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Perdue orders 7 percent budget cuts

Posted January 15, 2009
Updated March 10, 2009

— Gov. Beverly Perdue on Thursday told state agencies to cut spending by 7 percent to help counteract a growing deficit in the state budget.

“The global recession has forced our state to make tough financial decisions,” Perdue said in a statement. “North Carolina has earned a reputation for managing our money wisely, and I will continue our state’s practice of sound fiscal management. I will meet my constitutional obligation to balance the budget, and I will meet it responsibly.”

Fiscal analysts said this week that the deficit had grown from earlier forecasts and would likely hit $2 billion this fiscal year. The current state budget runs through June 30.

Former Gov. Mike Easley last fall ordered agencies to cut their budgets by 2 percent and later increased the demand to up to 5 percent. Public schools, Medicaid and a few other programs are exempt from the cuts.

In addition to the 7 percent cuts, Perdue implemented a state government hiring freeze, banned travel and training and stopped the purchase of all goods and services aside from routine supplies and equipment and classroom instructional materials.

Pay-as-you-go appropriations for capital improvements and repair and renovation projects also were placed on hold.

Perdue visited Capitol Hill on Wednesday to ask members of the state's congressional delegation and President-elect Barack Obama's incoming administration for federal help with the deficit.


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  • noentitlements Jan 16, 2009

    killerkestrel - have you ever had to manage a zero-based budget?

  • renaizzanceman Jan 16, 2009

    veronicaoped you must have voted for Bev. Tell you what, when I can't pay my bills because of your support of this crook, can I come live with you?

  • nobama Jan 16, 2009

    She should have asked for a 10% cut.

  • IMONC Jan 16, 2009

    This really ticks me off!!! Another reason why I would have never voted for her in the first place. Let's all not forget to mention that she is using thousands of $$$ to renovate the Gov's mansion in Raleigh and is currently staying across the street. These political idiots we have in office, and keep re-electing the best of the two (not much choices), are killing not only the economy but putting money in their pockets. The only solution is to leave NC and find a place somewhere else.

  • gordonbabe Jan 16, 2009

    What's funny... as for the illegals; some hospitals can't turn patients away; even though you know they're not going to pay. The few legals that do have enough insurance to cover their costs are getting billed outrageously just to try and cover some of the costs that other insurances/medicaid/car acc won't pay.

    I don't see any fewer patients in the hospitals. Cut out the free rides. NORTH CAROLINA'S resources are exactly that; they belong to the state and it's LEGAL residents. I agree with what someone said earlier; service the legals first... if there's something left over... take a number.

  • streetfightinman Jan 16, 2009

    Start with mary easleys salary, then all politicians
    in our legislature, about a 15% decrease in there salaries
    would be great. lol

  • streetfightinman Jan 16, 2009

    You people that voted for her don't complain, 4 more years
    of political dem crookery.

  • maydaymanny Jan 16, 2009

    I think much more than 7% could be cut...have no problem with it whatsoever. Our office uses far too much paper, supplies, snail mail when it is not needed. Older employees are afriad to use email and technology to save money. In addition, I see many state employees sitting around for hours each day. We can deal with it. Go Bev!

  • Garnerwolf1 Jan 16, 2009

    Taxes will have to go up (look out service industry). But please folks, while Bev can ask/whine/plead, that issue is up to the Legislature. At least complain about the appropriate branch of govt.

  • JohnB2012 Jan 16, 2009

    Free or reduced school lunches need to be eliminated or cut back. Think about it. If I take me family to McDonalds tonight and tell the clerk that I don't make a lot of money so can my kids get their food at a reduced rate? Do ya think I'd get it? The schools push this program because they make a profit. How many children of illegal aliens are enrolled in this program? How many of the children are illegal aliens themselves?