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Polling locations prepare for voters

Posted November 3, 2008
Updated October 20, 2011

— Final preparations were under way for an Election Day that may bring out more than two million voters in the state, state officials said.

In Wake County there are about 175,000 more voters than in the 2004 election. To accommodate the surge in voters, the county has added 25 more polling places.

Wake County Board of Elections deputy director Gary Sims expects the county’s 198 polling places to be busy.

“I am just thinking 200,000 people tomorrow,” Sims said Monday.

Workers filled the county election office with some focusing on questions from voters and others stamping voter registrations that didn’t make it in time for this year’s deadline.

Officials said the biggest goal is maintaining the integrity of the election. They will be keeping an eye on all voting equipment and ballots until they are ready to be used.

At one Wake County precinct, 17 volunteers were helping to organize tables, signs and voting booths.

Precinct chief judge Geneva Holder said she had been “gearing up for days.”


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  • muttley - back by popular demand Nov 4, 2008


    you are right... the $5000 will be gone in no time.... obama's healthcare will be FREE FREE FREE!!!! Finally, someone in the white house who cares for the little people!!! Barney Frank plans to cut defense spending by 25%, this should be a good start in raising the money for free healthcare.

  • blessutoo Nov 4, 2008

    Tidbit...Your overtones lead me to believe that you're a Mccain supporter. How about his healthcare? He wants to pay 5000.00 for every American w/o healthcare but to only 1 company. Question 1-Why only one company? Because this would be a staunt supporter of McCain. Question 2- Five thousand dollars as we know is not going to support healthcare but for a short period of time, so what happens after that? You've just given $???????.00 of dollars (tax dollars) to a supporter of Mccain. Reason I say that we'd be giving money away is if they could afford healthcare in the first place they'd not need the 5000.00.

  • muttley - back by popular demand Nov 4, 2008

    An FBI expert recently stated that Obama could not get security clearance, due to his past experiences with 5-6 radicals. Can you imagine the looks on peoples faces when he is elected president and has access to everything!!! HAHAHA. Talk radio, your neck will be on the chopping block when obama re-implements the Fairness Doctine. Say goodbye to Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin. etc. When Obama becomes president he will not put up with their vile hatred. Just look at what the Obama campaign did to Joes the plumber... dont mess with Obama!!

  • Bendal1 Nov 4, 2008

    Remember people, DO NOT LEAVE the polling station if there's a problem with your ballot. There are reports that some ballots are wet and the optical readers are not accepting them. If this happens to you, DO NOT LEAVE. DEMAND a new ballot and stay there until you get it and it is accepted by the machine.

    Also, if you are late getting to your polling station, even if you are in line at 7:30 YOU ARE ENTITLED TO VOTE. You must be in line by that time, but everyone in line waiting to vote MUST be allowed to vote if they are there before 7:30.

    Now get out there and express your choice for political offices, people!

  • Tidbit Nov 4, 2008

    OH yeah - and FREE Healthcare? It is not Free!!! My God- can you please learn. It's not free when people have to pay higher taxes to pay for it.

  • Tidbit Nov 4, 2008

    And on the note from Thandiwe commentary - 1st - If your going to offer transportation to help people to vote if they can't get there, shouldn't be for anyone? Not ONLY Obama supporters? That's kind of lame don't you think?

    Also, If Obama really wanted to "Change" things and make a difference - to judge the character of a person - I'd ask - why couldn't he help take care of his own family? You know - Aunt living in the slums - half brother living on $1.00 a day?

    If you can't/ won't take care of your own family while making millions off your life story - how can you take care of millions and millions of strangers

  • blessutoo Nov 4, 2008

    The only way we will not get to see what Obama can do is if the "cheating" continues. Raleigh, NC makes national news. Polls don't have ballots- Barwell Road and Ebenezer Church Road. Please wait for the Republican Sheriff to deliver the ballots.

  • Tidbit Nov 4, 2008

    So I've voted - I was at the polling place at 5:45am. Already there were about 150+ people there before me. The polls opened at 6:30am. But the actual ballots were not delivered until 7:15am.

  • shepherd Nov 4, 2008

    yeah, obama will be extraordinary alright... just wait until his cap and trade plan kick in.... much higher electric rates nationwide.

    Not so extraordinary for 1 or 2 of my employees... I run a tight margin but if Obama's plan stays true they will have to go. I bet they wont think obama is extraordinary when they get their walking papers.

  • muttley - back by popular demand Nov 4, 2008


    "From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs"-karl marx