teachers that are not doing a good job. Stop sending this kids to other area's. It is not fair to the kids of either school system. We have money that is used foolishly that could be used to update computers, get more teachers and expand the schools. Instead we are repaving perfectly good roads, building new convention centers (when the old one was fine) and spending our money on other pointless projects!!

  • skeeter II Oct 23, 2009

    Conceding by a candidate has no effect once that candidate has requested a runoff.

    Look back many years to the Presidential election that Harry S Truman conceded late at night and went to bed, only to learn the next morning that he has WON.

  • Tax Man Oct 23, 2009

    This is not a racial issue at all - the woman has no chance of winning and realizes it. Just drop this matter from the election and give the gentleman his position on the board so they can get down to the business of stopping the busing, getting back to neighborhood schools, and allow parental choice in education!

  • TheAdmiral Oct 23, 2009

    The problem is that people don't see the facts for their own blindness:

    Most of the neighborhoods are multi-cultural with a very good blend. I went to several in the last few months and knocked on several doors and found that neighborhoods are not all black, all white, all mexican as the people who believe that busing is needed.

    They stereotype every single neighborhood by the blight that is seen, not the people who are there. If you ever go into a downtown Raleigh neighborhood like I have, you will see whites, Indians, Chinese, Blacks, Hispanics, etc. If you go into a neighborhood subdivision where the poor would call them rich you would see indians, whites, Chinese, Blacks, Hispanics.

    So if we want to talk race and neighborhood schools, lets talk factually. Because I have never seen anyone out in those neighborhoods but myself and a select few.

    If they had a neighborhood school, it would return the community pride and it would allow folks to take pride in their neighborhood.

  • leo-nc Oct 23, 2009

    "Prove me wrong if you don't think this is primarily a black and white issue."-----

    When it comes to this joker and the NAACP, you're exactly right. It is black and white. HOWEVER, for the people that voted for this new board, and who are in favor of neighborhood schools, it's NOT black and white. It's location.

  • leo-nc Oct 23, 2009

    "Fatchance: Black children are not the only minority group in the Wake County Public School System!"---Tawny

    Another worthless point made, thanks Tawny.

  • yankee1 Oct 23, 2009

    whatusay be very wary here! Without knowing a person's motivation, it's impossible to know if any deals were cut. Remember, we are dealing with a group who are supposedly interested in the well being of the kids, when evidence so far points to a greater interest in pushing their diversity agenda.I'm sure losing the way they did isn't sitting very well. Ms. Truitt cannot win! However if Mr. Tedesco doesn't get enough of the cast votes, as Ms. Truitt's name will still be on the ballot, then the position is considered vacant and the politicos can still get their way. That's why I say- beware the possible deals!!!