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Palin: Obama tax plan would leave 'dreams dashed'

Posted November 1, 2008
Updated November 2, 2008

— Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said Saturday that Barack Obama's tax plan will dash the dreams of Americans and their children as she urged voters in this surprise swing state to vote against such a change.

Palin said Obama's plans show that he has an "ideological commitment to higher taxes."

"If you believe America is still the land of possibilities and if you don't want your dreams dashed and your children's dreams dashed by the Obama tax increase, then, North Carolina, we're asking for your votes," Palin told the rowdy crowd of about 10,000 at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh. "Can we count on your vote on Nov. 4?"

An overflow crowd of approximately 2,000 people were unable to get into Palin's rally, N.C. Republican Party spokesman Brent Woodcox said late Saturday.

The Alaska governor said Obama's "phony" tax plan has been repeatedly revised downward – as surrogates have at times offered different benchmarks for the middle class, including New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson's remark this week that it would end at $120,000. Palin said Obama's tax ideas were beginning to unravel.

"It would decimate many small business," she said.

While twice touting gun rights, Palin spent much of her speech focusing on Obama's tax ideas as supporters held up signs referring to "Joe the Plumber" – the Ohio workman who has become a campaign theme for McCain after he questioned Obama on his tax plan.

"This is the worst possible time to even consider raising taxes," she said.

Palin's trip to Raleigh was her fourth trip to North Carolina in a month as she tries to pitch her folksy style to a state that hasn't voted for a Democrat since 1976. Early voting here ended Saturday but has widely favored Obama. An Associated Press-GfK poll released this week shows the race a tossup.

In a state where Democrats are more conservative than their national counterparts, she raised the specter of a federal government controlled by Democrats. The crowd booed as Palin discussed the possibility of Obama leading the nation with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

"It's the far-left wing of the Democratic party that is preparing to take over your entire federal government," Palin said.

Earlier in the day, Palin assured elderly voters that McCain would protect Social Security and Medicare benefits and accused his Democratic rival of stoking fear and worry about the entitlement programs.

"Barack Obama goes around promising a new kind of politics, then he comes here to Florida and tries to exploit the fears and worries about Social Security and Medicare for retirees, and that's the oldest and cheapest kind of politics there is," she said.

McCain has said "nothing's off the table" when it comes to ensuring the existence of Social Security, a position that apparently could include allowing for private accounts.

Obama has said he would raise payroll taxes on the wealthiest workers by applying it to the portion of income over $250,000. Now, payroll tax is applied to income up to $102,000. Obama has ruled out raising the retirement age for benefits.

North Carolina spokesman for the Obama-Biden campaign, Paul Cox, said Palin’s remarks were “misleading.”

“Sen. Obama has made clear that he will increase our ground troops and our investments in the finest fighting force the world. He offers a tax plan that supports small businesses and the middle class, with a tax cut for 95 percent of working families and help for small businesses to provide health insurance for their workers,” Cox said.

Obama returns to North Carolina for the eighth time on Monday. He will appear at a rally at the Hayes Recreation Fields at the University of North Carolina – Charlotte.

Doors open at 3 p.m. and the program begins at 5:30 p.m.

The event is free and open to the public, tickets are not required. Members of the public are encouraged to RSVP at the campaign’s Web site.

Obama was represented on Saturday in Raleigh by comedian Chris Rock, who spoke at a rally at Shaw University.

“Get your grandmother, your grandfather, your sick uncle, anybody with an arm, get them to get out there and vote for Mr. Obama,” Rock said.


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  • saltnsanddefenderofdamiddleclass Nov 3, 2008

    This election has been great for our country. Why? The libs finally admitted that they're main cause is wealth redistribution. In friendly debates over the years the subject was always avoided but now it's in the light. If you don't like wealth redistribution then you're greedy or selfish. Funny thing is that if you suggest a wealth tax instead of an income tax they don't much like that either so they're not really after the rich. Nope not at all. The really rich don't live off of earned income. So who are they really after? Someone doing just better than them. That's right, the business owner that's doing good. You business owners, they're coming for you and they want you to hurt. Matter of fact, they hate you. Proof? Look at the people making the laws, if you think they are going to give up what's in their pocket think again. Think you're not hated? Closely examine how "joe the plumber" was treated/investigated. So congrats to obama for honestly answering joe's question

  • news4u Nov 3, 2008

    Amen uncgal28!

