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Burr: Heated health care debate part of process

Posted August 11, 2009

— The public outcry over President Barack Obama's efforts to reform the nation's health care system is "the worst I've sever seen," U.S. Sen. Richard Burr said Tuesday.

The contentious debate has pushed the sluggish economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other issues to the side, Burr said, because health care "is personal. It impacts every American."

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr Web only: Burr says health care debate crucial

Burr said he doesn't support the Obama plan because he doesn't believe it provides enough for wellness, prevention and chronic diseases. He said the price tag for the reform also is too high.

"It's ludicrous to talk about how much new money we can put in instead of funneling money to bring down costs short, medium and long term," Burr said.

During Congress' summer recess, many members of the House and Senate have gone home to discuss the issue with their constituents. Some of the meetings have turned into shouting and shoving matches, and 13th District Congressman Brad Miller received a death threat.

Burr said he has no plans to hold his own town hall meeting on health care, but he said he understands what's driving the emotions seen at some meetings across the country.

"I think it's truly the passion of the people crying out, with their belief that this would be very detrimental to their long-term health care benefits," he said. "If you do the wrong thing on health care, our children will spend a lifetime trying to turn around and fix that mistake, and the health care doors that lock may never reopen if we do the wrong thing."

Even though the meetings have been heated, Burr said he thinks such widespread debate might lead to a bipartisan reform plan that Congress will pass.

"The country is reacting exactly like the founding fathers hoped it would with an issue of great importance – that the American people would engage and ultimately decide the outcome of legislation," he said.


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  • nxtlvl4me Aug 12, 2009

    “the proposed bill concentrates all power in the health care field in the hands of the government.” – shep8851 This is a lie. The bill offers an option for healthcare coverage along side the private healthcare options that will be available.

    It does not mandate people enroll in it, it does not slap special taxes, it does not ration care and it is not part of a national socialist or socialist document/agenda or what ever the heck you are getting at. All of these statements by you are lies.

    Also, I am not sitting in judgment of anyone. I am just pointing out that the information your are conveying regarding what the healthcare bill and what it proposes to address is a lie. You should follow Palin’s lead and spend ur time spouting off about Death Camps. All be it gallows humor, at least it is funny.

  • shep8851 Aug 12, 2009

    Is it?? Really now?? Lets see now--the proposed bill concentrates all power in the health care field in the hands of the government. It MANDATES that people enroll--whether they want to or not. It punishes people who do not enroll by slapping a special tax on them. It rations care--who gets what type and level of health care. Is that a lie?? It increases the size of government, and it takes way the freedom of the individual to choose. If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it has feathers and webbed feet like a duck--well, then, guess what--its a duck. Again--like I said--just who the hell are you to either sit in judgement of others, and who are you to believe that you have the absolute, final, correct answer?? Perhaps I should have said "national socialist" proposal instead of just "socialist".

  • nxtlvl4me Aug 12, 2009

    I am sure there was no spin or lies on your part in your reference to the “liberal socialist document created by the US Congress” shep8851

    BTY, calling the healthcare bill a “socialist” document is a lie to!

  • nxtlvl4me Aug 12, 2009

    Shep8851 Wish I had time to address the rest of your lies and spin you have expressed, but in picking your top comment pertaining to PG 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3 Govt provides apprvd list of end of life resources, guiding u in death”

    CMS will provide planning resources to discuss with your doctor about how you would like to be treated in your final days. There is no mandate for this sort of counseling. The only mandate is that Medicare must pay for the consultation between patients and practitioners to discuss plans for end-of-life care. These are important individual decisions that take time and consideration, and AARP supports inclusion of this planning provision.

    Your over the top lies and hurting everyone especially those hard working people who through no fault of their own are without any insurance and you should be ashamed!

  • shep8851 Aug 12, 2009

    For anyone interested: In the address bar of your computer--simply type in "HR3200"--it will bring up any number of copies of the proposed bill. Might be interesting to check out the following sections: Pg 425, lines 22-25, govt. provides an APPROVED (by guess who?) list of end of life resources. Pg 427, lines 15-24 Govt. MANDATES ( I.E. ORDERS) a program for orders for end of life. The govt. has a BIG say in HOW YOUR life ends.
    Pg 429 lines 1-9: an "Advanced Care Planning Consultant" will be used frequently as patients health tanks. Pg 429, lines
    10-12: Advanced care consultation MAY INCLUDE AN ORDER for end of life plans. An ORDER from the Govt. to end a human life. Pg 430, lines 11-15: The govt will decide what level of treatment you will have at the end of life. " All directly from the proposed bill--not made up, not a lie, not a fabrication--its for real.

  • mep Aug 12, 2009

    I'm waiting for the final bill to be drafted. But until then there are plenty of reasons to not only gripe about the current plan, but demand answers from our elected officials regarding specifics. Our govt has a long proven track record of mismanaging nearly every single program it gets itself into. And health care is far too important an issue to just let them do whatever it is they wish without first considering what it is then intend to do, how much will it cost, and how will it impact people personally. Frankly I do not trust the Democrats to pass this bill without debate.

  • nxtlvl4me Aug 12, 2009

    “How about that provision that PROHIBITS PRIVATE INSURERS from ENROLLING NEW MEMBERS after 2013????” - affirmativediversity

    Another lie on your part!

    That 2013 date pertains to when new private health care plans will be prohibited from denying you coverage due to a preexisting condition. NOTHING ELSE.

  • nxtlvl4me Aug 12, 2009

    Beachboater I might also ad that if you do not like what ever health insurance OPTION exist through the government, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE TO USE IT. Contrary to the other lies being spread around of late, there will be private insurance options gunning for your money.

  • nxtlvl4me Aug 12, 2009

    affirmativediversity – I do not have the time or the will to debunk every lie you and your associated choose to spew about the healthcare proposals! Just to respond to your top comment about end of life review panels, there is or will be no such thing!

    A provision in the House bill written by Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., would allow Medicare to pay doctors for voluntary counseling sessions that address end-of-life issues. The conversations between doctor and patient would include living wills, making a close relative or a trusted friend your health care proxy, learning about hospice as an option for the terminally ill, and information about pain medications for people suffering chronic discomfort.

    Will leave the rest for you to correct if you have the will to move beyond the republican fear mongering talking points and get to the facts.

    Beachboater, thanks for informing my that bush is no longer in office. Perhaps you should read my comments before commenting.

  • bngexpress Aug 12, 2009

    it's not just the health care issue that has people upset , it's the fact that our govt is giving our money away to everyone that has their hands out, except for the people that are paying into the system,we are tired of seeing the waste and corruption in govt, no our current health care system is not perfect BUT name one govt program that runs efficiently,without corruption.we are simply tired of seeing our money being given away.