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Rally against health care overhaul held in Raleigh

Posted August 9, 2009

— Hundreds of people rallied along Atlantic Avenue in Raleigh Saturday to protest Democratic health-care overhaul proposals that are backed by President Barack Obama.

The group Americans for Prosperity wrapped up a weeklong campaign called "Patients First."

Rally wraps up campaign against health overhaul Rally wraps up campaign against health overhaul

Organizers said they are fired up about the issue and want the government's hands off their health care.

"It is a frightening intrusion of government into a health care system that's working for most Americans," said protester Don Wilson, of Raleigh. "I believe there are reasonable steps that can be taken to improve it without a government take-over of the whole system."

Much of the health care debate centers on the public option, which would create a government-sponsored health insurance plan for people who cannot obtain other coverage. Obama backs the plan as a way to guarantee that every American has health insurance, but opponents say a government-run plan would increase bureaucracy and raise the costs of private insurers.

The president defended the plan in his weekend Web and radio address. He said overhauling the system is a key step for the country's economic future.

"The defenders of the status quo and political point-scorers in Washington are growing fiercer in their opposition," Obama said. "In recent days and weeks, some have been using misleading information to defeat what they know is the best chance of reform we have ever had."

Protesters at the Raleigh rally objected to that characterization.

Some held signs saying "I reported Obama for misinforming Americans" and "I am not a lobbyist: I am an American."


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  • Andiecat Aug 11, 2009

    I have three thoughts about this issue. 1. The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously. 2. The gargoyles have taken over the cathedral. 3. Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.

  • whatusay Aug 10, 2009

    MakoII...you are wrong on all counts. Government employee's insurance is paid by tax payers. If you believe Obama's plan is no different than the plan he is offering Americans you are in la.la. land. I feel like I am actually communicating with Obama when I read your comments. How can you make so many incompetent comments about something you know absolutely nothing about? Read the bill...read the bill...it is nothing like the health care Congress and Obama have.

  • MakoII Aug 10, 2009

    If ANY one thinks that under the new Health Care Proposals that they have NO Choice, or Limited Choice, or are being Forced to do anything, then they are being lied to.

    You have TOTAL CHOICE to stay on YOUR plan. Choose another plan that is private or non-profit, or public, which and what ever.

    How about listening to Obama's WORDS. How many times can a man say something and not be heard?

    If you listened to Obama as much as you read those emails and listen to talk radio and news punditry, you'd.. have.. the.. REAL.. anwers.. not.. a.. pack.. of.. lies!

  • MakoII Aug 10, 2009


    You won't pay for a government option. Those ON the Option will pay for their OWN health care. It's NOT A FREE PROGRAM.

    Obama IS creating a Government Option to be as good as HIS Health Insurance as President.

    Why doesn't HE go on it? Because he HAS a plan, and he can CHOOSE to STAY on that PLAN.

    Just.. like.. you... can...

  • whatusay Aug 10, 2009

    The present Obama care rules say: If you have health care from an employer you can keep it,until anything in that policy changes, then you have to take Obama care. If you have no insurance, you must pay for it anyway (socialism, to help share in the cost for others). If you have Obama care, you can't opt out and buy private insurance later, it is illegal. And please read and educate yourself before saying that any of this is not so. Obama wants a one payer health care system, he says so. That means driving private insurance companies out of business. Obama says it might take 15 years, but we will eventually get to a one payer system.

  • MakoII Aug 10, 2009


    Congress has: http://www.opm.gov/insure/health/

    The Federal Employees Health Benefit Service.

    Obama is on the SAME plan as a Federal Forestry worker.

    Because it has a pool of 8.5 Million employees and retirees, it's a very powerful pool that can get benefits most others can't.

    The point of Obama's "Government Option" is to mimic this large pool, thereby creating a powerful GROUP with which to negotiate costs and obtain competitive services from Health Care providers.

    It's a POOL. Power to the People.

    YOU might call it a Union. The same Union your job has when it negotiates Health Insurance.

    Currently IBM has a HUGE pool to negotiate with. Most people work in much smaller pools that are paying too much.

    This pool levels the playing field.

  • WRALwontdeletemyaccount Aug 10, 2009

    "I think people are just shocked we have a LEADER in the White House who is tirelessly working on America's Problems."

    Not true.

    They are concerned about a "leader" who is bankrupting our country with record deficits and leading us to Socialism.

  • whatusay Aug 10, 2009

    MakoII....I pay for my own health care now, but I don't want to pay the government for my health care. Why do you believe the government can run anything better than the private sector? Nothing the government does is efficient (cost wise, and I am not talking about the military). The more government gets into our lives the more freedoms we lose, don't you know that? And again, why isn't Obama and congress participating in this Obama care?

  • MakoII Aug 10, 2009

    I think people are just shocked we have a LEADER in the White House who is tirelessly working on America's Problems. Multi-tasking and targeted. Focused and thought-out. Inclusive and researched.

    But then again, there's a bunch of you chasing the ghosts of Welfare and VA Hospital yesteryear like they're still alive when reform happened over 15 years ago.

    Looking at our Hybrid system as IF there is STILL a debate on whether we should be Private or Government even though that debate was settled 80 years ago. Sorry, those people are dead. Time to get with YOUR time here on earth.

    Wondering if every new act of the President isn't Socialism and Nazi Fascist, even though they are incompatible and ignorant assertions.

    Using the same arguments (bad for business, socialism, etc) for each and every proposal regardless, so no thinking has to occur.

  • whatusay Aug 10, 2009

    Claytontarheel...how will Obama care make health care any "better", and any "cheaper". The government can't run anything efficiently and you want to turn over the nations health care system to them? Why? Obama wants a single payer system...that means 100% government controlled. Obama campaigned on that issue. Don't let his own words deceive you, he wants to drive all private insurance companies out of business. He wants control of your life.