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Palin sounds GOP themes in N.C. visit

Posted October 7, 2008
Updated October 8, 2008

— Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican nominee for vice president, energized thousands of supporters Tuesday night as the GOP tries to maintain its hold on a state that usually backs Republicans for president.

Speaking to a raucous crowd of more than 8,000 people at Minges Coliseum on the campus of East Carolina University, Palin said her running mate, U.S. Sen. John McCain, was the right choice for president.

"He doesn't just talk about change. He's the only candidate running for president who's got a track record of making change happen," she told the crowd, who serenaded her with chants of "Sarah, Sarah."

Palin's visit marked the first appearance in North Carolina by the Republican ticket since McCain spoke in Winston-Salem on May 6, the same day as the state's primary election.

Recent polls have shown a tight race in the state between McCain and U.S. Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate. North Carolina hasn't backed a Democrat for president since Jimmy Carter in 1976.

Obama and his surrogates have made several visits to the state in recent weeks in an effort to put North Carolina into his column. He spoke at an Asheville rally Sunday, and his wife, Michelle, addressed military families in Jacksonville Tuesday afternoon.

Palin touched on themes she and McCain have sounded for weeks – tax cuts, expanding domestic energy exploration, reforming health care and Social Security and winning the war in Iraq.

"The phoniest claim in a campaign that's been full of them is that Barack Obama is going to cut your taxes," she said, maintaining that Obama's political career has been built on tax increases.

"It's a left-wing agenda packaged and prettied up to look like mainstream policies, but it's not."

She also dropped North Carolina references into her half-hour speech, noting the ECU football team staged upsets in its first two games this season and adding that she planned to watch Tuesday night's debate between McCain and Obama in Greenville because people in eastern North Carolina "get it" when it comes to the election.

"So I think she (Palin) can really change how people view Republicans in North Carolina,” said Brett Matheson, a Palin supporter at the rally.

“Sarah Palin is awesome,” said Dottie Price, another Palin supporter.

The crowd chanted "No-bama" and booed loudly whenever Palin talked about Obama's policies and his efforts to link McCain to President George W. Bush.

"Our opponents look to the past because that's where you find blame. We're joining you to look to the future because that's where you find solutions," she said.

As she has in recent campaign stops, Palin questioned Obama's relationship with Bill Ayers, a founder of the 1960s radical group The Weather Underground, and with executives of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two mortgage companies the federal government had to rescue last month.

"This election is about truthfulness and judgment needed in the next president. John McCain's got it; Barack Obama doesn't have it," she said.


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  • arfamr1031 Oct 8, 2008

    you people are unbelievable!! did anyone watch the news today that said that Obama's "awesome" spending plan will bring the company 300 Billion in new debt...and McCain's will cost 210 Billion. Both of these candidates are lying to us...especially your "messiah" Obama. Open your eyes people

  • duwanna50 Oct 8, 2008

    Sarah Palin had to go to 6 colleges before she earned just a Bachelors Degree. She thinks so little of her special needs child that she hid her pregnancy then went back to work 3 days after his birth. She believes in abstinence only sex ed, and her daughter gets pregnan and plans (or is forced) to marry a boy who describes himself on the internet as never wanting kids. She wanted books censored. She kills animals for fun. She was mayor of a nowhere dirty town, and governor for only 20 months. She is dangerous as a leader.

  • elyhim2 Oct 8, 2008

    McCain says experience is important and chooses someone woefully inexperienced.
    Palin says we need government oversight and responsibility but she hasn't even paid her taxes.
    Palin says looking to the past is just to blame and then brings up a 40 year aquitted person who's met Obama a few times while she gave the speech at the AIP that wants to remove Alaska from the USA oh yeah the Alaska Independance Party, SUPPORTED BY IRAN.
    Drill baby drill? Oil is getting cheaper but gas prices aren't dropping
    McCain says he's for lobbyist reform but hires all lobbyists for his campaign
    The list goes on and on, McCain/Palin will say anything and do anything to get elected.
    Obama has well thought out policies, he isn't a hot headed rash judgment 30 year veteran of DC.

