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Wake schools asked to cut $5.7M

Posted December 1, 2008

School Funding (Generic)

— Cutting local funding for Wake County schools was the first order of business Monday for the new Board of Commissioners.

Democrats now hold a 4-3 majority on the board, which observers say should lead to an improved relationship with the Board of Education and school district officials. Relations between the two groups have often been strained in recent years by money and student assignment issues.

But the commissioners face a projected $17 million budget deficit in the struggling economy, so they asked the district to cut its budget by $5.7 million.

The school board is expected to discuss the request at its Tuesday meeting.

Superintendent Del Burns asked the commissioners for fiscal leniency, noting the district already has had to give back about $5.5 million in state funding because of a growing state budget deficit.

County officials said they would work with the district, but noted that tough decisions need to be made to balance the budget. County departments have already been asked to look for ways to cut 4 percent this year and 10 percent next year.

"It's a tough situation, but I'm a tough guy," said Commissioner Harold Webb, the new chairman of the Board of Commissioners.

Despite past bickering, commissioners said Monday they would look past partisan divisions to work more closely with the school district.

"Most of the services that a county provides are basic life necessities – education, (police) protection, fire, EMS. Those types of services don't depend on Democrats or Republicans," Commissioner Tony Gurley said.


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  • cartman Dec 2, 2008

    If they announced a program to identify illegals in the schools and send them home, how many seats would that open up, and how much money would be saved. My guess, millions!

  • foetine Dec 2, 2008

    You people aren't buying enough lottery tickets. scratch so the kids can win!

  • NeverSurrender Dec 2, 2008

    "Let's see what gets cut! Probably some things that are needed on a daily basis."


    I can guarantee you what will be cut will be the items that don't contribute to the NCLB-induced core mission of "mediocrity for all".

    Special ed programmes are already on the block and you can probably add programmes for gifted students to them. Lord knows they're already mainstreaming kids who shouldn't be and boring the bright kids to tears with their Mickey Mouse curriculum and catering to the illegal population.

    It's all about feeding kids the standardised tests and hoping enough of them pass to keep the NCLB enforcers from shutting the school. These people are frightened for their jobs and are strictly in survival mode. *ANYTHING* that doesn't help the kids pass those lame tests is fair game except the holy grail of F&R gerrymandering through busing...errr...diversity.

    The sad thing is that the curriculum isn't preparing the kids to survive in the real world.

  • djcnty8 Dec 2, 2008

    Let's see what gets cut! Probably some things that are needed on a daily basis.

    My suggestion for cuts and probably not going to be a favorable one. Extend the school day an hour each day. Go to school Monday through Thursday only. Give the kids 3 day weekends. Savings: A days worth of fuel cost when you do not have to run the buses.

    Second thing needed is to add additional funding raising for after school activities to assist with paying for transportation.

  • DontLikeTheSocialistObama Dec 2, 2008

    The secret is to quit wasting money on socio-economic based busing.

    Stop forced busing for socio-economic reasons. Send kids to the school closest to them. Quit sending kids all of over Wake County wasting a fortune on diesel fuel.

    This will save more than what Wake County wants back from the school board.

    This will give the school board a surplus that it can spend on class room education actually helping the students learn.

  • trmcauley1 Dec 2, 2008

    floseh.... I agree with you. Let's take a stand and demand that we the tax-payers have some sound info. as to what is being done with the lottery. Where do we start? I'll be the first to sign on.

  • Space Mountain Dec 2, 2008

    They need to stop all new road construction before doing this. That would save a lot of money. Maybe it will actually force the powers that be to look into a real mass transit system for the county that works. Also, no money on art projects or for construction that makes things look good. If it's not falling down, don't spend money trying to improve it. They need to redo the whole school system, too, and have city and county school districts again. The government wastes so much money.

  • Titus Pullo Dec 2, 2008

    OMG! the sky is falling !!!

  • dang_skippy Dec 2, 2008

    Pretty simple really:
    1. English only in schools.
    2. You go to the neighborhood school. If you are an outlyer you can ride the bus in from there to the neighborhood school.
    3. Require ALL subdivisions to have sidewalks and any Subdivision that is being built new is required to build a school and park for that area.
    4. Use school registration to validate legalized immigrants, round up the illegals and send them home.

  • JAFOinWF Dec 2, 2008

    I can solve the problems but that's only because I'm not a bureaucrat. You have to have common sense to fix things like this and our gov't sure does not. 1.) stop busing all over the place 2.) stop catering to the illegals. Make them learn English. 3.) Talk to Bev Purdue about where the lottery $'s are because she is the one who passed that klunker at midnight.