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McCain to make another N.C. stop

Posted October 23, 2008

— Republican presidential candidate John McCain will return to North Carolina next week for a Fayetteville rally, his campaign announced Thursday.

McCain will hold a rally at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday at Crown Coliseum, and he will be joined by country singer Hank Williams Jr.

The event will be McCain's third visit to North Carolina in two weeks, following an Oct. 13 rally in Wilmington and an appearance last Saturday in Concord.

North Carolina has not backed a Democrat for president since 1976, but recent polls have shown McCain to be in a dead heat with Democratic candidate Barack Obama, and Republicans have focused on keeping North Carolina in their column on Nov. 4.

Obama has made several visits to the state in recent weeks, and his running mate, U.S. Sen. Joe Biden, appeared Thursday in Charlotte and Winston-Salem and had a Raleigh event scheduled.

Tickets for McCain's Fayetteville rally can be obtained from GOP campaign offices in Raleigh and Fayetteville. Doors will open at 2 p.m. for the event.


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  • faithwalker48 Oct 23, 2008

    RE: notsosimple comments...

    John McCain was MAN enough and secure enough in that manhood to stand up and ADMIT leaving his first wife and declared the fault was not his wife's, but his. Unlike his democratic counterpart who DENIES the facts of his life when they are brought up to him. He (Barack) "Didn't know Jerimiah Wright was such a racist", he didn't know Bill Ayers was a terrorist, he didn't know ACORN was a crooked organization, he didn't know...he didn't know...he didn't know...I have one question for him...WHAT, IN THE HECK, DO YOU KNOW???

    He is a typical 'pass the buck liberal' who will say any and everything to get elected and, Heaven forbid anyone disagree with him or find his views differ from their own, they'll be labled a racist so fast it'll make their heads spin!

    I have read his books; I know where he stands and it is his views not his RACE that makes me know he cannot be a President to ALL the people...just the ones he deems to be 'most worthy'.

  • davidgnews Oct 23, 2008

    Fox is the real deal, and will give you fact over conjecture.

    I meant, 'The Fox' and not the network. Sorry, but I think I misread that post LOL.

  • notsosimple Oct 23, 2008

    He left his crippled wife and married a beer heiress two weeks after the divorce was final, acknowledges lots of womanizing in those years, has a gambling habit (still), associated with and illegally helped the CEO of a savings and loan in a bailout that cost the government $3 million that he subsequently acknowledged and for which he received a reprimand from the Senate, was more recently involved in working against the 2005 bill to regulate subprime lending then jumped onto the bill as a co-sponsor when it was assured of failure, etc., etc., etc.

    Sounds like a great president to me.

  • johnwarren7 Oct 23, 2008

    Our beautiful soon to be Vice President Sarah Palin is also would be better at leading our nation in the future after a McCain Presidency than Senator Barak Obama would be in leading our nation in the future starting in January 2009 because of three areas which are as follows: ideology , experience, and accomplisments. Ideologically she is a conservative. Experientially she has two years of executive administrative governing experience . When it comes to accomplishments she accomplished 3 major things which are as follows: government reform, the state budget and the economy, and wise use of natural resources. She reformed government by standing up to the big oil companies by breaking up the monopoly on power and resources. She insisted on competition and basic fairness which ended the control that the oil companies had on the state, and thereby returning control of the state back to the people. She lead well in the state budget by generating a surplus which came about by vetoing a hal

  • madbrewdawg Oct 23, 2008

    Here is the link to the Berg v. Obama case. You can view the entire docket and all filings from both sides and other filings by different people as well. The only responses Obama's attorneys have filed for him are Motions to Dismiss based on grounds that the court did not have the jurisdiction over the subject matter, etc. If there were not a problem with Obama's citizenship I would think they would have jumped at the chance to prove it. So set your personal feelings for this candidate aside and put yourself in a juror's position and based on the evidence that is presented, you can view all of the filings here and you decide what you feel is the truth. There is absolutely enough evidence that has been supplied and especially without Obama supplying a defense to the allegations to find he is not qualified to run or be elected to the Presidency of the United States. http://dockets.justia.com/docket/court-paedce/case_no-2:2008cv04083/case_id-281573/

  • faithwalker48 Oct 23, 2008

    Not to worry rag...Foxnews will broadcast the speech. I learned a long time ago not to wait on the liberal media to give both sides equal time...it's just not going to happen!

  • faithwalker48 Oct 23, 2008

    RE: Megatraum's comments...

    Speak for yourself please! I will be at John McCain's rally with my nine year old son...I'm keeping him out of school because I think this will be a great lesson in Civics!

    I admire and respect John McCain and feel he will make a wonderful president. I have no respect for Barack Obama who has proven he has no problem at all dealing with, shall we say, less than 'reputable elements. Let's see, he sat on the pews of a 'church' for twenty years where the 'pastor' (and I use that word extremely loosly), preached racism and hatred against the white and Jewish races and stood with others who would love to see Israel banished from the face of the earth.

    He began his political career in the home of an unrepentant domestic terrorist, he disavowed his 'mother's race' in college, refers to the white race as 'typical white people' (his words, not mine), and the list against him goes on...and on...and on...and ON!

    McCain/Palin '08!

  • davidgnews Oct 23, 2008

    Even Fox has not stopped to this level and picked up the story.


    Fox is the real deal, and will give you fact over conjecture.

  • cary2006 Oct 23, 2008

    sentramom is typical extreme right winger - the ones who see conspiracies everywhere to justify their own sense of righteousness and victimization. Even Fox has not stopped to this level and picked up the story.

  • pbjbeach Oct 23, 2008

    I use to have moderate views about politics but after eight years of this current Bush Adminstration i have changed them views to a little bit more left of center. thank you