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Cooper won't run for U.S. Senate

Posted May 15, 2009

— Attorney General Roy Cooper told supporters Friday that he doesn't plan to run against U.S. Sen. Richard Burr in the 2010 election.

Democrats had seen Cooper as a strong candidate against Burr, and many party leaders asked him to consider running for the office.

"While I am honored by the encouragement I’ve received, I don’t want to go to Washington and serve as a U.S. Senator at this time," Cooper wrote in a message to supporters. "I am committed to public service, and I want to serve here in North Carolina rather than in Washington."

Cooper said he plans to continue working as attorney general for laws to help consumers dealing with bad loans, debt and foreclosure and to combat crime by targeting repeat offenders.

Since being elected in 2000, Cooper has been an outspoken advocate for consumer protection and has fought for more restrictions on sex offenders and online predators and tougher penalties for gang members. He gained national attention two years ago when he dropped charges against three Duke University lacrosse players who had been falsely accused of raping a dancer at a team party.

David Young, chairman of the state Democratic Party, said Democrats will field a "strong candidate" to challenge Burr.

"Whether opposing providing health care to the children of working families or equal pay for equal work for women, Richard Burr has failed North Carolina, and North Carolinians are tired of it," Young said in a statement.


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  • affirmativediversity May 15, 2009


    Now that you mention it...I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Elizabeth Dole for her service to our State.

    I have to admit I was somewhat ambivalent about her BUT I definitely appreciate her service now that we are stuck with Kay Hagan!

    Do you suppose a day will ever come when Kay Hagan will actually realize she was vote in by the people of North Carolina and not appointed by Obama/Emmanuel Inc.

  • Doctor Dataclerk May 15, 2009

    Liddy Dole has never lived in Kansas in her life. What is you..stupid?

  • mrduright May 15, 2009


    And where is liddy Dole now? back in Kansas, she wasn’t from here like all repubs a hypocrites. One down and one to go!!

  • Milkman May 15, 2009

    I don't know what, if any, skeletons Cooper has in his closet, but he seems like a good guy with the best interests of NC at heart. I think he would do well to convert some of these corruption investigations (that aren't federal) into convictions.

    As for Burr, who cares if he took money out of an ATM? This is horrible because? What if we find out Bev or Kay or Nancy did the same thing?

    And is Kay Hagan even in Washington? I've not heard a peep from her. We could use some better representation, per capita we didn't get more than our fair share of Obama Stimulus money, I thought good representation was all about getting more than your fair share.

  • gboy313 May 15, 2009

    What is the real reason? This is strange timeing.

  • jakegoad May 15, 2009

    I'm sorry to hear about this, Cooper was a strong candidate.

    According to Public Policy Polling Burr is under 50% support (a traditional sign of weakness for an incumbent just as Dole had going into the last election cycle) & that out of other potential contenders like Cunningham & Neal (who ran against Hagan last primary), Neal fairs a little better.

    Here are some related groups of interest for any fellow facebook users out there:

    Burr Free NC 2010

    Draft Jim Neal for U.S. Senate 2010

    With national media attention for the bank run incident & on holding up a celebrated Iraq War veteran’s nomination in the veterans affairs dept, I think people see there’s room for improvement in NC’s representation.


  • alphabaker May 15, 2009

    what ? ""This is a shame because Cooper is a good good man, not being afraid to go after corruption, even when it's at or near the top.""" so why hasn't he indicted Easly yet for all the money, trips, land and jobs that he took !

  • Adelinthe May 15, 2009

    This is a shame because Cooper is a good good man, not being afraid to go after corruption, even when it's at or near the top.

    It's definitely Washington's loss, but is, in the long run, NC's gain so long as Cooper stays in politics with us here.

    God bless.


  • Hip-Shot May 15, 2009

    If elected, he would be just what we need: another Democrat in office, just like we need another hole in our heads. The democrats we put in office distanced themselves from gun-control to get elected, but go look at the ammunition shelves at Wal-Mart or a sporting goods store.Better yet, if you manage to find any, or any reloading components, look at the price: everything has doubled.

  • mochabrown May 15, 2009

    Well, well....make one go "hum".