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Some Wake schools voters get to cast second ballot

Posted October 15, 2009
Updated October 19, 2009

Wake County Public School System

— A runoff election on Nov. 3 will decide who gets the District 2 seat on the Wake County Board of Education.

Official results of the Oct. 6 balloting show John Tedesco had just under 50 percent of the vote. His closest opponent, Cathy Truitt, had said she would request a runoff if Tedesco failed to carry a majority.

Tedesco, like the three candidates who won seats in last week’s election, was endorsed by community groups like WakeCARES and the Wake Schools Community Alliance. That slate said they were willing to change the district's student assignment policies to favor neighborhood schools.

Truitt has said she supports community schools, but also values diversity through magnet schools.

The results, certified Thursday by the Wake County Board of Elections, showed Tedesco with 3,255 votes, or 49.36 percent, and Truitt with 1,568.

Chris Malone won the District 1 seat on the school board, while Deborah Pickett won in District 7 and Debra Goldman took District 9.

In the weeks leading up to the election, the traditionally nonpartisan school board elections became a heated referendum on the district's policy in which students are assigned to schools not by geography, but based on socioeconomic factors.

The North Carolina Association of Educators and the local-business backed Friends of Diversity argued in favor of the status quo, saying reversing them would hurt the district's future.

Together with school board member Ron Margiotta, four new board members opposed to the diversity policy would give the neighborhood schools position a majority on the nine-person board.


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  • ezLikeSundayMorning Oct 16, 2009

    I like her position on neighborhood schools and using magnet schools to encourage diversity. If she gets all the diversity candidates votes she could win. It won't happen, but it could. I think the community schools voters would be too nervous that she's for any diversity.

  • Garnerwolf1 Oct 16, 2009

    I seriously doubt the outcome will change, but Tedesco is nothing but a pawn. Lot of talk, speaking to people's emotion's, but there's no substance, no legit plan of action. What are the people that scream 'neighborhood schools' going to say when they realize that means 50,000 + are going to have to be reassigned again? As with everything else, people only want what they want and to heck with what's best for the whole.

  • time4real Oct 16, 2009

    Ms. Truit has zero chance of winning, she wants to string her name out for all to see for another 2 weeks. then it will be over and once again Mr. Tedesco will crush her with more than double the votes!

  • Nope Oct 16, 2009

    The honorable thing for truitt to do would be to concede. She lost by 1687 votes and there would not be a runoff if Tedesco had gotten 21 more votes.

    Her ego is going to cost the taxpayers more than $30,000 for a runoff election that won't chang the outcome.

  • time4real Oct 15, 2009

    Truitt is a fake and only wants to act like she knows something. Tedesco beat her by more than double, so why is she bothering? Because she thinks that much of herself!