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Palin: McCain is his own man

Posted October 16, 2008

— Picking up where Republican presidential candidate John McCain left off in Wednesday night's debate, his running mate continued to pound away Thursday at Democratic nominee Barack Obama.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made her second visit to North Carolina in nine days, telling supporters at an Elon University rally, outside Burlington, that McCain would fight for them and the future of the country. Obama, she said, would hurt the nation's faltering economy and would doom the country to defeat in Iraq.

"The choice you have to make comes down to what you believe in," Palin said. "We believe in the forward movement of freedom, not the constant expansion of government. We believe the best of America is not all gathered in Washington, D.C."

Recent polls have shown McCain and Obama in a dead heat in North Carolina, a state that hasn't voted Democrat in a presidential election in 32 years.

The state's battleground status has brought both campaigns in for rallies in recent weeks, with Obama and his running mate, U.S. Sen. Joe Biden, starting the parade last month. Palin visited Greenville on Oct. 7, and McCain made his first public appearance in North Carolina in six months when he attended a Wilmington rally on Monday.

McCain also is expected to appear in Concord on Saturday, while Obama returns on Sunday for an event in Fayetteville.

Palin questioned Obama's continued attempts to link McCain to President George W. Bush, whose approval ratings are at historic lows. The Democrats are looking backward to assess blame instead of looking forward to solve problems, she said.

"As John reminded Barack Obama again [Wednesday] night, if he wanted to run against George Bush, he should have four years ago," she said, drawing cheers from a crowd at Elon's baseball field. "America knows that John McCain is his own man."

Recounting McCain's military career, including five years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, Palin said he knows how to overcome obstacles.

"We need someone tough as president who is ready to lead on Day 1," she said.

Palin vowed she and McCain could balance the federal budget within four years by freezing most government spending. She criticized Obama's economic plan, saying it would harm small businesses and not help the nation recover from the current economic chaos.

"It's a choice between someone who wants to raise your taxes and redistribute your hard-earned money according to his priorities and a true reformer who wants to lower taxes and create jobs and get this economy back on track," she said.

"All people ask for is a good job in their own hometown with lower taxes and a pro-growth, pro-private sector agenda and spending control in Washington. That's how we get the economy moving again."

McCain's energy policy will involve "an all-of-above approach" that includes offshore drilling, clean coal, nuclear, solar, wind and biomass, she said. The moves would help the country reduce its dependence on foreign oil while creating jobs in the U.S., she said.

"Drill, baby, drill and mine, baby, mine," she said in response to chants calling for offshore drilling.

Palin called for a round of applause for veterans in the crowd and said McCain would ensure American troops would return victorious in Iraq.

"There is only one man in this race who has ever fought for you," she said. "He understands the virtues of freedom are worth fighting for, and he has the courage to keep on fighting."

In a one-on-one interview with WRAL’s David Crabtree after the Elon rally, Palin spoke with confidence in her belief of victory and her frustration with some of the media.

“That has been a little disheartening, but in the grand scheme of things, even that's OK because lots of other Americans are taking tougher shots than we are today,” she said.

The governor said being thrust onto the national stage has changed the way she views America.

“It's given me the perspective to see how much alike most Americans are. Working-class, middle-class Americans, who are all pretty much challenged the same way right now,” she said.


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  • GWALLY Oct 17, 2008

    There are 2 things that came from this election cycle that I see as really important developments....(1) Sara Palin....she has driven the democrtaic party totally and absolutely over the edge. (2) The News Media....now they no longer even try to "hide" their political agenda and have staked their reputations on a single party platform.

  • yellow_hat Oct 17, 2008

    Cricket - Obama has been fully vetted over 20 months. He has done thousands of interviews, and people know what he made on his spelling test in the 3rd grade. Nationwide, more than 18 million Americans voted for him over his Democratic rivals. Well, I guess Republicans will still allow Democrats to call themselves Americans, I know they are working very hard to convince us all that only Repubs are "real" Americans.

    Palin says we do not know him? She is been around for 6 weeks, is Gov of a welfare state with a population less than Wake County, refuses to do interviews (OK, she did 2 - in which it was obvious she was way out of her league), and her only function in the campaign appears to be to deliver insults, and the ole wink&grin. What a joke. It is really easy to fire up a crowd of supporters. Did you hear the boos from the hockey game this week - from a random crowd?

  • purplesrose Oct 17, 2008

    *skips reading every post as usual**must comment**
    worland, quick question..... how is a country not willing to take care of its own a sole super power on the planet? how can we be so super and our money is worth a fraction compared to other countries?
    while i am thankful for your service and hope that only great things come to you i know of many verterans who werent taken care of by the country that they fought for...what about that is super?
    while i do not hate american i find myself often disapointed by the actions of my country.
    and right now i dont think we are a SUPER POWER of the Planet...sorry

  • Rawil Oct 17, 2008

    This is what some Alaskan's really thinks of her; You supports need to do your research;


  • foetine Oct 17, 2008

    John McCain isn't his own man. He exists because Cindy McCain is willing to open up her change purse and let him play with the other boys.

    And if he doesn't win the election, she's divorcing him. She's only sticking with him because of her dream of being first lady. She's got a prenup so he might be back to living in a single room without a kitchen table and a chair.

  • iwideopen Oct 17, 2008

    "It is great the way Sarah Palin drives Democrats crazy. It is so obvious that the press has tried to tear her and her experiance down."


    Everytime Sarah Palin opens her mouth she is trying to tear down Obama. Obama has worked hard and spent 8 years as a state senator. During that time Sarah Palin was a beauty queen or mayor of a small town. Give me a break !!!!

  • Cricket at the lake Oct 17, 2008

    No mention in this story of crowd size. No mention of how excited the attendees were. I have heard it was a totally pumped up and excited crowd. It is great the way Sarah Palin drives Democrats crazy. It is so obvious that the press has tried to tear her and her experiance down. That is ironic considering the minimum experiance Obama has. And the only stories covered are a few catcalls at McCain speeches, blown out of proportion, which McCain gracefully shut down. How about the vulgar shirts worn about Sarah Palin, I only saw those pictures on the internet. Good thing my husband never saw any of those disresepctful men in those shirts, he would have been compelled to defend her honor.

  • geosol Oct 17, 2008

    "Mobile Geek, I would argue that there are far more people that hate America that are supporting McCain.

    People that stand at a rally and yell "Kill him" , "Terrorist" and "he's a muslim" out of anger and ignorance are a far worse threat to america than those that wish for peace, sound economy, and better healthcare." NCInterest

    Now THERE'S somebody who gets it! Thank you for that excellent summation.

  • geosol Oct 17, 2008

    You gotta love Sarah Palin! She's so FUNNY!!!

  • SemperFi... Always Oct 17, 2008

    The Army Times can do all the polls they want - I agree, it isn't representative of the military population. Quite a few young & older Democrats in the military who are rather tired of the current administration. That being said, of course, they stand by their Commander & Chief but it doesn't mean we can't have an opinion that goes against a Republican led government.