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Bills address animals, crimes against pregnant women

Posted January 29, 2009

— Proposed bills in the North Carolina legislature focus on protecting animals in shelters and pregnant women.

The animal bill would outlaw the use of carbon monoxide or other types of gas chambers when euthanizing animals. It also clarifies what types of drugs can be used for the procedure.

Animal advocates have long claimed that gassing animals is inhumane.

Another bill filed in the state senate would increase the penalty for anyone who commits a crime against a pregnant woman.

If a woman is past her 20th week of pregnancy, officers could file an additional felony charge against a suspect.


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  • littlegramma Jan 29, 2009

    How sad these comments are all about animals and no one seems the least bit concerned about crimes against pregnant women! What's wrong with this picture! ANy crime that hurts a pregnant women and/or unborn child should get the max, especially if the baby is killed! Bring back, and USE the death penalty!

  • fundybasher Jan 29, 2009

    From the NC Coalition on Humane Euthanasia:
    "Witnesses have seen animals struggling and wailing for up to ten minutes before death in gas chambers, some biting themselves and each other in panic, beating their heads against the chamber walls, choking and vomiting. Groups of up to 25 animals are gassed together. Inhalent gases are not approved for euthanasia of baby animals, for very old, sick or pregnant animals, since they may not inhale enough gas to die. Yet in North Carolina, they are often gassed together. Some will not die the first time."

    This needs to stop. The preferred method is an injection of sodium pentobarbital. I've seen this used x3 on beloved pets that had to be euthanized, and from what I could tell, it was painless, and instant.

    Animals deserve no less.

  • Worland Jan 29, 2009

    I must be missing something... carbon-monoxide poisoning is painless. You just go asleep and never wake up. I must be missing the part where that's inhumane.

  • cocker_mom Jan 29, 2009

    Please provide some further details on the bills so that people that want to see change can contact their appropriate legislators. In the 10 questions segment with Steve Troxler - he danced around the euthanasia issues and pawned it off on t he counties and other municipalities to get rid of the gas chambers. I'd rather this be done at a state level, thanks.