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Elections officials question lawmaker's expenses

Posted September 8, 2009

— The State Board of Elections has notified state Rep. Ty Harrell that it is auditing his campaign finances, and officials have asked the Wake County Democrat for more information about his expenses.

Because it is an off-year for campaigning by state lawmakers, most of their campaign reports show limited spending and fundraising.

The report Harrell filed last week for the first six months of this year shows 165 expenditures. Some include the notations "candidate obligation," "volunteer recruitment" or "donor cultivation" to explain the purpose of the expense.

Under state law, campaign money can be used only for campaign-related expenses. Money can't be spent for personal use.

The Board of Elections wants Harrell to provide documentation to clarify how his campaign money was spent and to demonstrate that it was for campaign purposes.

Harrell told WRAL News that the expenses are all legitimate. He said he was meeting with people over dinner or drinks to discuss his campaign and, in some cases, to talk about a possible run for higher office.

Harrell also said he has heard discussions of a possible House Ethics Committee investigation targeting him. He said that he feels confident his actions would be cleared by any such investigation.


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  • superman Sep 9, 2009

    I am sure he has done nothing wrong. He just hasnt done anything right!! Why do people try to lie their way out of things. Just tell the truth and go from there!

  • Space Mountain Sep 9, 2009

    I am sure he's not the only one that has done this. They all use campaign money for dinners, drinks and trips. He was just not smart enough to keep from being caught. The whole NC state government is shady. It is the worst thing about the state. We have a wonderful state, but the state politicians just keep bringing it down.

  • Here kitty kitty Sep 9, 2009

    If I were a politician, with all the suspicious activity and investigations going on, I don't think I'd try anything shady AT ALL. You are just being stupid if you do. Everyone should be under a microscope at this point. Why take a chance?

  • streetfightinman Sep 9, 2009

    corruption at it's finest, nc politics

  • Professor Sep 9, 2009

    Whatever! He is not the only one that has done this. Nothing new here.

  • lkanzig Sep 9, 2009

    i was saying that there are worse in nc politics

  • Karmageddon Sep 9, 2009

    He was a crook before they elected him.....did anyone expect him to change? Bring back Russel Capps!

  • winonedog Sep 9, 2009

    please, he has done nothing wrong. yet. ;)

  • lkanzig Sep 9, 2009

    gee imagine that!
    how about the rest of the crooks?

  • bngexpress Sep 9, 2009

    a truly news worthy story would be to find one , just one honest politician , now i would like to see that!