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Hagan says she can relate to N.C. voters better than Dole

Posted October 23, 2008
Updated October 24, 2008

— Democrat Kay Hagan said her 10 years as a state lawmaker will allow her to better serve North Carolinians in Washington than Republican U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole.

"I couldn't tell you anything she'd done for the state of North Carolina over the last six years, and I'd also never met her," Hagan said, saying she can relate to issues facing the average North Carolinian.

"We need to lower the taxes for middle-class, working families in North Carolina," she said.

She said she favors tax cuts for families making $400,000 a year or less. She said she didn't support the $700 billion government bailout for the financial industry.

"I was in disagreement on the bailout because it didn't fix the root of the problem," she said.

Recent polls have shown Hagan holds a slight lead over Dole in a race that's drawing national attention.

"I'm running a very positive campaign. I'm getting all over the state. What I'm doing is I'm showing a contrast," she said.

If elected, Hagan said she would work with Republicans to get things done in Congress.

"My son went to Duke (University). My daughter's at (the University of North Carolina at) Chapel Hill," she said. "I can mediate partisan differences, and I pledge to do that when I go to Washington."


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  • Joe Oct 23, 2008

    I still cannot figure out how Dole was allowed to run for Senate in the first place, especially since all she does is visit North Carolina once every month or so. She doesn't live here (except for her mother's home in Salisbury, wink wink) but makes Washington her home where she goes to all of the wine and cheese parties with the politicians. When it gets cold, she and Bob jet down to sunny Florida where they have another home.

  • gotitmadecij Oct 23, 2008

    You would have to write, phone or e-mail Dole cause you sure wouldn't get to ask her anything in person in the state of North Carolina except at election time..

  • foetine Oct 23, 2008

    Dole was supposed to send me a copy of her decision about drilling off the Outer Banks. She never did. As if drilling off our coast matters since she's never coming back to the state. She's a D.C. resident for life.

  • DrunkSober Oct 23, 2008

    A change is a good as a rest.Being a year of change, let Kay hagan get in.Would you change your floor carpet (from Bush to Obama) and bring back the old mat at the door(Dole)?

  • DrunkSober Oct 23, 2008

    Kay Hagan I voted for you on Sunday.Sleep well and get ready for Washington, and dont repeat Dole's mistakes when you get there, which started when one stars in Viagra ads.

  • mstan Oct 23, 2008

    Amen to that elyhim2

  • whatelseisnew Oct 23, 2008

    elyhim2 - every time I have written to Dole either by letter or e-mail I have received a response. I can not say the same for Burr or for Edwards when he was up there. As to Kay Hagan, I wonder if SHE even believes the stuff she is saying. She knows how to spend money and raise taxes, she has proven that during her time in the State Legislature.

  • elyhim2 Oct 23, 2008

    Dole has never answered my comments, calls, letters and questions. She's useless, she has spent most of her time as our representative trying to raise money for other Republicans. She has been a yes man rubber stamp for Bush and I can't wait to see her leave the state.