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Poll: N.C. residents back federal stimulus

Posted February 27, 2009

Printing money

— The majority of North Carolina residents support the massive federal economic stimulus package President Barack Obama signed into law last week, according to a poll released Friday.

The Elon University Poll found 51.7 percent of respondent backing the $787 billion stimulus effort, with 38.8 percent opposed to it. Fifty-four percent said they believe the stimulus will boost the economy, while 30.4 percent said they believe it will hurt.

Elon surveyed 758 residents between Sunday and Thursday, and the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points.

Nearly three in four respondents rated the economy or jobs and unemployment as the most pressing issue facing North Carolina, and more than 40 percent said they thought both the national and state economies would get worse this year. Less than a third said they thought the recession would improve this year.

Fifty-five percent of those polled said they approve of Obama's handling of the economy so far, while almost a third said they disapproved of his economic moves.

Obama received higher marks in the poll than Congress got. Forty-five percent said they trusted the president the most with the economy, compared with 20.9 percent for congressional Republicans and 9.7 percent for congressional Democrats.

“While North Carolinians are pessimistic about the economy, they are pinning their hopes on President Obama to lead them through this crisis,” Hunter Bacot, director of the Elon University Poll, said in a statement.

As for the state budget, respondents favored raising taxes on cigarettes and alcohol to help erase a projected $2 billion budget deficit. Large majorities opposed any increase to income, sales and gas taxes.

Large majorities of those polled said they don't want lawmakers to cut education spending – both in public schools and higher education – or spending on public safety. Most said they would support cuts to parks, recreation and cultural services.


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  • Travised Feb 27, 2009

    Here is a blog that had some coverage last year, it was posted again and I caught it for the first time about our President.


    Check Pat's post from a few days ago about the tax plan on us and companies (quoting from government documents for the numbers). It makes you want to tighten your wallet like a frog in water.

    For a number base of 8 million you would want a good 2000 people to try and draw numbers per population. 4000 would be better but nearly impossible to do in the time allotted. Larger numbers gives you a better base of the public.

    I worked poll surveys and opinion calls in the past; hangups were the norm; however the larger the base the more you had to call back and get direct opinions and statements from if the customer wanted it.

  • all4beachtime Feb 27, 2009

    You have got to be kidding me!!! First of all, this plan is just asinine. All it will do is delay what is coming. And for all you anti- Bush supporters - as I recall Congress pretty much passes our laws which has been Democrat for the last how many years??? It's about time blame is put where blame belongs - you can't keep giving everything away without SOMEBODY having to pay for it. Give me a break!

  • koolady Feb 27, 2009

    Wonder what the dumb folks of NC will think next year when inflation hits double digit.

  • noone424 Feb 27, 2009

    You have to be kidding me! Out of all of my friends, family, and co-workers, there are maybe 2 people that I know of who support the "spending bill". Who does these polls? I can't recall one single time I have ever been asked to contribute to a poll of any kind. Seems like a bunch of BS to me. I think that most people are not happy with this bill and now the media is doing what it can to back up their newly appointed savior.

  • PaulRevere Feb 27, 2009

    Poll: Most WRAL readers know that headline is misleading at best, propaganda at worst.

  • etshoney Feb 27, 2009

    That's because most of the people polled came from the North Carolina School system. Those of us who had an education up north have seen the results of this kind "give-away". It won't work and for those who think they will get a free house or car I have a bridge in New York that is up for sale and I will be happy to take your deposit!

  • ewliberty Feb 27, 2009

    geez loise, I guess it is all the little children that sends in thier lunch money for donations like they did in oct/2008 for obomas unknown conributions that will keep the chritable organzation going strong

  • groovyguru Feb 27, 2009

    "I have pointed out before that the "poll" only includes those that have a "land line" telepone and does not include those that only have a cell phone!"

    And who are at home during the day while the rest of us are hard at work trying to provide for ourselves.

  • OLD PIRATE 2 Feb 27, 2009

    Just goes to prove you can give anything away. This is a dumb pole and like so many that have fallen in lock step with this plan, you will pay for it later. Remember Jimmy Carter and 15% interest on homes, 20% on cars...And Carter couldn't touch the thieves that are involved in the hugh bail out...As I watched the President today, I see he is beginning to show the stain of the job. I wish him well.

  • original intent Feb 27, 2009

    fox..You are correct...the Road to Hades is paved with good intentions...