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Poll: N.C. residents more confident about Dems

Posted October 31, 2008

— North Carolina residents believe the Democratic Party is better able than the Republican Party to handle major domestic issues facing the country, including resolving the mortgage and financial crisis and reviving the sluggish economy, according to a poll released Friday.

The Elon University Poll surveyed 797 people statewide Monday through Thursday and found that confidence will likely translate into Democratic victories by presidential candidate Barack Obama, Senate candidate Kay Hagan and congressional candidates. The gubernatorial election between Democrat Beverly Perdue and Republican Pat McCrory is the only race that is still up for grabs, according to the poll.

The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Almost two-thirds of those surveyed cited the economy as the most important issue in the election, and Democrats were seen as better able to manage the economy by a 47 to 39 percent margin. Obama topped Republican candidate John McCain by 51 to 41 percent with regard to who would do a better job in getting the economy back on course, according to the poll.

“As the economy dominates the news, it appears to be benefiting Democratic candidates,” Hunter Bacot, director of the Elon University Poll, said in a statement. “The other side of this equation is that citizens are holding the Republicans accountable for the state of the economy.”

Democrats also got more support in the survey in other domestic issues: 54 to 33 percent on education, 50 to 39 percent on energy independence, 55 to 33 percent on health care, 47 to 33 percent on Social Security, 44 to 34 percent on home foreclosures, 47 to 43 percent on taxes, 48 to 37 percent on the financial crisis and 56 to 34 percent on concerns of the middle class.

The only area where North Carolinians said they felt more confident in Republicans was the war in Iraq, where the GOP led by a 47 to 45 percent margin.


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  • ThisIsMyName Oct 31, 2008

    I don't answer the phone for these polls either, and I have voted Obama. Thankfully more and more people in NC are waking up and/or becoming more intelligent.

  • SemperFi... Always Oct 31, 2008

    "Elon's polls are always in favor of dems. Nothing new here..."

    Interesting post but a false one... Curious where you came up with this bit of wisdom - the facts I've checked seem to suggest differently & that includes their own website.

    Veterans for Obama.......

  • methinkthis Oct 31, 2008

    Can so many people not understand? Already we see today that one of Obama's advisors says the middle class ends at $120K. In other words if your family makes more than $120K you can expect a tax increase. Today we also see that Obama, if he wins on Tuesday, will start on Wednesday blaming the bad economy for why he can't do all that he said he would do. We all knew all along that he could not do what he said he was going to do. It is all a con, typical liberal democrat, say anything to get elected. If you are in the press corp and you question this you will get booted. Now we see what we knew all along, also, that Al Qaeda is cheering the prospect of an Obama presidency. There is a message there! Wake Up America!

  • rushbot Oct 31, 2008

    Mr/Ms miketroll3572, if you think I am wrong, then prove me wrong. It is an absolute fact that Palin raised the taxes on the oil destined to the lower 48, but not for use in Alaska. It cannot be disputed that the oil companies passed this tax along to all of us in the lower 48. And it is an absolute truth that she raised their Alaskan Socialism Program checks from $1500 this fall to almost $3500. SHE TAXED THE LOWER 48 STATES AND GAVE OUR MONEY TO THE CITIZENS OF ALASKA!!! It is also true that Obama has not changed in his plan to INCREASE THE INCOME TAX OF THOSE EARNING MORE THAN ONE QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS each year to the pre-Bush rates, keep the same rates from $200,000 TO ONE QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS, and lower tax for the rest of this. These taxes are used to pay for the operations of the federal government. MCCAIN AND PALIN ARE SCAMMING MOST OF THEIR FOLLOWERS INTO CONSERVING THE WEALTH OF THE VERY RICH!!!

  • bigDAWGeats Oct 31, 2008

    glory, glory----Let's go DAWGS!!!

  • blackdog Oct 31, 2008

    ...the Elon poll is about as conservative as you can get...

  • blackdog Oct 31, 2008

    ...fear and smear tactics presented by the RNC and the GOP will not work this time. At least not in their favor...

  • methinkthis Oct 31, 2008

    Since the creation of caller id I suspect that the polls have become more tainted. I don't answer their calls.

    I hope that those undecided or not completely sure will see the light regarding the prospect of an Obama administration. Obama has made it clear that he will not tolerate any tough questions or criticism. By blacklisting a TV reporter and station as well as today's actions of removing reporters from papers supporting John McCain from Obama's press corp he shows that he will not respect a free press. You can expect that instead of Director of Communications an Obama White House will have a Minister of Propaganda. Either you kiss the ring and support the party line at your media or you will not have access to the administration. This is not the American way, it is the way of dictators and religiously controlled countries like those under Islam. No wonder Al Quaeda has announced support for Obama.

  • yellow_hat Oct 31, 2008

    For those that decry polling accuracy - I invite you to do some research. Modern scientific polling is eerily accurate –virtually always within the specified range. One of the reasons the polls can be so accurate with small sample sizes is that, if designed and executed correctly, they simply do not need larger samples.

  • wrx44 Oct 31, 2008

    Uhh....sorry to break the news...but the Presidential race is over. It's Obama....that is reality.

    The unfortunate thing is that Perdue might win, and that would not be good.

    Dole is useless....

    Can you tell I am in Independent?