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Lawmakers to unveil budget deal

Posted August 3, 2009

— North Carolina lawmakers on Monday night will lay out the details of what they hope will be the final draft of a two-year budget, 34 days after a plan to run state government was supposed to be in place.

Money Details of budget deal to be released

The $19 billion spending plan would protect class sizes in some grades and preserve thousands of teaching jobs – at the cost of $990 million in new taxes. The state would also spend an additional $1 billion in federal stimulus funds.

More details – such as how many hundreds of state positions would be eliminated – were expected to be provided later Monday when the finalized budget  bill is released.

The first of two required votes on the final budget bill in each chamber could come as early as Tuesday. Gov. Bev Perdue will then be asked to sign the bill into law if it passes.

Seven weeks of negotiations among legislative leaders and Perdue swirled around the amount of new taxes and public school spending cuts.

The budget agreement, reached Friday, would hold the line on classes from kindergarten through sixth grade but would allow local school districts to possibly make cuts in grades 7 through 12. Schools could hire more teachers using use other pots of money, such as state money for textbooks.

The agreement includes a one-cent increase in the state sales tax, raising it to 7.75 cents in most counties.

It would impose a 2 to 3 percent surcharge on the income tax liability owed by individuals with a state taxable income of $60,000 or more and couples with a state taxable income of $100,000 or more. Those taxpayers would either owe more in April or get a smaller refund.

Consumers would also pay higher taxes on tobacco and alcohol, while the state would claim a bigger share of alcohol taxes, holding onto some money previously distributed to municipalities.

Other measures in the budget proposal include:

  • closing seven small or aging prisons, leaving open an eighth threatened with closure in Haywood County. Lawmakers said many correction officers would find work in nearby prisons.
  • closing the Samarkand Youth Development Center for female delinquents in Moore County but keeping open the Dobbs Youth Development Center in Lenoir County.
  • keeping in place a program that discounts university athletic and academic scholarships for out-of-state residents, with taxpayers picking up the difference.

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  • larieke Aug 3, 2009

    MakoII, you said, "I read too many Hispanic names in our national armed service graveyards to NOT recognize their sacrifice for US, not Mexico."

    Yes, and none are illegal aliens. All are DOCUMENTED, citizens or not.

  • larieke Aug 3, 2009

    MakoII, you said, "I was at a U.S. vs Mexico soccer party with legal and illegal immigrants and you know who they were routing for? The US! (Mexico killed us 5-0, but they weren't the regular teams anyway)"

    How does that work? Do they come up to you and say, "Hi, I'm an illegal immigrant, how are you?"

    Geez, you should get a job with ICE. Or are you....

  • MakoII Aug 3, 2009


    Well said.

    I'm more focused on the reality that people are here. They're kids are citizens, they've been educated by us, so we should USE their brains. They believe in America, but still identify with Hispanic culture. That's not anti-American any more than the annual Irish Day Parade is.

    But there WAS a time when the Irish were viewed as another race, a devil worshiping groups of drunk, fighting, disease-ridden, trashy people.

    And now they're HOT!

    It won't take Hispanics as long to make up the gap and make a difference.

    I read too many Hispanic names in our national armed service graveyards to NOT recognize their sacrifice for US, not Mexico.

    I was at a U.S. vs Mexico soccer party with legal and illegal immigrants and you know who they were routing for? The US! (Mexico killed us 5-0, but they weren't the regular teams anyway)

    These kids love this country, and would give their life for it. And many do. They're currently serving, BTW, and dying.

  • donnied1952 Aug 3, 2009

    Geez, hate to be the one to tell you, but I don't cheat, lie or steal. Never have, never will.

    Wish I could say the same for the political folks.

  • justly8997 Aug 3, 2009

    have as friends, admit they cheat on their taxes...I know a few too and I have started sending the names to the IRS...I'm tired of supporting them, I know one guy who just bought his daughter a thirty thousand dollar car

  • 5Rs Aug 3, 2009

    Actually, MakoII, Conservative vs Liberal would make you think we are two dimensional. I think both tend to be polarized and off-base most of the time. An example: when either gets in power, government grows. Another example: neither will really step up to the illegal problem. Another example: Both parties are corrupt. And both lie with impunity.

    If you believe in freedom and personal responsibility, you can't be a Liberal. And based on GWB, if you want responsible government you can't be a Conservative. Until we as citizens get our act together, define what we want and don't want, we will continue to get politicians more focused on their power than what is good for our country.

  • larieke Aug 3, 2009

    MakoII, you said, "North Carolina doesn't spend 9 thousand dollars per child. You're thinking of NY. NC is half that figure". I said, we spend $8,700 per student. In 2006-2007 it was $8,522. I guess we should believe what YOU say instead of the State Board of Education. Unless you don't pay any fed, local and state taxes. You can see the real numbers here:


  • MakoII Aug 3, 2009


    Most conservatives I know well, have as friends, admit they cheat on their taxes. It makes sense. They really HATE taxes more than most people. That is, it goes against their political makeup that somehow, somewhere, a minority might be getting their money.

    But then, not paying your taxes, is, oh, against the law. Buying online and not claiming it on your return is, against the law. Speeding is against the law. Giving alcohol to minors is against the law, yet Churches do it ALL the time. OK, that's technically legal, but it's ironic how in one context, something morally wrong, is morally right in another context.

    I'm sure YOU and not one on this forum never broke the law.

    The idea of someone walking across a river into America to work, when they couldn't find work in their country, because our country corn subsidized them out of a job, is just so reprehensible, it's just NOT the same thing as when WE break the law.

    "An enemy is an extension of your own shadow"

  • donnied1952 Aug 3, 2009

    Trust me MakoII, a lot of words for you have "NOT" got through....:))))))

  • donnied1952 Aug 3, 2009

    What's wrong with cursing....LOL....:)))))))))))
    If you have guns, I sure hope you know how to use them, too many of you accident prone anyhow.....:)))))))(such as remove clothes before swimming)......LOL>......
    Switzerland is an homestead for WWII germans, so naturally they have 100% gun ownership.