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Negative ads fill airwaves in last days of campaign

Posted October 31, 2008

— Most polls show the race for North Carolina governor could go either way, and with time running out before Tuesday's election, the candidates are sniping at each other rather than focusing on issues like the economy or education.

Democratic Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue and Republican Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory are waging a media war amid their campaign appearances.

Perdue keeps hammering away with TV and radio ads that claim McCrory supports shipping in trash. McCrory has demanded she and radio stations drop misleading commercials.

"She's willing to say and do anything to keep power," McCrory said. "She's obviously running negative ads, and what's worse, they're inaccurate and false ads. We ask that this ad be removed from the airwaves immediately."

Perdue stands by the contrast ads.

"I've never been positive on the issues. I've always said I'll be positive about airing any kind of commercial aimed at the personal side of my opponent," she said.

A WRAL News poll released Tuesday showed Perdue clinging to a 46 to 44 percent lead, with 9 percent of voters undecided.

"I'm very hopeful. I feel very upbeat. If I had to describe how I felt, I'd say the wind is at our back," Perdue said.

She said she thinks record voter turnout will help her, noting the majority of early voters have been Democrats.

McCrory said he thinks he will pick up Democratic and Republican undecided voters to win.

"We feel very confident that we're going to win, but we think it's going to be a very close race," he said.


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  • this is my Screen Name Oct 31, 2008

    "Grown ups" who want to be our leaders - both parties included - are saying things about their opponents that they punished their kids for doing. We're raised to say good things about people and get along. Shame on them for the ugly things they are saying. Some example.

  • rushbot Oct 31, 2008

    When you hear the negative Obama ads, just remember that PALIN IS THE SOCIALIST!
    1. . She raised the taxes on the oil drilled in Alaska. (the oil companies passed the cost on to all of us in the lower 48, so what she was actually doing was taxing everybody in the United States except for Alaskans).
    2. Palin then took the money raised by taxing everyone in the United States and gave it to the citizens of Alaska. She gave every man, woman and child in Alaska an increase from the planned $1500 fall payment up to $3500. This money came from the pockets of everyone else in the United States!
    3. That ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls is pure unadulterated socialism.
    That is different than what Obama wants to do. He wants to tax the much more wealthy at a higher rate (the pre-Bush rate) and lower the taxes on everybody else. Despite the lies of FOX and Rush, he is not going to give that money away to lazy folks; he is going to pay for the operation of the federal government.

  • ridgerunner Oct 31, 2008

    Negative ads fill the airways and WRAL laughs all the way to the Bank.