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Perdue opens 'suggestion box'

Posted November 12, 2008

— Governor-elect Beverly Perdue said Wednesday she has created an online “suggestion box” for North Carolina residents to provide ideas and feedback as she develops her administration.

“During this transition period, I believe it’s important for citizens to be engaged in their government and to have input. This is a way for them to do that,” Perdue said in a statement.

Perdue, who will be sworn in on Jan. 10 as the state's first female governor, has vowed to transform the way state government operates.


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  • Garnerwolf1 Nov 12, 2008

    While I admit she was slinging dirt, and for the record, I voted for McCrory, he didn't even win Meck. Co. Smear or no, if you can't even win your home district, that says something.

  • homeimprovement Nov 12, 2008

    Here's a suggestion: Keep your hands out of my wallet

  • Hevans1012 Nov 12, 2008

    I don't think that comment box is big enough for what I want to say.

  • BadDayforButch Nov 12, 2008

    how about apologize to McCrory for the smear campaign you ran against him full of outright lies

  • m0nky Nov 12, 2008

    how about "don't make me move just because you think the best way to fix dot is to decentralize it."

    the problem isn't with lower level employees. the problem is at the top of the chain.

  • picsatexhibition Nov 12, 2008

    Here's a suggestion, change the North Carolina ballots to not include the straight ticket and do not show republican and democrat party, but rather who is the incumbent. That way voters will have to be informed about who they want to vote for. When you know who is currently doing the job, you can determine if they are doing a great job and re-elect them. If they aren't doing well, vote for the other individual. Some people will vote for someone doing a horrible job simply because of their political party. That is how Bev got the governor job.