  • paddie Oct 8, 2008

    I believe Obama will be elected. But for all you supporters, this ayers, wright, and the association with the former member of the PLO WILL NOT be going away ever! So enjoy your guys four years in office. hahahahaha!

  • elyhim2 Oct 8, 2008

    As far as Palin's comments it strikes me as odd that she should question Ayers non-relationship to Obama as she herself last year gave a speech to the Alaska Independance party who wants to secede from the United States and who's founder was supported by Iran and eventually killed during a bomb buying meeting gone bad. Her HUSBAND was a member of this party until just recently. So it is weird but it makes sense, Republican tactics are to attack on their own weakness.
    BTW Shouldn't someone who is running for Vice President pay their back taxes? She still owes 25,000.
    McCain proves his bad judgement with Palin and the communist minded government owned housing idea. Not to mention his cryptic talk about cutting Social Security last night in the debate.
    We need Obama, he has been much more honest and forthcoming than McCain, his policies are better thought out and he is a true American who pulled himself up by his bootstraps, not given a position because of who his Daddy was.

  • elyhim2 Oct 8, 2008

    Obama's plan will create jobs by starting a huge manufacturing base required to supply the new technology and infrastructure bringing up industrials first and then the rest of the market as it gains speed.
    Trickle down economics does NOT work, the very rich will not buy more or less with a tax cut they will invest it in the best return with the quickest turnover. Blue collar workers are the gears of our economy and our great nation. Obama's ideas will require skilled technicians to maintain the new technology as well. If only McCain had a clue as to how to use a computer he would see technology as the way to get out of economic hardship.
    We need a steady thoughtful hand not a rash hothead like McCain.

  • gunny462 Oct 8, 2008

    "And Bill Clinton? gunny462"

    "So what about him? He got most of what he deserved."davidgnews

    Which was? Explain please. But I'll explain MY comment.

    Bill Clinton was a WHAAAT before becoming President? A Governor. (He got what he deserved?)

    Palin is a woman somewhat pretty (WOW), you ppl caught on quick to that one. A LOT of SEXIST remarks about that. She personally is NOT under investigation for troopergate. Experienced in FUEL economics (all 3 combined pale to that)

    McCain IS old (GASP), He was involved in the Keating 5 (and CLEARED, only Rep of the 5: 1 Dem went to jail). He's been in the Senate for 26 yrs. Biden can't remember what the duties are for VP. He's been in the Senate 30 yrs (where's the fresh ideas?).

    Obama is BLACK(OMG, he is???) Has fresh ideas (I don't agree with). He is NOT NOW a muslim. He does not have the same CIC leadership abilities McCain brings to the table. He made a very bad choice in friends.

    Constitution does not mention political parties

  • Rawil Oct 8, 2008

    That is the problem...it is not about McCain,Obama,Biden or Palin. That is the problem, you will not have a perfect team of candidates,simply because no one is perfect. But you choose who you feel is best for you and your family. After this election is over, those candidates will not have to worry about, putting gas in their cars, paying these high prices for food, praying that no one gets sick in their family because they are already stretched to the limit. This is not a soap opera, although the candidates are treating this as a contest. It is no contest for me or my family it is real life. So before you guys start rooting and defending your teams, you need to make sure that you are rooting for the team under your roof. If you don't start acting like adults and think about the future we will have nothing. Our tax money keeps the economy & government going, when the economy stops turning, no jobs, no taxes,no economy.SELFISH IGNORANT PEOPLE!

  • gunny462 Oct 8, 2008

    Actually I care. I care that there are so many HATE MONGERS, people who use age, race, and sex to spew HATE for others on this forum. Pathetic folks and I mean pathetic folks.

    You want Obama as your next President, god help us. You want Obama as your CIC, god help us and our allies. You want Obama to change the future but all you do is sprout hate for us and others. Facts? where are the facts?

  • IndependentNOTconservative Oct 8, 2008


    SC Fireman: There is the story. Biden is clueless along with 'That One.'