    The further this country gets away from God the worse things will get - but at least we'll be gone the worst comes.

    Just look at the news everyday.

    The writing is on the wall.

  • carolinagal78 Nov 3, 2008

    commonsense4-please use common sense before responding to me. No where did I say that Obama is evil and McCain is all good. If you read my comments then you will see that I said that I'm for McCain because I feel he's got more experience and because of his stance on issues that are close to my heart. For instance Obama supports abortions and civil unions for gays. I don't judge anyone for how they choose to live their lives but I don't have to agree w/it. This is based on my relationship w/ God. Also, have you noticed how the Ten Commandments are listed in the courts and how In God We Trust is printed on all US currency? Why do you think that is? Because those are some of the principles that this nation was founded on. We have turned our backs on it and we will feel the wrath of God because of it. God already knows whats going to happen he just wants to see who is going to trust and follow him. Yes, I still vote and believe that every vote counts.

  • carolinagal78 Nov 3, 2008

    milesnicole. I'm sorry that you still think that Palin is running for President. Maybe you should get your facts straight. McCain is running for President not Palin. McCain is more qualified than Obama (in my opinion anyway). He certainly has more experience. Palin was chosen by McCain as his running mate for the *Vice* President. Just as Biden was chosen as Obama's running mate for VP. You brought the race issue up. Not me. So typicalto try to act like that's not what you meant when you start saying Obama is more qualified than Palin. Well it's not Palin vs Obama. It's McCain vs Obama. You can't compare apples to oranges. Sorry!

  • MarcoPolo Nov 3, 2008

    Posting #304 (300 postings were deemed not suitable by WRAL's censorship squadron and their new Fairness Doctrine upon which the other side can't have a view).....

    Gunny- Arrrrrrgh. Help me......pleeeeeeeasssse. Can't breathe......WRAL won't let me breathe...........help.

  • gunny462 Nov 3, 2008

    "It's tough getting anything pro mccain past the moderators.

    Not true Marco!

    McCain/Palin 08 FTW!!

  • gunny462 Nov 3, 2008

    "He has "led" more Americans to the poles than ever before."

    Using Acorn he has disgraced the U.S

    "He has raised more money and drawn larger crowds and inspired more young voters than ever before."

    Using ILLEGALLY obtained donations and lying to our children is just?

    "He has a history as a grassroots community organizater, been President of the Harvard review and done pro bono legal work for lower income families."

    While making great friends with killers (Ayers) and terrorists and being the Senator to receive the highest 'kick backs' from Acorn and Fannie Mae.

  • gunny462 Nov 3, 2008

    "She grasps for straws on simple questions like" What do you think the role of the VP is" and reduces our national and international energy needs to a mindless "Drill Baby Drill" chant. Thinkb4uspeak"

    Uhh, You're definitely confusing her with Sen Biden, as HE got the answer WRONG.

    Obama STATED today, Coal companies who did follow his decrees would be fined out of existence!

    Simple: Walks like a duck, Looks like a duck, speaks like a duck, must be a Dem plant in the posts. QUACK

  • gunny462 Nov 3, 2008

    "McCain/Palin/Republicans WANT TO TAX THE MIDDLE CLASS!! To CONSERVE the fortunes of the very very wealthy! McCain will be asking the retired military to pay income tax on their health care! rushbot"

    OMG lol This HAS to be the biggest LIES today. McCain has stated "freeze taxes for one year" Unlike Obama who will TAX YOUR BOSS. Dems are going to REDUCE military spending by 25% has SOON AS Obama wins (btw this bill was introduced by Barney Franks, yup the guy who gave us Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac). This means OUR TROOPS WILL DIE for lack of equipment and replacement parts(sound familiar?). If you notice not ONE fact is included in rushbots amazingly ignorant statement.

  • MarcoPolo Nov 3, 2008

    It's tough getting anything pro mccain past the moderators.