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Poll: More N.C. residents blame GOP for economic woes

Posted October 3, 2008

— Nearly half of North Carolina residents blame the Republican Party for the nation's economic crisis, according to a poll released Friday.

Elon University surveyed 477 people statewide this week and found that 47.7 percent felt the Republicans are more responsible for current economic problems, compared with 24.4 percent who blamed the Democrats. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.6 percentage points.

By a 43-to-33 percent margin, respondents said Democrats have done a better job of managing the economy than Republicans. The margin between Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama GOP candidate John McCain was much closer, with 44.2 percent saying Obama would handle the economy better and 41.8 percent favoring McCain's economic plan.

The economic crisis has heightened the battleground status of North Carolina, according to the poll.

About 39 percent of those surveyed said they planned to vote Democrat in the upcoming presidential election, up from 35 percent in an Elon University poll conducted two weeks ago. Meanwhile, Republicans also garnered 39 percent support for president in the latest poll, down slightly from about 42 percent two weeks ago.

Seventeen percent of respondents remain undecided in the presidential election.

The poll was taken after the first presidential debate last week, and 45 percent of those surveyed called Obama the winner in the debate, compared with 35 percent who said McCain won. Yet, more people felt McCain showed a better grasp of the issues in the debate than Obama, 31 percent to 30 percent.

"North Carolina, following the national trend, is leaning Democrat for president. Should this pattern prevail, the result would be a startling change in state presidential politics for more than one reason,” Hunter Bacot, director of the Elon University poll, said in a statement. “Not only have the Democrats failed to win North Carolina in over 30 years, such a victory would mark a major milestone for the black community here and throughout the South.”

The races for U.S. Senate and North Carolina governor remain tight, according to the poll.

Thirty-seven percent of those surveyed said they would vote Democrat in the Senate race between incumbent Republican Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Democratic challenger Kay Hagan, compared with 34 percent who plan to vote Republican. Almost a quarter of voters remain undecided.

In the gubernatorial race pitting Republican Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory and Democratic Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue, about 37 percent plan to vote Republican and almost 33 percent plan to vote Democrat. As in the Senate race, almost one in four respondents said they were undecided.


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  • methinkthis Oct 3, 2008

    It is unfortunate that too many people are believing the ads on TV and the liberal media. They have believed a lie.

  • methinkthis Oct 3, 2008

    This problem is a direct result of the Democrats forcing Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac to grant risky loans. Obama's advisor being one of the prime contributors. McCain and Bush warned Congress about the potential problem and were ignored. This problem has been visible for many months and many have warned but the Democrats have a mindset that everyone should be able to buy a house and if they can't afford it, the government should pay for it with cheap loans, low down payments, etc.. THIS IS NOT A GOP PROBLEM. THE GOP IS NOT CLEAN BUT THE LARGER FAULT IS CLEARLY WITH THE DEMOCRATS and a little research will clearly show that.

  • BadPenny Oct 3, 2008

    I blame Barney Frank and the rest of the stupid tax and spend democrats!

    Funny - everyone I know here in NC blame democrats being in Wall Streets pocket - including Obama! (Just look at Obama's economic advisers!) Gee, I wonder if Obama's countrywide mortgage had strings attached?

    I have no doubt this poll is fixed!

  • hi_i_am_wade Oct 3, 2008

    Proof positive that Americans are totally ignorant and need a civics lesson. I bet of the ones who blamed the republicans, 90% are either staunch democrats or cannot name the 3 branches of government and what each does.

    People don't realize how powerless our government is over the free market. The free market can and has topple governments, yet people think they are somehow the government can control it. Capitalism 101.

  • garyfarber Oct 3, 2008

    "said they would vote Democrat"

    That's "vote Democratic," darn it. Only Republicans use "Democrat" as an adjective and diminuitive.

  • ArmyMom Oct 3, 2008

    I received a "poll" call this week that was disconnected before I could finish answering. I indicated for the most part I support the Republican candidates. Wonder if this was the same "poll" and how many others like me who tend to favor more conservative candidates were "disconnected".

  • reb in NC Oct 3, 2008

    Reality just is that way, my dear Sidekick.

  • Sidekick Oct 3, 2008

    Isn't it odd that nearly every Elon poll is biased against Republicans? Or is it just me?

  • Bill Brasky Oct 3, 2008

    It was a run up to abnormally high home values

    I can give you a reason why home values went up. They went up due to appraisers who were in good with loan officers who were trying to refinance people during the big refinance boom. I witnessed it first hand as a loan officer for a small mortgage company(did it till I realized how corrupt the whole industry was). Basically, the appraiser would pick comparable houses that weren't actually comparable but in different neighborhoods in order to make the home appear to have a higher value. This in turn allowed the loan officer to refinance the borrower. This happened across the nation and when the customer eventually tried to sell, they found out their house wasn't anywhere near what it had appraised for a few years before.

  • downtownbrown Oct 3, 2008

    The CRA thing means nothing. Actually, half of the subprime loans since the 90s have been made by independent companies not subject to CRA rule. The act was passed to stop redlining. Throughout the past 8 years, mortgage lenders have been practicing reverse redlining due to lack of oversight. The GOP and its free-market free-for-all ideology are to blame for not reining in these predators. Sure, the people who accepted these loans were stupid, but government should have had the sense to handle this crisis before it got out of control. Blaming the victim will not solve problems.