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Wake flooded with voter applications

Posted October 5, 2008
Updated October 6, 2008

— Wake County's Board of Elections workers stayed busy over the weekend processing voter applications in time for the Nov. 4 election.

“It keeps coming. It's not going to stop. We've got like three more weeks to go so we have tons of applications to process,” said Eva Diggs-Jardia, with Wake County Board of Elections.

Requests for absentee ballots are topping 1,000 a day. That number is even higher for new voter registration. Since May, 27,636 people have registered in Wake County for the first time.

Each day the Board of Elections receives as many as four bins full of new voter registration forms. By the end of this week, they expect that number to quadruple.

“It will be a record year no doubt,” said Gary Sims, deputy director of the Board of Elections in Wake County.

“This is just beyond our imagination,” Diggs-Jardia said.

“Since the 2004 election, we've picked up an extra 150,000 voters. So that's a pretty good bid,” Sims said.

People are being encouraged to vote early this year to avoid long lines on Nov. 4. Early voting sites will start going up this week in Wake County. There will be 15 sites open by October 23, the most ever set up.

For the first time, there will also be early voting in malls. Triangle Towne Center and Cary Towne Center will both have one stop voting sites set up inside.


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  • Quagmire Oct 6, 2008

    Get over it. You do not need an excuse to vote absentee.

  • dplowman Oct 6, 2008

    If a person is to sorry to get up on Nov. fourth and go to the poles they don't need to vote at all.
    Absentee ballets were for people who would not be home when the vote took place not to flood the voting with extra votes

  • Quagmire Oct 6, 2008

    Some people were already here but had never registered. I know of an 80 year old that is voting for the first time this year.

  • JustAName Oct 6, 2008

    150,000 new voters in Wake county? Does that match with the number of people who moved into Wake country or were below the voting age 4 years ago?

  • shep8851 Oct 6, 2008

    Trusting that someone will be checking to see if any of the new registrations are for those convicted felons that Obama and his supporters are out trying to register.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Oct 6, 2008

    Although I'm supporting Obama, I agree we need to ensure only citizens (also still living and of legal age) are voting. I understand the argument that one legal voter turned away is a failure, but what are a hundred votes diluted? That's also a failure.

    I'd like to see election officials address each of those concerns so we can have discussion on which way we want to err.

  • coolwill Oct 6, 2008

    Who is checking to see if the voters are legal US citizens? Can they assure the publick that all registered voters are legal US citizens?

  • Tolip Oct 6, 2008

    Who is checking new voter registration against a list of dead folks?