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Perdue campaign pays for flights

Posted August 5, 2009

— Gov. Beverly Perdue's campaign committee has reimbursed private aircraft owners for flights provided to her during her gubernatorial campaign.

The move comes amid a federal investigation of former Gov. Mike Easley's travels, which included flights aboard planes owned by contributors.

Campaign laws forbid corporate donations to candidates and limit individual contributions to $4,000 per election cycle. The value of some flights provided to Perdue and Easley topped $4,000, while others could put individuals over the limit when combined with other donations.

Perdue's committee sent a letter to the State Board of Elections on Friday to notify officials that the campaign had paid for the flights. The letter said campaign officials discovered the flights during a comprehensive review of campaign finances this year.


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  • romex Aug 6, 2009

    she should be impeached for this

  • mep Aug 6, 2009

    I believe REAL campaign reform would not allow for "reimbursements" or paybacks for goods and services received from donors above the limits.... I believe the elected official should lose their job IMMEDIATLY! This would ensure that campaigns would be run fairly, and not allow the "victor" to just payback what was illegally used in the campaign. With so many people on staff for a political campaign, and with the fear of immediate termination, campaigns would follow the rules more closely. The entire campaign system is corrupt... just like the official we elect.

  • FE Aug 5, 2009

    My goodness - are the feds closing in on Bev?

  • time4real Aug 5, 2009

    what, during the campaign wher she avoided, no ran from, debates because she had no clue? I can't WAIT until they get the goods on her and take her away in handcuffs!